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ABA Team's Starting 5

With all the movement over the off season what will all the teams staring lines up's look like this year?

Really looking forward to seeing how Sturt and Forestville men will line up this year after all the movement in both of those clubs due to retirement and some of the younger guys moving onto either college or interstate.

also teams that will be fighting for a playoff berth this year like Woodville, Centrals, Southern & Eastern. Do any of these teams have any stand outs coming into their starting line-up that will push them up there with the likes of Norwood and West??

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Sturt Men - In my opinion

If Darren and Jacob play


if Darren plays and Jake does not


if both don't play


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Years ago

I'll take a punt for you, but I don't know all the ins and outs just yet...

Norwood- No real change but is Cooper playing?
Todd Matthews/Andrew Webber/Sam Grantham/Keith Krause/Dan Thompson

Sturt- Again unsure on players like Ng and Holmes but doubt Holmes will be playing. I hear Clay is coming back after the college season but will he effect his eligibilty playing for them?

Tom Daly/Corey Maynard/Nathan Spehr/Brandon Brine/Jan Warbout

Forestville- Tough one as I hear they are picking up a couple of new players.

Brad Sullivan/Brad Gerlach/Scott Arnold/DMT/Mottram

West Adelaide- Brad Davidson/Josh Bond/Kurtis Phillips (???)/Chris Molitor/Blake Truslove

North- Kersten??/Zorich??/Rhys Elliott/Luke Mapunda/Nick Hambour (???)

Centrals- Matt Clarke/Matt Atkins/American/Zane Reeves/Daniel Carlin

Southern- Shane Boal/Tristan Braithwaite/Michael Florence/Josh Wood/American?

Woodville- Cam Wilson/Robert Cameron/Adam Miller/American/Josh Knight

Eastern-Ben Madgen/???/Ben Dearman/Brad Hill/Shane Breheny

South- Jarrad Hirst/Luke Frost/Jeremy Read/Tom McKenzie/Steve Pilkington

Like I said, this is just a guess, so throw some corrections at me!!!

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Years ago

Isnt Maynard going O/s?

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Years ago

where's dodman
birmingham be starter at central
paul smith southern returns starter position

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Sturt Answers  
Years ago

Brine is at Southern. Clay ineligible because he is at a Div 1 college. D Ng playing. M Ng playing. Holmes maybe. Maynard leaving for Bryant (where Clay is at) after season. Dodman is at Eastern.

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Years ago

In the Women...

Central Districts
Head Coach: Winston Folland
2009 rocord 1-17
Probable Starters
Another tough year for the Lions, young players Oermann and Hosking gaive a balance of defense and offense but they dont have the skill to be competitive for more than a quarter, the have some new bigs in the squad but again the skill set may let them down.
Prediction 10th (0-18)

Eastern Mavericks
Head Coach: Brenton Johnson
2009 Record 5-13
Probable starters
Losses in the frontcourt of Bayly and Symonds may be too much for the struggling mavs, but with a lot of talent in the juniors the Mavs may still be competitive in games but just not enouh to get the wins. If they can gat an AIS player back for the season it would help but that would be a big IF!
Prediction 8th (3-15)

Forestville Eagles
Head Coach: Sharon Simonds
2009 Record: 13-5
Probable starters
fifth could be any number of talented players
1 of the big 3 for 2010, the eagles well coached strong players and always seem to bring a surprise to the court mid season. will outmatch most of the competition all year.
Prediction 3rd (14-4)

Norwood Flames
Head Coach: Simon Prichard
2009 Record: 10-8
Probable Starters
...Will foley play, if she does... give Norwood the championship now, if not they will be grand finalists at worst, a great balance of guards and posts, and the danger team of the competition, I think that Prichard will be hard pressed to keep players happy but I have confidence that they will keep it together for the year.
Prediction 1st (17-1)

North Adelaide Rockets
Head Coach: Mike Mackay
2009 Record: 12-6
Probable Starters
T. Mansfield
A good team on paper and front court additions of Boyd and Pawlowski (who may start) make up for the loss of Perris. North are well balanced and the experience of Hill and Boyd mixed with young talent will make the rockets a threat but not champion contenders.
Prediction 4th (12-6)

South Adelaide Panthers
Head Coach: Glenn Shaw
2009 record: 12-6
Probable Starters
A tougher 2010 for the Panthers with losses to the frontcourt of Boyd and Webber, The Panthers have signed some young talent with Taylor and Richards but may fall short in the post. Expect the Panthers and Sabre to battle for the final spot in the 5, a battle that could go either way
Prediction 5th (10-8)

Southern Tigers
Head Coach: Willie Janette
2009 Record: 7-11
Probable starters
If jennings is the player I am thinking of (Janette's neice) then the tigers will be batter off this year, adding Bayly will add size to the tigers but not transition, certainly the dark horse of the competition but could be hit of miss, my guess... miss
Prediction 7th (8-10)

Sturt Sabres
Head Coach: Paul Meske
2009 record: 13-5
Probable Starters
M. Bowley
Orr (if she is back otherwise Hargreaves)
A return to the pack for the the Sabres, depending on Marino's injury, the Sabres can be very good, I think age and desire will be factors but I expect the Sabres to be on the lower end of the ladder. Meske's appreciation of the talent of the younger players may lead to discontent on the court
Prediction 6th (11-7)

West Adelaide Bearcats
Head Coach: Sam Woosnam
2009 Record: 15-3
Probable Starters
Holland (or Coleman)
There is unrest at west but not with the key players, expect the top 6 players to get the job done and the bench can complain or get on board, the only thing missing in 2009 was a strong post getting jenner and truslove back fixes that problem, can win the championship, just have to get through Norwood
Prediction 2nd (15-3)

Woodville Warriors
Head Coach: Lynne Holland
2009 Record: 2-16
Probable Starters
Rumour of a US import
Woodville's lack of structure and inability to play defense will have them struggling in 2010 and one would expect a worse performance than 2009. A pretty talented starting group but the skill falls sharply after taht and as a group there isnt the talent to get the best from the players.
Prediction 9th (2-16)

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shin splints  
Years ago

How is Zane Reeves (Lions) looking after his time last year in Victoria?

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Years ago

Sturt: Daly, D. Ng, M. Ng, Bauer, Warabout
Forestville: Gerlach, Sullivan, Arnold, ?????, ?????
North: Elliott, Kersten, Rowe, Groves, Hambour
West: Spadavecchia, Davidson, Bond, Molitor, Truslove
South: Frost, Hirst, McKenzie, Read, Pilkington
Woodville: Wilson, Cameron, Goodchild, Knight, Steel
Central: Clarke, Humphries, Birmingham, Reeves, Carlin.
Eastern: Madgen, Hill, Dearman, Breheny, Dodman
Southern: Boal, Braithwaite, Florence, Wood, Brine
Norwood: Mathews, A Webber, Krause, Thompson, Cooper

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Years ago

woodville have 3 U.S. imports

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Years ago

It seems Centrals have decided on an American by the name of Wade Pidock, a 6'8 (realistically only 6'7) 25 year old Forward out of Division 2 college West Virginia State University. He averaged 13.8 points per game and 5.7 rebounds in 2008 and in 2009 averaged 11.2 points and 6.6 rebounds. It seems he likes to shoot the 3 pointer a lot as he was one of the better shooters from beyond the arc in the league (sounds like a former wookie from the sixers!)
Found an interesting story about him actually..."The leading scorer on the University of Charleston men's basketball team is facing a misdemeanor battery charge following an incident with a West Virginia State player outside a Charleston nightclub.

In a criminal complaint filed Thursday in Kanawha County Magistrate Court, Charleston police said UC senior Anthony Anderson punched West Virginia State senior Wade Pidock in the face during an argument around 2 a.m. on Jan. 4 outside the Boom Boom Room, a bar on Capitol Street.

How appropriate is the name of the bar and what happened outside? We love unintentional comedy. And we wonder if West Virginia State and University of Charleston are bitter rivals. If they weren't, they are now."

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Rhythm Willie  
Years ago

On paper Eastern men look the goods after Ben Madgen is back permanently in May.

Will Tess Madgen play for Eastern women? (scored around 25pts in her last WNBL game)

Will Templeton, Bolton and Harvi will play any games in the college off season?

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Years ago

(woodville have 3 U.S. imports) I think this is a joke, ABA should not have imports surley the clubs can find players in there own back yard, If you coach your younger players well you wont need to get imports

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Years ago

Player23, if you think that's an interesting story, can I point you towards a library? ;)

I think imports within reason are good for the (and any) league. Adds something new and different. Adds flavour to the NBA, the NBL, to Europe, to workplaces and cultures outside of basketball even.

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Years ago

If it's any good i'll wait till it's out on DVD!
I'm not much of a reader, but thanks for the suggestion! ;)
I'm pretty sure it's in the by-laws that you are only allowed 2 restricted players (imports/NBL players player greater than 25% of available cort time) per team. But I thought that our league had a "one import" rule.

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Years ago

Woodville have signed up 6'4 forward Brady Brink from St Johns University which is a Division 3 college in the MIAC.He played a bit of Professional Basketball in Germany last season for Team FC Schalke 04 where he averaged 10.5 points/game, 4.5 rebounds/game and 2 assists/game, but prior to that he averaged 17.4 points/game, 8.4 rebounds/game in 2008 for St John's.

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pig dog  
Years ago

check the reserves score from last night , Brady Brink made his debut for the warriors.

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Years ago

player 23

you seem to have missed one import that will surely start for an ABL front runner.

Riley Luettgerodt 6'5 205 SG
University of Hawaii (NCAA)
Born: 08/04/85

seems he was shopped on this website some weeks ago, he will be here very soon. But for who??

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Years ago

Tess Madgen is back for the Mavs.

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Years ago

Eagles starters:
Cambell, Sullivan, Gerlach, Leuttgerodt, Mottram!
Doyle, Blair(formaly torrens valley), Arnold, DMT, L Hoban!!!

Not a bad team if u ask me!!!!!

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Years ago

Carlin will not start for Centrals...still a ways away from big ABA minutes!

However with the inclusions of Dan Wilson, Cioffi and Birmingham and an import u would think this is their best chance of post season action in a long time...havn't made the finals in over a decade!!!

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Years ago

Yeah I missed that one Mavs, seems he gets here in a week. I'm looking forward to buying a drink from him at the bar after the game!
I don't know if that will be the starting five there though anonymour, he is only 6'5 and plays the 2/3 spot so unless they are running with 4 guards it will be unlikely. I still think they will start DMT and more than likely bring Cambpell or Sully off the bench.

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Years ago

Heard Brad Hill may be going to NZ to play off season

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Years ago

actually the rumour is that Cambell going back to Cairns now, so DMT might have to start for the eagles...but i would expect the eagles to play a lot of 4 guards this year...they did last year with DMT out of half the year with injury! They should still be top 4 u would think!

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Years ago

I have heard Sully wants to retire but Andy has refused! Lol...

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Years ago

any new players at the tigers this year? seems like they have been rather quite compared to other teams in the off season. Looks like they will be running small without Bungy!

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Years ago

Paul Smith...lol

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Years ago

Hill won't be going anywhere, he has an ankle that needs repairs and rest.

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lickity split  
Years ago

Apparently Padgett played 4 Southern the other nite against woodville in a trial game

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Years ago

a few things lads ....

south have an American - 3 man apparently !

f/ville have american too - 6'4 shooting guard !

do centrals have an american coming ? anyone heard who ?

tigers have made changes but no american- wood gone to Cairns ... not as small as some teams !

yanks should definately be allowed in league - 1 per team ... its hard enough to keep our local talent here (eg burdon/sutton/wood) when every other league can offer more coin and more opportunity to nbl - we have 1 nbl team compared to 3 in qld.... everything possible needs to be done to retain local players and bring in better players - this will help the standard and help improve junior players by not giving them 'easy' aba debuts cause they were next in line!

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big ticket  
Years ago

The import at south is canadian big guy!

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Years ago

south big guy very impressive in recent scrimmage

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Years ago

Who's that Anon, Adam Blight?

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Secret Sabre  
Years ago

Heard that Holmes has agreed to play and that Both th NG boys will suit enough to qualify.

PG Maynard/Daly
SG Ng/Smyth/Spehr
SF Ng/Bauer/Kloasen?
PF Holmes/Fish
C Warbout/Gower

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Years ago


Norwood v Sturt Final

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Years ago

was the south big guy impressive in their 2 losses to the pioneers or their loss to the state under 18 boys???

Norwood will struggle without cooper and thompson.

Matthews, webber, grantham, krause and ottey is how they started last weekend.

Hear they are looking for american big real fast.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Sturt must be hot favorites now with "Jake the Musc" and "Ng 1 and Ng 2" (think Dr Zuess) A lot of pressure for those blue baggers.

my prediction is that Norwood chokes

Wooden spoon must be a toss up between Woodville and South. Hard to see North fire too many bullets without Erik the Viking.

Reckon Lions and TIgers will make sure there are plenty of big cats in the top 5

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Years ago

Norwood have o pocket full o money to spend!!!!!

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Years ago

Jack - interested to hear why you think Norwood will choke when they clearly already have proven they can perform?

Also it's good to see that your eternal optimism for Southern hasn't faded. IMO they are nowhere near the top 5.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

There will be a lot of pressure on Norwood to three-peat, and I hope their wheelchairs have enough oil to keep them mobile.....

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Years ago


Not sure what you mean by the Lions and Tigers ensuring a lot of big cats are in the top 5. Do you mean they will be in the bottom of the table which will mean more spots for Sabres, Bearcats and Panthers in the top 5?!?! (I think you will find though that Bearcats are not really cats!!)

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Years ago

They aren't bears either, sneaky bastards

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Years ago

What about Warriors import
is he good

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Years ago

967, he's gone to Woodville, that should give you your answer.

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Who Me  
Years ago

Well, current squads are listed on Central ABA website.
Seems t be a few names not quite the same as previously predicted, maybe the clubs just haven't updated BSA yet?

Central Districts Lions
Wade Pidock
Scott Rose
Ky Oliver
Toby Lightheart
Lachlan Parker
Ben Todd
Matthew Clarke
Daniel Carlin
Scott Herriman
Brett Maksimovic
Zane Reeves
Matthew Atkins

Eastern Mavericks
Andy Sakkas
Cameron Myles
Stuart Breheny
Jordan Dodman
Daniel Lean
Ben Dearman
Shane Breheny
Matt De Cure

Forestville Eagles
Riley Luettgerodt
Jordan Robertson
Charles Newland
Nick Blair
Brad Haydon
Luke Hoban
Adam Doyle
Sebastian Wise
Reece Turner
Scott Arnold
Doug Macdonald-Taylor
Brenton Campbell
Brad Gerlach
Brad Sullivan

North Adelaide Rockets
Ben Groves
Luke Pike
Nick Mikic
Ryan Kersten
Rhys Elliott
Sam Biermann
Michael Zorich
Nick Hambour
Brett Collins
Matthew Lycett
Erik Burdon
Dallas Quigley
Tom Rowe
Andrew Geer
Leif Burdon
Luke Mapunda

Norwood Flames
Peter Hooley
Caelum Cousins
Josh Krake
Owen Giovine
Ben Howell
Sam Grantham
Keith Krause
Dillon Ford
Corey Ottey
Andrew Webber
Daniel Webber
Todd Matthews

South Adelaide Panthers
Lachlan Prest
Brian Finniss
Tim Pickert
Sam Gazzo
Cameron Bruce
Jack Jennings
Callum Deacon
Daniel Peacock
Adam Blight
Luke Frost
Sam Harding
Jarrad Hirst
Jeremy Read
Thomas Mckenzie
Matthew Davies
Steve Pilkington

Southern Tigers
Darell Holmes
Tom Pinyon
Matthew Williams
Luke Foran
Scott O'Connor
Sam Hemmings
Michael Florance
Shane Boal
Brandon Brine
Jarryd Fildes
Joel Goodenough
Tristan Braithwaite
Paul Smith
Mark Paget

Sturt Sabres
John Marriott
Blake Sutherland
James Spurritt
Nathan Spehr
Jay Pozniak
Josh Owen-Thomas
Nathan Kareta
Max Calligeros
Tim Klaosen
Thomas Daly
Corey Maynard
Jan Warbout
Chris Donaldson
Andrew Braham )
Mark Bauer
Adam Gavranich
Todd Smyth
Todd Gower
Marcus Hakendorf

West Adelaide Bearcats
Steve Watts
Brad Davidson
Josh Bond
Benjamin Vordermaier
Kurtis Phillips
Daniel Zacharjak
Matthew Dubrich
Rhys Daddow
Ben Evans
Adam Pearce
Blake Truslove
Anthony Spadavecchia
Shane Crothers
Paul Rankin
Rory Craddock
Christopher Molitor

Woodville Warriors
Peter Nelson
Matt Hunt
Rob Cameron
Brady Brink
Luke Stanbridge
Josh Knight
Chris Furness
Christopher Clark
Dominic White
Andrew Kielczynski
Brad Goodchild
Ben Mckay
Gavin Kargans
Adam Miller
Cameron Wilson
Mark Egel

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Years ago

add pero to north.

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Years ago

daniel wilson and gary birmingham to lions

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

So are the Ngs and Holmes playing for the evil empire?

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Years ago


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Years ago

What is aHarry Harvey doing?

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Sturt guy  
Years ago

Tom pinyon from southern tigers is probobally the best under 20 player in the aba ive seen this year

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Years ago

Thanks you for that Mrs Pinyon,

I'm sure his 0.2 points and 0.2 rebounds were missed last night.

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