Stewie G
Years ago

How Good Are The New Uniforms!!!

I think the new uniforms look great!

What a fantastic idea to go back to our original "RED" home strip...hats off to management.

Great coverage in today's Advertiser too.

GO SIXERS!!!!.....I can't wait til Oct 3rd!!!!

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Years ago

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Years ago

They are not too bad I guess.

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Years ago

Wasn't totally convinced in person to be honest (to prove to the haters that I don't suck up to SOS on everything!) but they look decent in that first photo I posted and hopefully will be alright on court. Would like to see a slightly darker red (e.g., as used for the Season Launch invites) and a different font for the numbers and names on the back, but I think the change to red itself is good.

The night was well done though - really enjoyed it and said a bit more about the event in Yvonne's gallery thread today.

Liked this photo:

Balls made a very brief and to the point speech as captain and almost fired up at the end which was funny. I think the captaincy could really boost him on court.

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Years ago

I'm a fan of the new uniforms! I also really like the plain t-shirt look and how they are simple yet still effective in that they still look sharp. Good Stuff.

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Years ago

not really sold just yet. Would have liked thicker piping around the shoulders and for some reason they seem to like the 36ers name near their belly button rather than towards their chest. A less comic font would have been nice as well. I do like the clean look though.

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Years ago

Not a big fan, they may grow on me though.

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Years ago

not a fan

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Years ago

Red looks a bit bright and cheap . A fuller richer red like 80's sixers uniforms would be an improvement . 36ers logo need to be 20% larger and across chest . Font for numbers again looks a little cheap and as said above slightly comic .

Are they warmup tops ? looks like a backyard motor racing club workshirt ? terrible design and cut .

Oh well , if we are winning they will look just fine .

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Years ago

Is that Comic Sans on the back?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Like the tops, but not the number font.

Can't wait for Skip to start playing "I see red" when the team comes on court.

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Years ago

Look cheap (probably are) and numbers and lettering is cheap and horrible as well.

Red is bold but the type of red used is not great in my opinion.

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Years ago

As mentioned a tad darker red may look better, but the red looks quite good in the photos, the glossyness of the uniforms in the red looks good, the plainness of the polos in the red look bland.

Agree that I think the 36ers name/logo should be more prominant larger and higher up on the uniforms.

The numbers look a little odd.

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Number 44  
Years ago

Looks cheap. Should of stuck with ROYAL Blue.

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Years ago

Uniforms look good.

Still a fan of the blue but can see why the ownership went red, new group, new start and all that.

Anyway, Go Sixers!

Can't wait for the NBL to tip-off @ 5pm tonight.

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Deimos 99  
Years ago

Can't expect the uni’s to be great when there produced by a local company which generally supplies school uniforms.

Agree with previous comments, need a darker shade of red and improved front. Oh well, if the uniforms are the only thing the SOS get wrong then we should be in safe hands.

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Years ago

I must say I do not mind the new uniforms, particularly the white uniform. The red is just a little bit in your face, but will probably look good on court.

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Years ago

The switch to blue was originally more to do with Pura Milk's sponsorship than anything wasn't it? I'm all for getting back to tradition. Not going to nitpick the font, size of the "piping" and the RGB values of the colours like the rest of you pedants. :)

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Years ago

Blue was as much about Pura Milk as the Red was about West End though right? They're both state colours, as was the yellow away uniforms which I thought were awesome.

I wonder if the 36ers management started this thread in the first place? Seems like a lot of excitement for a uniform!!

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Years ago

Anon - I think you will find Red was initially adopted as it was the states primary colour, just happened to grow into and be more recognizable in the early 90's with the West End Super Sixers.

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Years ago

Maybe true, anon, although were the Sixers still sponsored by West End back in the Apollo days?

Anyway, at least we don't have a giant hobo man on the front of the uniform:

(Disclaimer: I like the Reds too, just having fun!)

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Years ago

Sixers were sponsored by West End in the early days at Apollo. So much so that for some years, the singlets only had the West End logo on it. No mention of Adelaide or Sixers at all.

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Years ago

Remember when the name 36ers actually got dropped and at one point back then they were called the Super Sixers?

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Years ago

Still prefer the old blue used, but i don't mind the idea of going back to traditionally South Australian sports colours. This might grow on me.

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Years ago

YES!!!! I'm loving these tops, ok they could have very minor improvements but who cares!!!??? They have chosen the best two colours and they are the best we have had in years!!! Bring on Oct 3rd! Cant wait to buy mine. Will we be able to get player names etc again?

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Years ago

I like the new uniforms however maybe a royal clue stripe down the side would have made it a little less bland?

Kind of off topic a little bit but the fact that the away uniform basically doesn't have any blue or yellow in it have anything to do with sprint a/p and kia being major sponsors? I mean both companies are red and white.

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Years ago

Whatever happened to adidas, only a one year sponsorship?

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Years ago

Away is fine, home is absolutely awful. Hated the red on the Tigers now we are stuck with them. Who's bird brain idea was that unless it is directly related to sponsorship.

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Years ago

i do think the blue is more classy but the red will be nice once you get used to it. Just not a fan of the shade of red, name placement and font. When they sweat the red will go darker i guess much like the blue went towards a purple. I wonder what a darker red pinstripe would have looked like.

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Years ago

Love the uniforms, the red looks to be the state red which is what we are supposed to be, and maybe someone can help but if the NBL is like the AFL there might be restrictions on size and placing of logos and sponsor logos??

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Pretty good.

Fine 3 pages from Boti.
A work is not a series of answers, it is a series of is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.

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Years ago

I love the Red. Makes it feel more South Aussie and everyone knows Red makes you go faster.

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Years ago

Will you be able to get names on tops again this year?

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Years ago

Like them, Red is good and strong will look brilliant on the TV.

White is fine, nothing special, but fine.

Will just be happy to see the boys winning on TV

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Years ago

Will you be able to get names on tops again this year?

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Years ago

Yeah, will names be able to be put on tops again this year?

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Years ago

One thing about red - if the fans all embrace it and wear red, the Dome will look awesome. We know we can make a reasonable amount of noise, and if the opposition are also confronted with a sea of red, it just adds to the intimidation factor, which will help make it a harder venue for visiting teams to get a W.

So put yer hands in yer skyrockets, buy the new merchandise, or wear red Crows or Adelaide United gear if you're strapped for cash, and let's turn the Dome red so the opposition have a constant reminder of just where they are.

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Years ago

Why do so many teams have their logo on their stomach these days??? Looks stupid.

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