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2 questions on the Rules??

Just wondering if anyone can explain a couple of things to me, I've been to most games this season (and past) and thought I knew the rules pretty well.

1. In the Tigers game, when Chris Anstey got consecutive Tech Fouls, shouldn't he have been ejected??

2. Saturday's game against Gold Coast, I can't think who the players were, but we went for a lay up, got called for a charge, the points counted, but what threw me is that they got marched down the other end for free-throws. Is this a new rule, I thought you couldn't get free throws off an offensive foul??

Sorry if this has already been brought up, but I couldn't find a previous topic relating to this!

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

The two tech fouls rule is for the bench, if Anstey was sitting on the bench then it would have been an ejection. You can get as many tech's as you want on the court (well until you get fouled out)

The other rule is a bit harder to explain, but I will try. If you are in motion of making a shot and release the ball before the contact is made with the player taking the charge the points can count. So this means that you didn't have the ball when the foul was called so instead of an offensive foul it is just a normal foul which means if the other team is in the bonus they get 2 shots.
I hope this clairfies it for you.

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Years ago

Perfect, Cheers Big Sexy!!

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the clarifier  
Years ago

Big Sexy, I disagree with your tech foul explaination.
The referees can assess any foul to be a disqualifying foul including the first tech foul but can also choose not to disqualify a player or coach after a first or second or third tech foul. the second tech foul has been traditionally been a disqualifying foul but it is up to the referee who makes the call.
as for the bench the head coach is given any bench tech fouls not the player (I believe you cannot give a tech foul to a player who is not in play at the time) this is where you are most likely to see the non ejection come into play. ie. early in the game HC is given a bench tech for comments made by a player or someone else on the bench. later in the game the same coach get pinged for walking onto the court during the play and gets a second bench tech. most good referees would not disqualify this coach as some leaway would have been given on the first tech.

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Ben Fitz  
Years ago

In the thread about the Anstey double tech we clarified that you dont necessarily or automatically get ejected on techs but do automatically get tossed on 2 unsportsman like fouls.

This ( the tech rules) do not flow through to juniours or social though were it is 2 and out.

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Years ago

1) A player is only automatically disqualified for committing 2 unsportsmanlike fouls. Beyond this an umpire may disqualify a player for any tech/flagrant/unsportsmanlike foul if they deem it necessary. Techs on the bench all get put against the coaches name. If a coach is personally responsible for 2 of them they are automatically ejected. If there are 3 against the coach (even if they personally were not responsible) they are also automatically ejected. There are special interpretations that get a bit complicated when there is a playing coach (e.g. Shane Heal last season) - any techs he received as a player (on the court) did not count against his 3 bench tech count.

2) BigSexy was spot on. The "charge" call is not a charge - because the ball has left the hand on a shot, "team control" has ended. The foul is actually a "loose ball" foul, and should have been called/signalled as a "push" (not a charge). Consequently the score counts, and because the team was in the bonus situation (>4 fouls for the quarter), and not in control of the ball, the bonus foul shots apply (down the other end of the court).

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Years ago

From my observations this season, the refs are just as confused about the rules as everyone else seems to be!

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Hoops 51  
Years ago

What I don't understand is that if the basket is made, the defender is not disadvantaged as the play has essentially ended, (with the made basket).

If the basket misses, they have been unfairly disadvantaged in the rebounding contest and therefore a foul should be called.

Also, as of October, a new rule is in place the a charge cannot be taken under the basket, with FIBA faseing in a NBA style circle under the basket.

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Years ago

The 'charge' call was called/signalled as a push

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Years ago

The new FIBA rule with the No-charge circles does not come into effect until October 2010, and the rule will stay 'as is' until then.

#217956 - "What I don't understand is that if the basket is made, the defender is not disadvantaged as the play has essentially ended, (with the made basket)."

The defender is disadvantaged if he is on the floor, and his team take possession to inbound the ball. They have to wait for him to get up (if he is not injured) which allows time for the team that just scored to get their defensive game set up.

If the contact is heavy enough and the player is at risk of injury, a foul should definately be called for the good of the game (as it is played under the current rules).

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Hoops 51  
Years ago

And if he is not knocked to the ground? ie not disadvantaged.

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Years ago

If he is not knocked to the ground, he can still be taken out of the play by the forward movement of the offesive player = same result - unable to play the ball,

By Article 33.10 of the FIBA rulebook, this is a foul:

It is a foul by an offensive player without the ball to 'push off' to:
" Get free to receive the ball.
" Prevent the defensive player from playing or attempting to play the ball.
" Create more space between himself and the defensive player.

See Point 2 - the point here is the offensive player is without the ball (same situation as when the ball is released for a shot because team control ends).

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Years ago

MP - the no charge under the basket is in fact being played this season in the NBL so it is in effect now

- so in this case they should not have called the foul after the shot if the defender was under the basket, I did not see the game so can not say if it were a jump shot or a lay up under the basket type of play?

obviously the rule is in place to avoid the unncecesary walk down the floor holding the game up and to stop the defender picking up a cheap foul after a dunk and then get free throws at the other end

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Hoops 51  
Years ago


They cant play the ball as it has gone through the basket.

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