jimmy de bas
Years ago

Funny ABL Round 1!!!

I know it's early in the week, but I'm pretty pumped for the season to begin, so why not?

Norwood @ Eastern
I am assuming that Jacob isn't suiting up for the Mav's this season, and this will obviously leave a huge chink in their armour. Unless Trebilcock has finally bothered to do a semi-tough pre-season and steps up big time, I will imagine that the Mavericks won't win this game, or many other games for that matter, relying heavily on brad davis to score a bulk of their points. Norwood seems to have put together a pretty decent squad this year, including: Thompson, Krause, Foster, Webber, Arnold and Lomman among many more which should give them the most depth out of any team this year. With Sapwell and Brooks calling the shots, Norwood look to have the edge in every department and I am predicting that Norwood will be far too good this week. Norwood by 20, 3 votes - Dan Thompson.

Forestville @ North
2 very talented sides going toe-to-toe here in what should be a very exciting match. In my opinion, North looks like the better team on paper, with Hawkes, Hambour, McKay, Zorich, B. Kies, Burdon and Franzucchini leading the way. However, Forestville are a bit of an unknown at this stage. Just how will Dix and Farman return to the game after their knee injuries? How will Sullivan cope having to run PG, with Campbell now gone, and how will this affect his scoring? I am predicting a tight match-up here, but I think North's home ground advantage and a query over both Dix's and Farman's match fitness should see the Rockets escape. North by 4, 3 votes - Mike McKay.

South @ Centrals
Two of last year's cellar-dwellers doing battle in this game, but it is a pity only one of them will remain there this year. Centrals look to have everything in their favour to win this game. With the off-season additions of Wilkey, Vandenburgh and the Victorian dude to join Clayton at STARplex, the Lions look to be in for a better year compared to recent seasons. They should get off to a good start to the season this weekend against the Panthers. Unless Adam Blight continues to improve drastically and more than compensates for the loss of kent, the Panthers probably will not escape the bottom 5th of the ladder this season. Vandenburgh should prove too classy for the Panther guards and will be looking to showcase his talent in front of his new home crowd. Wilkey will appreciate being one of the big fish again after a frustrating year at sturt and should out-hustle and out-score his South Adelaide counterparts. Centrals by 15, 3 votes - Justin Wilkey.

Woodville @ Southern
Does anyone have any idea of who is going to be suiting up for the Warriors this weekend? Not that it will matter anyway, as I am positive that they will not be up to ABL standard. The Tigers look cherry ripe to demolish the Warriors at the Cage this Sunday. Gerlach and Hoban have both improved out of site during the off-season by the looks of the Academy games, and it will take a super effort from whoever plays for Woodville to contain either of these two. Clarke will be set to destroy the Woodville guards, probably from their 18 1's side(boys or girls, take your pick) and with the Hodges boys and Bowley also getting the job done inside, the Tigers look to have the wood over the woodies. Josh Wood will join Matt Hardiman as the Tigers new players and should fit into the Tigers' outfit quite nicely. If Woodville can get out of the Tiger Cage without being severely mauled, or at least stung by the slippery snake, I will be extremely surprised. Tigers by 25, 3 votes - Luke Hoban.

Sturt @ West
Sturt by 86. 3 votes - whoever they choose to score 40. Seriously, with or without Maher, can anyone seriously see them losing this week? Forman, Ng, Bauer, Gower, Maher(??), Benson, Shepherd, Finkameyer. Who will stop Forman..... Hunnerup? Sturt by 40, 3 votes - Forman. I don't think Maher will play much, if he plays at all.
P.S. West would have been absolutely spewing that the 36ers lost last Friday night.

Women's- I don't have much idea on the girls comp, so I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm on about. Winners will be: Norwood, Forestville, South(by about 3000), Southern and West.

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Years ago

do not worry about holmes - with damien Pounsett out for the mavs - they will struggle

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jimmy de bas  
Years ago

feel free to add your predictions and why ur tipping them, forgot to add that before.

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Years ago

jimmy, great write up! I'm racing to get some ABL tipping up and running, so hopefully people can endure a late alert for that. Do we really know enough about the rosters at this stage? Do we even know who's coaching Woodville?

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Years ago

Would the last warrior out the door, please turn out the lights.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Great write-up Jimmy. I will be at the North v Forestville game and will have a very dodgy What's Hot/Not to follow the match.

Dodgy rims, lack of seating, boiling furnace or a freezer, the smell of ABL basketball at Hillcrest stadium is in the air again!

I have no prediction as I simply don't know enough about the teams! Let's hope for some good basketball and to see the numbers we had out to games last year return.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Just a follow-up, how many people do South generally get to games? Is it hard to get a seat North Adelaide style?

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drink at moes  
Years ago

2 women's games look very good west v sturt and north v forestville

west and sturt had a great elimination final and if they have all their line up - should win another ball tearer - sturt will be strong again - west by 3

north v eagles - north again will deliver a high standard - but if the eagles outfit gels - number 1 for them - last season they only lacked a winning centre and the gods have delivered nothing but the best
last i saw Bibby was going to USA - probably finding a place for erin - as she is on a one way road for big time basketball somewhere
eagles by 2

southern over woodville in the girls - southern youngsters will be 20% better than last season - enough to get them over the line in this bottom of the table job
southern by 16

south over centrals in the girls - not as easy as one thinks - but the centrals women will know how the residents of leningrad felt during world war 2 by the end of the season
south by 25

Norwood will move into the top 5 in both men and women this season - probably from the bottom group Eastern will try to be the most threatening - but with some very very good norwood junior girls pushing up and mavericks junior girls looking terminal - the momentum is with the flames
norwood by 17

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Years ago

Why have the Sturt home games changed time slots with the Men 1st at 6.30 pm followed by the women? Do people like this change?

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Years ago

Woodville did this last year and changed the slots putting the men on court first, apparently due to an agreement with a sponsor.

Could this be the reason for the change?

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Hopefully people are notified of the change and don't rock up for the wrong game like I did last year.

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Years ago

EC -- I think that some players prefer an earlier start so that they can go out afterwards without being exhausted at 10:30PM. Women got the early start last year, so the men wanted a go this season.

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Years ago

Thanks Isaac.

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Years ago

Alot of Norwood's games at the Dome start at 500pm, meaning alot of spectators who work won't be able to see them... *cough*.

Also heard that Woodville's ABL singlet presentation last week was almost a 'who's who' of junior division 2 superstars....

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Years ago

Sturty6ers, loved your comment..."Would the last warrior out the door, please turn out the lights."!!!
I don't think they have a coach as yet, approached a very good one the other week but were turned away so unsure if they have appointed anyone.
Good write up Jimmy, we'll see if we can turn the South/Central game result around for you...

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Years ago


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Years ago

I'm not really sure why people make stupid comments regarding clubs/teams that they have no idea about.

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Years ago

good call FLY.eg thedoctor

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hungry jacks  
Years ago

i am tipping in the mens....
norwood, north, southern, sturt and south.
norwood, forestville, southern, sturt and south.

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Blue Collar  
Years ago

What's in the Lunch Pail this week i hear you all asking... well;

Sturt vs West.
Get there early because the Womens game will be a much tighter contest then the mens. The Saberetes should get the points with the Bowley trio firing (if Hannah is back from injury) and the weath of guard talent simply too fast for West.
The Sabres men should take the points easily here despite 30+ shot attempts from Danny Phillips.

Norwood vs Eastern.

The Flames will also take a clean sweep in this one. The Mavs women have been training together for a long time but unfortunately sometimes training does not equal talent. Norwood will be simply too good.
For the men, Davis and Goodenough will battle hard, but Norwood have a stronger cast then 'Oceans Twelve' (incidently... they must also have a similarly large budget)

Forestville vs North.
All i can say is if your a basketball fan, GO WATCH BOTH GAMES. Grand Final previews anyone??? Both these games are too close to call but for the record i think North will take the points in both.

Southern vs Woodville.
I hear people saying that this womens matchup could be ugly and worthless. In reality it will determine how these teams have evolved in the off-season. Maybe they haven't changed but by this time next week, we will know for certain.
Southern Men have a distinct advantage in this encounter. They have a coach! Not to mention an assistant... oh and just to make it even tougher for the Warriors, they will have to deal with Gerlach, Hoban, Clarke, Hardiman, Bowley, Wood, Hodges x 2 and Boal (coming of a 27pt haul at u/20 nationals).

South vs Centrals.
Anyone considering going to this game, save yourself a trip to starplex and go watch North vs Forestville.
Women - South to win by plenty.
Men - Centrals to have a positive record for the first time in as long as i can remember.

Smoko is officially finished. Back to it...

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Years ago

Ahh, good to have Blue Collar back. Must mean that the ABL season is almost underway.

Get your tipping registrations in boys and girls. We're getting underway today. Coaches, referees (they're promising not to call games to favour their tips!), players and fans are already in the mix -- don't miss out.

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Years ago

"referees (they're promising not to call games to favour their tips!)"

Thats what they say now. :S

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Years ago

I'm just imagining a situation: Player has tipped against his team, referee has tipped them to win. Player purposely missed final second shot. Ref calls imaginary foul to force them to win it from the free throw line. Player misses both. Ref calls tech for bad language on silent player. Repeat until player can't stand to watch their season free-throw percentage plummet.

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Years ago

I'll wager a pineapple on Centrals this Saturday...any takers???

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Years ago


Remember Isaac Burton from the Kings?

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Years ago

cheeze, are you referring to my Atlanta Hawks comments? There may be a reason I haven't heard about alot of their players......... because they suck balls.

Bring back 'Nique!

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Years ago

Kings, I remember the name, but I never followed his progress too closely. Why's that?

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Paul Arnott  
Years ago

Here's part of the Isaac Burton story.

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Years ago

Whoa. Someone should pay me! I'm great at missing shots and no one could ever accuse me of doing it on purpose. Career change coming up...

Thanks for the link Paul.

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Years ago

How dare you question the referees integrity!!! :) (it may depend on what the tipping prize is though...)

Seriously, we get evaluated every game, so I don't think there is much room for any imaginary calls.

I am not refereeing this week, so all my tips are above board. By the way, you have a great imagination Isaac!

Imagine this,
- a coach purposely throwing a game to keep his tipping intact, or

- scorebench personnel adding to the score sheet,

-or a team manager tampering with the waterbottles,

- 0r a team (if they are tipping as a group) if they are losing, running the shot clock down and jacking up a bad shot to keep the other team in front.

The possibilities are endless.

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Years ago

No room for imaginery calls????
Who are you trying to kid!
I've seen plenty of them, christ i've never fouled anyone before in my life!!!

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Years ago

I know, I reffed you on Tuesday night!!! you didn't foul anybody ;) God knows I had to call a few though.

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Years ago

Paul .. i just read your story on Burton .. and the gambler/book-maker Benny Silman .. Did you know they made a movie about it ? - Dont remember the name of it .. and i dont remember them mentioning more than one player..? Was a pretty good film actually..
I guess "ice" burton wont be playing much pro-hoops in the future..!!

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Years ago

Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie (2002, user rating: 6.3/10)

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Paul Arnott  
Years ago

Thanks skyhook and Isaac. No, I hadn't heard of the movie.

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Years ago

Hey I'll be at Mavs v Flames. I'll try get some stats and a review for people.

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Years ago

Bluecollar no Norwood players are being paid on the mens

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Years ago

Norwood women lost in a bit of an upset to the Eastern Mavericks 71-73.

Players of note were U/18 Cayla Francis with 21 points and 10 boards, Amanda Williams 21 points and Siobhan O'Brien with 11 for Eastern. Norwood were led by the hot shooting hand of Melissa Marsh with 21 who hit 3 big 3's, to go with 7 rbs and 4 assists (and 7 turnovers). Georgie Howlett got 10 points in 7 mins. Rachel Keller 8 points and 9 boards.

I won't relive the final seconds for all those Norwood fans, and one player in particular who went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in a few moments.

All round a very good round one game of women's basketball and Marsh and Francis have definately suggested they could both be worth keeping an eye on for the rest of the season.

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