Years ago

Hodge's Return to the Dome

Anything planned as yet for his return?

..it would be sweet to see some T-Shirts made or something, like the large amount of Beat LA shirts going around the US.

..or even get the You Suck ringing over the sound system

any ideas out there?

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Years ago

Completely ignore him. He is an egotistic that will thrive of any attention, ignore him and he looses that.

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Years ago

K4MVP's back!!!

Nice ideas but there's already a thread on it. I'd buy a T-Shirt for sure.

I reckon we should have a welcoming party at the airport. Get him right from the start!

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Years ago

Thats right XztatiK!! ;)

My bad, didnt see one at first look but yeah would love some T-Shirts or somethings. I would buy one.

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Years ago

Hmm, so I'm not sure whether to post here or the other thread now, I've probably posted enough today anyway :P But whatever, here's another banner idea:

"WHAT? You mean he didn't make it in the NBA?" *and a big picture of Macauley Culkin from the Home Alone cover*

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Years ago

I love the idea of having a big group giving it to him at the airport. Let's find out there hotel and harass near there also.

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Years ago

Love that banner idea.. hopefully everyone gets into it on the night and we have a few banners out there!

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Years ago

just another player... who cares!

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Years ago

That is an awesome banner

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Years ago

That is the best idea for a banner I have seen so far.

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Years ago

u do realise guys like hodge thrive on stuff like that? makes them want it even more! how do u silence a hostile crowd? dump 30 points on them and walk away with a win. best thing anyone can do, is get their asses to the game, and get behind the sixers!! coz god knows... the way we played recently... JUST scraping over line against cairns and again against gold coast... aint gonna cut it against a team like melbourne, especially with the addition of an offensive threat like hodge!

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Offensive threat if they choose to run everything through him.

Personally I doubt he will be able to play with the likes of Worthington and Anstey and still maintain his level of play from the Sixers.

Make him the Star of a team and he's a triple-double man. Stick him in a loaded team full of Aussie talent and you've got someone whos stat line will depend on how the rest of the team plays.

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Years ago

Big Marty How is Anstey and Worthington any different from Schenscher and Ballinger from last season?

He will fit in really well there (if his actually fit) as they require someone that can bring the ball up (Hodge can do that) and need someone that can score (Hodge can do that).

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Years ago

Thanks Kobe, Jesus and Justin. Unfortunately I'm too lazy and have no idea how to make a banner so if anyone wants to use that, be my guest.

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Years ago

I totally agree with the views that Hodge will thrive on any hostility. I believe that the best way to annoy and distract him is to completely and obviously ignore him - play on his ego.

During the player introductions, applaud every Tigers player except Hodge - total silence for him. Also, total silence every time he gets the ball, however, if he misses a J (or any other shot), or when Gilchrist steals the ball from him, go wild!

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Years ago

Whether you think that will work or not RG, I can guarantee it's not going happen.

I'm not of the opinion that he'll feed off it so I'll be booing like craaazy!

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I'd guess he'll drive,draw fouls,be at the line a lot.
Might see the occasional dish, 1 jumper and 1 three point attempt.

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