Years ago

Did you all really go to school?

I know this 2010 and it is a real effort for some to string a few COMPLETE words together and form a sentence. But seriously, some of you should be embarrassed for your incorrect use of so many words.

A few examples are:-

To = I went TO every game this season
Too = Sixers lost TOO many games this season
Two = Sixers need TWO decent imports

Their = I understand THEIR problem
There = You go over THERE
They're = THEY ARE bottom of the ladder this year

Your = This is YOUR forum
You’re - Some people think YOU ARE illiterate!

OK, let me have it!

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Years ago

Skitt's Law! Throw "is" before "2010" perhaps?

For me, errors like "definate" and "loose" (instead of "lose") are the killers.

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Years ago

Spelling is one thing but when people type their entire post in one breath with no punctuation what a joke how are we meant to read it grow up.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

later I sat in college .. on a phony scholarship that I never had.
I flunked out of science for refusing to watch a frog die
I failed out communication class for callin' up every day and sayin' I couldn't come.
I did OK in Spanish though I'd done that before
I moved in with two girls from South Dakota in a two-room apartment for two nights.
I fell hard for an actrees girl who kneed me in the guts an' I moved in above a bookstore that also sold bad hamburgers and basketball sweatshirts.
That's pretty well my college life......

(part of Bob Dylan - No Direction Home)

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Years ago

Put your glasses back on TC2. There are full stops, commas and exclamation marks.

The post is only a light hearted dig! Get over yourself, really!

Thanks Isaac, how could I have missed that in a post about grammar!

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Years ago

Spinner, TC2 is joining your stone throwing, not taking a shot at you!

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Years ago

thanks issac spinner your a looser

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Years ago

Isaac, please amend the thread title to 'Didnt none of youse guys goto skool?'

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Years ago

Spanner - I know what you mean - it frustrates me to, I mean two, no no I mean too I think, ahh stuff it , also.

I also think your frustrations stem from you going TO every 36ers game where we lost TOO many games because we didnt have TWO decent imports. Im sure when we do better next year you won't even mind us winning TWO many games coz we have TOO decent imports

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twenty four  
Years ago

'His definately to bias.'

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Years ago

"I would of gone to school but..."

Would HAVE!!!

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Years ago

Get a life and then use it!

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Years ago

WE'RE all a little upset at the failure of this last season because WHERE we should have won games we lost them and all because the team decided to WEAR red instead of blue as they WERE the previous season.

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Years ago

Yeah I think I went to school. Can't remember really. I blame it on the drugs and that rock n roll. But it was a while ago. Since then alchohol and dementia have fixed that problem. Now I spell real good and grammer is as it sounds. Caught up with the modern times.

Um proof read b4 posting usually works. ;-)

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Years ago

I always put spelling mistakes down to quick typing e.g when sending txt messages you type 4 instead of for or 2 for to(o) or ur for you are. Hey Spinner why don't you get Isaac to put a spelling check program onto the site if it bothers you that much?

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Years ago

I don't think anyone has a huge issue with typos - it happens to everyone from time to time. Guessing how a word is spelled is just lazy, especially with all the available resources for you to learn from.

The worst though is when someone corrects someone else, or mentions that they find a post to be illegible or poorly written, and the offender with the inferiority complex jumps up and down with the usual responses of "who cares its teh intrenet" or "you think your so much smrter tahn every1 get a life moran". Why can't they just accept the advice that has been given with a thanks, and move on?

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Years ago

I'm never fazed much by poor spelling and grammar on this or any other forum. Why? I was a journalist for nearly 40 years who was not an expert but who cared about correct spelling, grammar and geography (and was continually amazed by people who didn't know the difference between north-west and north-east). About 25 years ago, I was asked to guest-lecture some first-year students at the former SACAE (now UniSA) School of Journalism. I marked their exercise papers, and gave the best one about 7 out of 10. The rest got well below 5, mostly for poor spelling and grammar. They could hardly string three words together. On receiving my assessments, the staff lecturers told me I had taken the exercise "too seriously." So nothing I see here bothers me...it's usually a bit better than I experienced on that occasion.

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

I went to school.
I understand how to read and write proper english, but the internet does not require formal spelling and grammar. Why does it bother you guys so much? How does it affect you?

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Years ago

I want to know when it was decided that the internet doesn't require proper spelling and grammar. Who decided that? Why should the internet be different to any other form of communication? When will the "no grammar/spelling" rule come in to play in to other forms of communication, like writing job applications or reports for your employer? Why should someone who wants to write things correctly all of a sudden be in the wrong when they do things the proper way?

At the end of the day, it doesn't affect me. It's just annoying that it's considered acceptable and some people defend being incorrect by saying "but it's the internet!"

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I'm a Teacher so shit spelling is no surprise, but the worst thing I have to deal with is poor Grammer...

I hada put her in a Nursing Home!

Bada Bing!

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Years ago


tis the internet, spelling and grammar is irrelevant, all the punctuation etc just blocks the "tubes" :)

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Years ago

I don't know how people can spell differently depending on whether its on the internet or anywhere else. That seems like more effort and confusion in deciding which is which. I would have thought that everyone understands and uses the same spelling and grammar regardless of where it is. Abbreviating words like 4 (for) and ur (you are) are abbreviations and don't count as spelling errors when the intention is to abbreviate. However, a lot of errors arise out typing errors and don't necessarily mean that the person can't spell.

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Years ago

I have worked with people who have sent work-related emails to clients with that sort of "ur" and "2moro" nonsense.

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No way send that stuff to clients - seriously unprofessional.

I dont give a schmick how internal emails are worded to me - but customers deserve better!

Glad i dont work where you do, TC2!

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

You wouldnt say "hey champ chuck us the stapler would ya?" to your boss, but you may use that outside of work. Same goes for typing. If formal language is required (eg work, uni, school, job applications etc) it should be used, but if the medium is informal then informal language is perfectly acceptable. This doesnt mean u hav 2 tlk like this but who are you to say that others cannot.

After all, you wouldnt say to your best mate "excuse me sir, where would you like me to place this cold frothy beverage that i have extracted from the fridge for your consumption"

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Years ago

Dr Bullshit you are missing the point.....you don't have to talk (or write) like a full on tosser, but as I was trying to point out in the first post of this thread...just use the correct word in context. Is that too hard, or to hard, or two hard?!

BTW... Sorry to TC2 for misreading your post :-)

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Years ago

I did year 12 and got a B in Exams.

If you know(this is another killer word)the spelling is the right way, then why do it the wrong way?Doesn't make sense.Apart from typing mistakes from failing to check back on what you type or write.
The whole internet thing just doesn't screen or qualify anyone.If you have given up learning well I feel sad for you.
Not been able to get a job?Perhaps your resume is thrown in the bin for bad spelling or grammer.They are ruthless to those ones!

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