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Most memorable last rounds of ABL

With all the talk of the Centrals v North game this weekend it got me wondering about other memorable last rounds that impacted the finals.

Has anyone got any great ones?

I went to the North v Norwood game in the last round a cuple years back at Hillcrest that went overtime, was a great game but didnt change the finals look.

im sure there has to be some big ones?...

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jimmy de bas  
Years ago

I remember Chuck Terrell (Noarlunga import) hitting a buzzer beater to defeat Sturt in the final round. Noarlunga needed to win to make the finals. I think it was the last game I ever saw at Forestville. It was the year Sturt used Forestville as their home court.

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God i hope centrals lose. It wouldn't be right having a team from centrals in the finals.

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money honey  
Years ago

centrals making finals without there import - thats money well sent and then cioffio not available
yeah i see where they are heading
are they serious -
and by the way well dont tigers on your recruit and money well spent
lets hope neither club start moaning about costs
how not to advance - refer to above
would both clubs have been just as equally successful bringing on the juniors
i mean tigers gained nothing and centrals idf make finals will have to rely on own group - no imports
anyway there problems i assume my club has few issues as well -
any club got no issues ????
please blow you bags here if want and tell us how to get it right

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Years ago

money honey - you don't pay by the character - you can construct full sentences

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The Journo  
Years ago

Is Cioffi playing on Saturday then leaving or has he already gone back to Europe? Central did a number on a full strength West without Cioffi and Prince so no reason why they can't do it to North too.

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shin splints  
Years ago

Spot on Journo.

We all seem to forget the Panthers last season who stormed into the finals and were an overtime away from playing in the GF. No superstars, just a solid team that was well coached.

It is a shame that people still find it fun to hang crap on the Lions. So what if Cioffi is not eligible for Finals - and so what if the Lions paid an import only to cut him when they did? Not that different to years past when Sixers playing ABL were ineligible for Finals due to NBL committments.

People always complain that the league needs to become more even, and Whitmore and his crew are doing just that. Win or lose on Saturday, the Lions of 2009 have helped make the ABL very interesting and less predictable.

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I think its that solid cheerleading squad centrals have on their bench that does it for them. its like having 5 killas on your team, theyre never going to get courttime but man they cheer hard.

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The Journo  
Years ago

And I wouldn't like to be the Bearcats if either the Lions or the Rockets win on Saturday, both teams have knocked off West in their last meetings and both will come in to Port Adelaide very confident and with no pressure on them, all the pressure on West to make it through.
The Bearcats should on Saturday nights form against Sturt though.

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and i think i've earned the right to hang crap on centrals, in my 15 year career not once did I lose to them. lol

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Years ago

So Basketball is a solo sport now? Me, me, me, me....

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Years ago

in 2005 the year the Warriors won the final I believe they played South in the last regular season game.
The Warrior's import "Tree" hit a buzzer beater which knocked South out of the finals race.

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Years ago

That was the second to last game MSGGG, we then had to beat Forestville in the last game to make it and lost that one.

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shin splints  
Years ago

ELG, at what level did you play? Thats an amazing stat if true. Does it include Juniors and Seniors, or ABA only?

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I rememebr that game! MSGGG. it was about 2 degrees, Trees parents had come to watch and then are from california, or something... and all they brought was t shirts and shorts! haha

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all time, which is juniors from u10 to ABL. lol. And i only lost to eastern once, which was a div 3 game featuring the amazing Brad Davis/Ben Trebilcock combo.

but on the contrary i did lose to north/sturt etc like a million times. in under 10's north beat us by about 90 to 20, gary birmingham got 38 points. lol, i wonder if he remembers that.

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Years ago

Talking about the game v North and Norwood today at work i didnt give it as much credit as i should have.

I was remindered of the situation. North needing to win by a certain margin to claim top spot from Norwood for the finals.

Dusty tanking 2 free throws at the end of regulation to send it in to overtime to give North a chance to get the margin.

Cant remember who won though? have a feeling it was North but not by the margin, can anyone remember?

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The Journo  
Years ago

I remember that one, Schuller told Dusty to miss the free throw on purpose to send it to overtime so they could get the points spread and the Rockets could save on getting Dusty back from Brisbane.
North won by one in overtime, 102-101.
It also was the game which Dusty, 2 votes down, got the 3 votes and knocked Todd Matthews off for the Woolacott Medal by one vote.

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Lions 2009  
Years ago

lets keep this in context Oliver prince was not an import, and was not paid to play basketball. He was on an Australian Work VISA therefore not eligiblie to be paid for basketball. Unlike John Morris who was on a required min of $550 per week. Different VISA and different set of rules.

yes he was cut, but no he was not paid as an import under the true sense of the word.

there are clubs under Centrals on the ladder paying players more money than the Lions would have spent on Oliver.

I think more clubs in the future will use the sports visa rule to strengthen their squads, just gotta get the right player for the right group.

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Years ago

Elg you would make a good cheerleader with those cans of yours..very easy to talk shit bout centrals now that you have became the biggest waste of potienal at woodville back to the hotdogs and porn elg

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Years ago

The Lions payed Oliver SFA, and the headaches he caused weren't worth the little he was payed. Having left the Warriors team to play for Centrals, seeing what this team achieved with the talent the got and the different line ups they've had, I'm very proud of what they could accomplish. And by the way no matter what club I played for it was always nice knocking off North.

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thanks anonymous, for the most hilarious post i've read on hoops in a while. who are you anyway?

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

ELG lost a tremendous amount of weight from when he was a junior... he's become a lean mean forum slandering machine.... he is a credit not only to himself but to mankind

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out look  
Years ago

for the north v lions game, with out chioffi, any other players coming in or the same team as when they played norwood just without chioffi..


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Lions 2009  
Years ago

Cioffi out (back to Spain on Tuesday), Atkins and Humphries back in.

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