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NH - CD/DVD Drive Makes My Computer Reset Itself

My CD/DVD Drive Makes My Computer Reset Itself

I've had my computer for nearly 4 years now, and while it's not the latest and greatest, it works fine, is decently fast, and gets me by. It came with a built-in LG CD/DVD Burner, and up until recently, I've never had any problems with it.

I buy a lot of CDs, and like many people, I also have an iPod, so naturally I like to rip the songs from the CDs and put them on my iPod to listen to. Occasionally I like to make a mix CD for a friend or family member as well. Lately though, when I insert a CD into the drive, after a few seconds, my computer resets itself, and then keeps resetting itself every few seconds, until I take the CD out. Eventually after 3 or 4 goes at this, I can get to rip the CD. However, as sometimes I buy 3 or 4 CDs a week, and like to rip them onto my computer all at once (a process that would usually take a couple of minutes per CD at most), it turns into an epic task, and is obviously quite annoying. I tried to play a DVD in the same drive last night, and it did the same thing with the reseting.

I've had issues with overheating with this computer before, which would cause it to reset itself sometimes. I've remedied that by cleaning out the insides more often, and generally making sure it doesn't get too hot (we have the tower inside an enclosed cabinet in a desk, which tends to make it quite hot).

So, could this CD Drive issue just be related to overheating, or do people think it's something else? I really don't want to have to buy a new computer for a little while, or do anything drastic. Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide a solution to this annoying problem.

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I would put money on the Power Supply.

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Virus on autoplay? Cable problem? Get someone out to take a look in person or, if you know what you're doing, open it up and check all connections. Maybe swap in a spare CD drive to see if that causes the same problem - might help you isolate the cause.

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I've cleaned out all inside of it, and am making sure everything is kept cool, and everything is definitely plugged in properly where it should be on the inside. And it's still doing it. It's frustrating when problems like this just come out of nowhere, for no reason, when you're not doing anything differently.

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Ok I've figured out it is definitely something to do with the power supply. I opened up the tower, put a CD in, and it reset, and kept resetting itself. When I unplugged the CD Drive from the power supply, it stopped resetting itself and ran as normal. I obviously had to plug it back in to get the CD out, but yea, I'm pretty certain it's something to do with the power supply. Just don't know how to fix it. Pretty weird it would suddenly go like this after working fine for 4 years.

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I've used eyo.com.au many times for parts and recommend them, if that helps.

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Nose it all  
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If you are going to take it to get fixed, just make sure you have copied and erased anything that you might not want others to see, and make sure it is permanently erased, not just sitting in the recycle bin.

This also includes making sure your browsing history, cookies. etc are wiped clean.

I have a mate in the industry....some of the stories he has told me regarding what "pops up" when they are diagnosing problems would make you shiver.

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Nose, you hear the story the other week about a woman (arrested for an unrelated incident) who wanted her computer searched because it had proof that her estranged boyfriend was browsing kiddie flicks. Officer came back and said "Well, I found some stuff but it might not be what you intended. Two videos of you, in the recycle bin, do you know what I'm talking about?"

She said, "The ones with the dog?"

Fast forward: story goes international and her name and photo are forever associated with bestiality.

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