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Next St Marys game on ESPN?

Sorry i got the name wrong.
Does anyone know when St Marys plat their next NCAA side in the sweet 16 & what time ESPN are showing it & how many aussies are in the squad?

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I believe that it will be next Saturday morning playing Baylor (Adelaide time) about 5.30am (check the ESPN listing). If they win then they would play the winner of Duke/Purdue on Monday morning (Adelaide time).
Their are 5 Aussies in the St Mary's squad.
If Marty Clark is the new 36ers coach he could do worse than recruit Ben Allen (graduating Senior) 6'11" who came from the AIS.

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Years ago

Cheers ANON.

Does anyone give them a chance?

Who will win it all?

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Years ago

Check the "Saint Mary's Aussie Watch Thread" for all the details and answers to your questions Orbit.

Link: http://linky.com.au/8qd1y

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Years ago

Out of interest LC, do you have all these "watch" threads bookmarked?

Anyhow orbit, St Mary's are a good chance to take down Baylor but will have a hard time against Duke. It's hard to see anyone beating Kentucky. Keep an eye on next years #1 draft pick, John Wall from Kentucky.

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Years ago

Nope - not bookmarked.
If they fall off the main page I look them up via the Google search located on the bottom of the menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.

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your mate  
Years ago

Game is at 10am Saturday morning on ESPN

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Years ago

Looks like all the games are live on one HD saturday & sunday morning including st mary's

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Years ago

Correct on one and fox, sat morning 10am east coast, 930 central

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Years ago

LC who really cares lol your like a masive serial pest.. who can honestly be bothered going to the effort to do that haha

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Years ago

Sadly, I agree with Anon here. I really hate the concept of having to think if a thread exists from 3 weeks ago and look it up. Maybe LC could lobby for "stickys".

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Years ago

Life's tough...

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Years ago

Hmmm...now I'm a serial pest? LOL!

If you click on the "Latest Action" tab at the top then 80% of the time the threads such as the Saint Mary's Aussie Watch are on the main page as they get updated so frequently.

I really wouldn't want you to go to so much trouble though would I?

A number of people have suggested "sticky's" to Isaac or possibly even a "Sticky" menu or something like that...nothing has yet eventuated.

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Juror 12  
Years ago

Kentucky could have 4 lottery picks this year - Wall, Cousins, Patterson and maybe Bledsoe if he declares (and given the draft is very light on PGs). Does anyone know if that has happened before? I think North Carolina had a few when Felton and Marvin Williams year?

I remember Florida had 3 top 10 guys a few years back (Horford, Brewer, Noah). UConn had Okafor and Gordon go at 2 and 3.

Also - imagine if Mills were still playing this year? Given the lack of PGs in the draft and the spotlight of playing in the tourney would he be a first rounder?

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Years ago

GO GAELS! Anyone know of a good place to watch Saturday's game in Sydney!?

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Years ago

and ditto about Patty Mills...all I can say is everyone knew it was too early for him to go into the draft. He has to be kicking himself.

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Years ago

Hey guys, I'm going by the difference in time between Houston (US Central time) and Adelaide, which is 15.5 hours...

....and taking 7:27pm Houston time as tip off (from the NCAA bracket on CBS Sportsline) then it should start in Adelaide a couple of minutes before 11am Saturday.

I agree about Patty Mills too - its a shame things worked out they way they did for him this year. He can still make it in the NBA, but playing with Samhan this year would've been awesome and you'd have to think would have put him firmly in the sights of a lot of NBA teams for their first rounder.

Still, it means a guy like Dellavedova has been able to make an impact as a freshman, which probably wouldn't have happened if Patty was still there.

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