Years ago

Shaq is making teams worse

He wants another ring yet he gets traded to contenders & makes teams worse!! Pheonix were well poised b4 he arrived & he sucked - & bad to watch.... make a free throw.

Oneal will be worth a cool 400m by the time he gives it away & all he has these days is size! Dwight Howard will carve him up!!

I love watching Lebron but i cant do the whole Shaq thing anymore - he cant play!! How many of us would have survived being useless unless we were 7ft 2 & 800 kg?

My tip - Cavs will slide....

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Years ago

Cant help but agree. Seems like they are trying to give him the chance to get his numbers but at the expense of everyone else.

Amazing how different their centres are with Big Z and Shaq almost the complete opposite of each other except for foot speed!

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Years ago

kudos to Big Z for announcing his retirement announcement just to give way to detoriating shaq

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Years ago

The only person that is a Joke is your self Orbit.

Shaq is getting 9ppg, 7rpg, 1.5bpg in 24 minutes. Are you expecting more in that time?

In the 4 games only one time has the apposing center had a good game (Bargnani had 28, The other players to have bad/average games were Perkins, Jefferson and Chandler). This is a combination of both Shaq and Z.

You say Howard would carve him up which is probably true but he does that to everyone. If Shaq is so useless and hopeless as you claim why are you comparing him with the best center in the NBA?

Regardless of how much you haters hate him he is still a force in the league (if he is required to be).

I have no particular interest in watching Shaq play but can't stand stupid haters that will attack for no reason.

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Years ago

This thread is a waste of time and an ionsult to one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Shaq posted improved numbers as a player last season from the one before and improved his fitness levels at the same time. He is far from useless, but is definitely past his prime. I totally agree that he is not the all-conquering player he once was with the Magic, Lakers and even the Heat. However he could still yet play a key role in ensuring the Cav's can win a championship this season. Whether ti happens or not is yet to be seen.

The only real flaw that Shaq has had his whole career is his inability to make free throws and his FT % is testamount to that.

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Years ago

The main problem with Shaq these days is that teams can too easily exploit him defensively, as has already been shown on a couple of occasions this season. He is slower than he used to be which exacerbates it. In the old days of course he could make up for it on offense, but he isn't the same dominant offensive force that he used to be.

Not to say he isn't still a good player, but I can't see the Cavs being genuine contenders, because the good teams will pick away at that hole in playoff series, and the Cavs backup center has the exact same problem (as shown byh the magic in the ECF last year), so they can't go to the bench either.

None of this detracts from his career though, its just a matter of where he is at now.

It will be interesting to see what teams are prepared to pay Shaq this off season. I'm guessing its not going to be close to what he would expect.

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Jay-Jay Manners  
Years ago

Anon #255426, all true about Shaq. I also think a key issue with him now is that teams just don't need to double him anymore. His presence on the floor doesn't free players up like it used to. He's limited to banging in the post, rebounding and clogging the lanes on D, which he is still good at.

He still has a positive impact on a team and he is still a good passer for a big man, but he isn't the same Shaq that would transform your team. He's basically a role player now, but because his name is 'Shaq' people think acquiring him is a bigger deal than it is. He is a real solid pick up now, that's all.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

I beg to differ with Howard-Shaq match up. last year's match up Howard didn't dominate Shaq and infact when the two got physical Shaq was the one on top. Howard no way near as strong as Shaq (he couldn't even move him) and this is probably a good indication of Shaq's value on the team that is often unseen. He also effectively fills the lane, only 2 in the NBA does it well, Yao and Shaq.

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

I agree with the title of the thread. Shaq makes TEAMS worse. He is a great player and has been for many years, but he just isnt a good fit in cleveland.

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Years ago

orbit is clearly a kid. You say Shaq gets traded to contenders and makes them worse, it's four games into the damn season. He got traded to the Heat and helped them win a championship and the Suns were hardly contenders when he got there. Even Kerr said despite their good record at the time that they weren't legit.

No he didn't suck he averaged 18 & 8, shot 61% from the field, was co All-Star game MVP and All-NBA Third team. He was the only player on that Suns team who gave his all last season. It's not his fault he had to guard both his man & Nash's man every night.

You're nuts, Shaq & Howard played against each other last season and Shaq outplayed him! Have you even thought for a second that while not the player he was the Cavs might not be using him effectively? Mike Brown is using him like he's Big Z, floating around the top of the key setting screens for most of the offence. Clearly then he's not going to put up big numbers and frankly no sane person ever expected him to.

Four games into the season with the Cavs 2-2 and you're losing your mind, chill Winston.

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Years ago

I can just see when things get heated in Game 7 of the eastern conference finals Shaq Daddy and Dwight almost coming to blows before the rest of the teams pull them aside and say lets settle this like men with a free throw battle , now that shit would be ugly .

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Years ago

Cavs beat the Wizards today, Shaq played 29 mins and had 21 pts & 8 rebs on 7-9 FG's & 7-10 FT's. The Cavs are also now on a three game winning streak.

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