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OKC's Future

Saw this article yesterday on Real GM. It's a good in-depth look at Oklahoma City (aka the Zombie Sonics) and its potential to build a championship contender from where it is now.

OKC are definitely in a very good position right now with the talent they have collected, two first round draft picks next year and enough cap space to make a max bid for one of Lebron, Wade, Bosh or Johnson next Summer as well!

I was just thinking how their team could look if Presti has a Summer in 2010 along these lines:
1. Sign Bosh for a max contract
2. Go after a big man like Lopez, Chandler, Biedrins, Bogut, A Randolph, DeAndre Jordan or Oden using a combo of their draft picks, Jeff Green and even Harden or Westbrook.
3. If this fails, they have draft picks to try and find that centre.

Always hard to get a centre, but they have enough chips that they can afford to overpay a team that is more interested in re-tooling or saving money!

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