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36ers confirm they have spoken to Goorjian

The Adelaide 36ers have confirmed they have approached six-time NBL championship-winning coach Brian Goorjian as a possible successor to Scott Ninnis, who was dumped on Monday.
"We have made contact with Brian, to see where he's at," Fitzsimons said. "It would be irresponsible of us not to have checked out Brian's position."

Fitzsimons said the 36ers' SOS ownership consortium would most likely speak with all the "usual suspects", including past NBL coaches such as Ian Stacker, Guy Molloy, Brendan Joyce, Alan Black and possibly Bruce Palmer, whose SEABL "Australian Select" yesterday completed a 2-0 Test sweep of Qatar in Doha 77-61.

"You have to talk to the people who have been around and see what they have to offer," he said.
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Years ago

Do any of these 'usual suspects' have South Australian ties?

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Years ago

The usual suspects are not coaching now because they all have been given time to produce and it never happened besides Goorgian but in sayin that none of these coaches have done anything with a club that isn't spending big money.

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Years ago

Christ. Anyone but Palmer.

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Years ago

I like this:

"We've had inquiries and resumes from NCAA coaches and from coaches of national men's teams," Fitzsimons said.

Hope we can land someone with the experience and drive to take this team by the scruff of the neck, shake out all the underperformers and build a basketball program we can be proud of again.

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Years ago

ABSOLUTELY AND IN THE PROCESS REAFFIRM THE GRASS ROOTS core that undderpins the teram - get back to basicsand that includes promoting the game to the grass roots and being seen to want to engage - one thing to be elite another is to reconnect - basketball hasno connection with those that aupport the higher leve ivory towers and unless SOS / SIXERS realise this going to be tough - yeah people going to games but are they engaging and returning and filling the dome the way it should be filled - full house every game
promote produce engage reconnect me

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Years ago

I'd like to see a hard nosed Eastern Europen who can barely speak English appointed, just to mix things up.

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Juror 12  
Years ago

Would a hard nosed Eastern European who can speak English be OK also?

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Years ago

hard nosed eastern european who cant speak be unacceptable

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Years ago

and a noseless, hard speaking eastern european would be....?

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Years ago

No Goorj- all clubs fold under Goorj.
Suddenly finishing last will start to look appealing against folding under him.

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Years ago

I would hate Boy Goorj here, but if he wins......

Having said that, I would much prefer a college coach ala Dunlap(as much as everyone hated him)......

Didn't Boy Goorj come here from college???

A dictating, play it my way, do it my way coach is what we need personally..Gilly, as good as he was, did not seem to have any respect for Ninnis at all!!!!!! Maher would have been a perfect PG this year!

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Years ago

If the Sixers can afford Goorjian, it would have been good if they had opened the purse for the past season and not restricted Ninnis to having the bargain basement Groves

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Years ago

Don't get me wrong here, I voted for Ninnis all the way. I'm just saying it how I thought I saw it this year..No chance of it happening, but would love to see Scotty here in some capacity still...Cake and eat it sort of thing.....

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Years ago

Talk of the hard nosed eastern europeans - is that aimed at the women or men coaches??!!

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Years ago

" not restricted Ninnis to having the bargain basement Groves"

I dont remember Ninnis saying he wanted Groves gone. Perhaps he was happy to persist with him, in the same way he was happy to not play a centre for 15mins every game.
Dont blame someone when you dont know who made the call.

Ohh and NO to gorj...winning due to being bad sports isnt winning.

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Years ago

Moose, there's this thing called the salary cap. And the other was keeping a previous import and adding two more.

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Years ago

The club will go broke if Goorjian comes here... can we please put that ridiculous idea to bed now? It was funny maybe the first 343524 times Boti alluded to it in his columns over the years, but seriously people. If the club stays afloat with Scott Ninnis and Dave Claxton coaching, then I'm sure the Sixers' rabidly parochical and passionate fans can handle one of the NBL's all-time great coaches taking the helm. In fact, I'm convinced that the Sixers would stay intact if the club appoints a small patch of brown liquid as the new coach. (Which may be creosote, or some extract used in industrial varnishing.)

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Years ago

Unfortunately nothing will change at the sixers - look at what is happening - you have a guy who stood down as an assistant now looking at and part of the new coaching appointment process. player reviews were done by a couple of fellows who are nice blokes but not qualified at that level to review. You have a CEO who is niave in the business sense - yes he's made some money from developments etc and is passionate but not he's not really respected and he makes some silly comments. The culture is built around these guys and the cocoon they are. I mean look at the Fuss situation, it is one thing after another after another and might I add where are they going to play from next year. You can be assured it ain't gonna be the Dome. Bball in this state at the highest level is at an all time low unfortunately and it needs a Pickard type to re-invigorate it.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I'm just kinda thinking out loud -

If ya had Brian Goorjian - Head Coach, with Maher, assistant, being groomed to take over - something like that (Stirling with a role- maybe)

Ken Cole is on his way here, with a bag full of money, wanting to buy the dome and the sixers.

Just thoughts. Gonna be interesting to follow the events.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Well hopeless certainly SOS have had a few things go wrong and some poor decisions but really think the hard decision to replace Scotty was a real positive about hard decision to move forward and with right coach this can happen quickly.
But no to the Goorg.not just because demand too much but we can find someone else that will get us back into finals and play positive team basketball not bend the rules rubbish.
Hope comes back into NBL but not at Sixers so can have another team that extra satisfaction in beating .
Come on guys he is a arrogant jerk and we dont need him

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Years ago

Sixers are heading down the flawed road.
if they continue that way, they will be extinct, sooner rather than later.

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Years ago

hereschenes, somehow I think that SOS are a group of level headed business men. I am pretty sure they will play it safe and know how much they can offer Goorjian without running the club to the ground. If they have spoken to him, then it suggests that they are testing the waters. If Goorjian comes to Adelaide to coach, it will be because the fine line between spending money/making money and spending money/losing money has been found.

Hopeless, I can see where you get your name from Negativity = Hopeless. You've got to have faith sometime, and now seems a good time to start. After all, if SOS hadn't stepped in last year, we would not have had this last season. The club would have already folded without Goorjian. As for the Fuss situation, you will always find one bad apple in the box. That's why they put a waxy coating on them so the others don't get spoiled.

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Years ago

I heard we had to hire Groves as a budget measure due to Goorjan incessantly calling the Dome and reversing the charges - can anyone confirm?

EC - I think you just passionately re-affirmed hereschenes' point :)

C'mmmoooonnnn Stacker - Papa needs a brand new title.

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Years ago

Out of interest, how did Ken make his money?

(And yes, I left that entirely open for all sorts of one liners - behave kids, lest this thread go up in smoke - it's a genuine question).

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Years ago

Loco, you are right.

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Years ago

i dont think goorijan will coach us and i thought i remembered stacker saying he wouldnt coach in adelaide a couple of seasons ago, but could be wrong- it would be nice if his friendship with newley would convince brad to return though i know its unlikely..i hear good things about clarke, maybe hed be worth a go? it wont matter who we get, get two gun imports, sign balls, burston ng and herbert and we will make playoffs. please dont get brendan joyce though hes a tool.

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Years ago

I've said it before, but I agree with Shano; no Joyce.

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