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NH: Kevin Rudd out as PM, Gillard in


Though I don't like Gillard nor do I want a religious guy in Abbot.

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Gillard will kill Abbott, hence the move. Swan's been promoted to deputy PM too.

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Hasn't happened yet guys... but I think it's a good move. god forbid if the budgiesmuggler becomes PM. Julia will shite all over Abbott in the Fed Election.

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Years ago

good riddance to rudd,the guy is a #*x#in idiot.

hope she gets rid of garret as well,he is a bigger idiot.....if that is possible!!

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Years ago

Yep - no result yet...any minute now.

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Years ago

Gillard is our new PM - the first female and first single PM we have ever had!

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Years ago

Not single, in a de facto relationship.

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Years ago

Not married then...every other PM has been married.

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Years ago

Gillard's election slogan will run something like ".. because I'm not Tony Abbot"

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Years ago

On a bitterly cold morning in Canberra, Kevvy is being chauffeured to Parliament House.

It is so cold that Lake Burley Griffin has frozen over.

As he jumps out of the Caprice, Kevvy looks over the Lake and notices that someone has
"peed" on the ice and left a message............"KEVVY SUCKS"

Kevvy is enraged and orders ASIO to investigate with "no expenses spared" and to
report within two weeks.

Two weeks later, the head of ASIO reports to the PM and says...."our investigation is
over & I have three pieces of news for you....good news, bad news & terribly bad
shocking news".

Well says Kevvy, give me the good news.

The head of ASIO says..."We spent $5 million dollars on the investigation and have come
to a successful result".

Well says Kevvy what's the bad news?

The head of ASIO says "The DNA testing shows the urine is Wayne Swan's".

Kevvy is shocked beyond belief.

Looking pale, Kevvy says, "and what is the terribly bad shocking news?"

The ASIO chief replies...."It's Julia Gillard's hand writing".

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Unfortunately for Kevin, a good lesson in ALP politics, factions and the quota game. Over the last few weeks he has had a huge swing in public opinion and this had been his downfall. The tail can't wag the dog.

While some argue he has implemented some good policies, some are of the opinion that he has done in less than one term what it take most ALP governments to do in two.

Julia will definitely provide appeal to women voters, who from what I understand makeup around 80% of swinging voters. The ALP need to maintain support in this area, particularly in Western Sydney and South East Queensland if they wish to hold government. Women are marketed to under the guise of fear. I anticipate the message we will hear moving towards the election will revolve around how the Libs are a risk to family lifestyle, want to bring back work choices, reduce childcare, increase health costs etc. The message won't necessarily be "they are evil beings who bite children", rather "what damage will they do?" As an aside, marketing is about subtle messages and whenever women are marketed to, a brunette woman is used, whenever men are marketed to, a blonde woman. Just watch the TV ads, you'll see what I mean. Don't laugh too loud if you see election adverts with two brunette women with small kids having a coffee in a family room.

Short term, the big issue at the moment is the proposed mining tax. The government needs money, mining companies need infrastructure. We should all expect the new PM to be the "master negotiator" and broker some changes to the tax over the next month.

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Years ago

Got to love those swingers!

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Years ago

Good Ruddance is all I say. Maybe now we can start repaying the debt he has created for our kids and grand kids. Piss Swann off as well.

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Years ago

Interesting that in some intial polls Labour has now slipped further behind. I would have thought there would at least be an initial surge. Too early to tell anything definitive though, but it will be interesting given Gillard and Abbott are two quite similar personalities.

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Years ago

I just dont get it.
Rudd does not make the decisions by himself the party does, its just a poor excuse to blame someone for the party issues, and to back flip on their policy with someone to blame
LABOUR-DEBT, doesnt matter who is on the TV

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Years ago

We thought BSA was a problem but if Wayne Swan is the next best person in the ALP to run the country then heaven help us.

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Years ago

I'll reserve my judgement until I see Gillard in a pair of Speedos.

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Years ago

Had to happen. Not sold on Gillard's record so far, but at least she provides a circuit breaker and can communicate with the media!

Not happy with Labor right now, but I can't think of anything worse than Tony Abbott. He will do or say anything to get what he wants. Then, like a mafia hitman, he apologises for his sins and expects everything to be forgiven.

Just makes you realise what a golden era we have just left behind. Hawke, Keating and Howard were all a cut above what we are stuck with now.

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Years ago

Labor are miles ahead with the bookies for anyone that thinks this wasn't a smart move. All but guarantees the Government being re-elected.

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Years ago

OMG get rid of labour, we have gone backward big time since they came into power, you couldn't possibly put keating and hawke in the same league as Johnny, don't you remember keatinf calling us all scumbags and Australia the arse end of the world, I do.

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Years ago

How is it #280419 that Australia IS THE ONLY nation to survive the GFC?Puts paid to rest the Liberal backers argument over the best Budget treasurer.

On a lighter note my Grandfather was from Unley and had a middle name of Gillard(Family named after) and his wife's name(my Grandmother)is Aileen.

What perplexes me is people want hard decisions/changes to be made but the swinging voter has caused this purge of power.Take the seat of Adelaide and look at the demographics ,its inner Adelaide YUPPIES.It has loss lots of low income Trust homes and became a land grab for exec/business owner types.The chartered accountants praised the Mining Tax the other day?

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

If you vote for her, you vote for him and you vote for the same party that has put this country back into debt beyond recognition and without making light of what is a very situation, been at least partly responsible for the lives of a small number of young men due to their botched home insulation program, and ruined more industries and businesses than you and I have had kitchen dinners. For those that don't believe me, try working in an industry that deals with some of these things. She might be knew as the boss, but her finger prints are all over these decisions. Worst government this country has had since I joined the human race. Sorry kids, not for me.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

I should've said "very sad situation"

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Concerned about the Education System, but I think she'll get them past the post.

The alternative..? No thanks.

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Years ago

"How is it #280419 that Australia IS THE ONLY nation to survive the GFC?Puts paid to rest the Liberal backers argument over the best Budget treasurer."

Shotclock, that is very narrow minded of you. Can you please tell me which other country had a Surplus of nearly $90 Billion (Thanks to Liberal) to help save it from the GFC?

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Years ago

King James,

Labor not only avoided a recession thanks to the stimulus measures (which were backed by the IMF, Treasury and every economist worth their salt) but did so despite the opposition from the Liberal Party. They would rather we went into recession, hundreds of thousands of people would've lost their jobs and to not have the best performing economy in the world? The Liberal Party have no economic credibility.

Surplus of $90b? Try around $25b which was a fraction of the amount needed. The surplus left by the previous government was due to the mining boom and to a lesser degree the Hawke/Keating reforms. Why do the vast majority of economists say Keating was a better Treasurer than Costello?

Here's a fact which Party gave Australia it's first ever surplus and also it's biggest ever surplus? That's right the Labor Party.


More people died from dodgy insulation installs per year before that stimulus scheme. Educate yourself. And you will also note that shonky QLD insulation company from that Four Corners doco have now been charged.

Your bile should be directed at the greedy cowboys who dived head first into the industry to try and make a quick buck and hired cheap workers (some were kids, some had mental problems) who clearly were inexperienced and not given adequate training by them. All the federal governments fault!

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Anonymous, at least put your name to your post.

As for what's said, I'm all for healthy debate. It's what makes this country great. That said, this is a basketball forum so we best let the political arguments slide for now.

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Years ago

Moses, what, now that you copped a bit of a beating? ;)

Will admit that I haven't followed the insulation issues closely at all, but at some point you have to take responsibility for your actions and this is at all levels, including the companies diving into the industry for a quick buck. (Please note that I said "including" - not denying some blame at other levels too.)

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

When it comes to the difference between labor and liberal, I have always liked what someone told me years ago;

"At least with Liberal, they don't pretend to care"

Another pearl of wisdom from same guy:

"Voting Labor is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders"

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Damn filter, wasn't even talking about you know who!

An old fellow explained the difference between liberal and labor to me years ago: "At least the Liberals don't pretend to care"

He also added: "Voting Labor is like a chicken voting for KFC"

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Years ago

We lost one of the best PM. It's not only me to say, watch all the media in all over the world.
MINING TAX misleading.
Search yourselves and you will know about Mining Tax Rate :
Russia: current 69%
U.S.A.: 60%
Canada&Australia current: 52%
South Africa: 37%
Even with Rudd's Super Profit Tax increase (40% proposal), the Rate in Australia will be 58%, still below U.S.A.
Rio Tinto has massive shares from China same as BHP has foreign investment. They come here with diggers and pay less tax then bring great profit to their homeland. That's explain why the Western countries trying to keep Sth.Africa Tax Rate less.
Let me tell you a little bit about history. If you don't know when the redundancy first launch in Australia. Please go away don't talk to you.
I got Colombo scholarship and came to this country (viva Australia). When my country was invade by Communist form the Northern part of Vietnam, our Republic (non-Commie) ask Gough Whitlam for my and other students with same circumsatnce (lost our country to the hand of Communist, our country no longer exist!), we asked for refugee status visa (like Tiannen incident Chinese students latter). Gough Whitlam said "NO." I hate this PM (Whitlam) for this action. BUT one thing I admire him because he contribute to workers class in this country is redundancy. The OZworkers for Leyland motors (Brit. origin) that time worked hard but most of the tax bring back to England! G.Whitlam asked Leyland to pay more tax before bring their profit back home. They refused and said if Whitlam force them, they will get rid all workers and move factory to a third country somewhere. Whitlam said:"Pay redundancy for them if you don't use them anymore." Then Leyland stay and agree to pay tax!!!. Since then we have redundancy policy.
Now same thing happen. Kevin Rudd ask for mining companies to pay more tax before bring benefits to their homeland. They try to get rid of him like Whitlam. Even (I only guess this point). They may pay Labor Party to make this happen, and this action (get rid a PM during his term) is non-Aussie behaviour (but Is Kevin Rudd did it before with his fellow-previous leader?)
Anyhow Kevin Rudd will be remember for his brave action to say sorry the Aborg. (Howard scared of penalty which Aborg. may ask for). Kevin know how to say sorry even with ceilinng insulation. Whay a behaviour of a nice Leader. Howard did not say a word sorry about Tampa children overboard incident. Shame!
I watched Gerry (Harvey Norman boss) sitting on chair together with Dick Smith and said:"Bloody Super Profit Tax damage my business, whole week I can not sell a fridge!" Hang on, Mr Norman, if not Kevin Rudd gives $900 for people to buy from his shops during economic crisis, he may not sitting there to bla bla, maybe closed all his shops. That's why CNN of U.S.A. praises Kevin Rudd, who leads his country overcome economic recession.
I admire you and your wife, Mr. Kevin Rudd, I admire even your wife sacrifice for this country eventhough they did not know your efforts.I appreciate yuor contribution to this country. You should know that at least someone know your contributions.
Thanh LE

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Years ago

Anyone that thinks that the Labor party single-handedly kept us out of recession is naïve and even more naïve if they think that the Libs would have preferred to do nothing. Almost every country in the world had some sort of stimulus, and no doubt the Libs would have done something similar, but not in the irresponsible, vote-buying way that Rudd did with his cash handouts. An absolute waste of money.

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Years ago

love all these comments about some red headed groupie who was elevated to pm . now lets look at the facts under the labor party this country has now gone into its deepest debt in history has become the greatest haven for boat people in history have created the greatest fire death trap homes in history have blownthe greatest amount of money in history pretending to fix schools have caused mining groups to take out ads for all the world to see showing how much of a fxxk up this labor party is . then we come to your new pm l say your new pm because until she is elected to the position of pm she will be no more the a sorry replacement for a poor figure head to all those women who are beating there breasts about the first woman p m .l hope that no woman ever again commits the same snake in the grass act and then BRAGS about it .your new pm what a poor excuse for a woman .women all over AUSTRALIA DONT LET YOUR LITTLE GIRLS BECOME THIS

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Years ago

ISAAC you said you dont know much about the insulation drama how about this the labor party let all these no hopers put insulation in people s home which in turn caused the deaths of 5or6 people this act should have been treated as man slaughter because when the goverment was informed about the problems it choose to ignore it because it was a vote getter for the labor party now l have an elderly mother whose house was done .we have redone the whole house again ourselfs .any way back to the start read up on the insulation problem .THEN MAKE A COMMENT

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Years ago

Thats a massive call Moses Guthrie seeing who you work for!!!!!

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Years ago

Fully agree with Thanh, we lost one of the best PMs ever.
- Mining tax is misleading (see Thanh's argument).

- Less than 5% of the asylum seakers arrive illegaly per boat. People have to be desperate to go there.

- The opposition (and greens) made sure the carbon trading didn't go through, not Rudds fault.

- The timing of negativity about Rudd in the media and the mining tax may not be a coincidence. Most media magnates have interests in the mining industry.
Makes you wonder who rules the country.

Partly Rudd's own fault, should have communicated better with the caucus room. But he had vision, and that cannot be said of the opposition.

Agree about Garrett though; he needs to go.

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Years ago

Labor have spent all our money......just history repeating really. This time they have really wasted tax payer funds with the home insulation and school building projects. We are now realising these wasted funds have to be repaid with interest and now have another dud policy - the super profits tax. Time now for the Liberal government to come back in and return us to surplus.

I disagree with the above in regards to the mining tax. A better option would be to increase the GST to say 15% and have a user pay system.

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Years ago

How about a sense of responsibility for all involved, including those in the trenches? The oversight would've been to assume that qualified people and established companies would've been doing the installing - fair enough, industry regulation helps and should've been in place, but the industry was not regulated before the scheme either; it just didn't have the catalyst of incentives to cause all the trouble.

At the core of this is greed: people out to make money courtesy of the scheme using untrained installers and product they'd brought in from overseas. When I talk about responsibility, I'm talking about the government not bringing in substandard product or insisting on untrained installers - my industry isn't regulated either: there is nothing saying I need any standard of training or must use specific software or hosting, etc.

Insulation is a good idea. Furthering its adoption or upgrades is a good idea too. And so is putting in safeguards to protect people from themselves (because they're too lazy to research and choose a reputable installer who wasn't set up the weekend before, or get training) but I'd point the finger first and foremost at those jumping at the chance to make money at any expense and not instantly at the ones who underestimated the greed of mankind.

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Years ago

Jake, the mining tax is on specific profits only, not on everything. It's also for an industry based around capitalising on a used-and-it's-gone resource owned by the people of the country. IMO the opposition to it is, again, based on greed - (often foreign-owned) companies wanted to maximise profits, and those with shares that are threatened.

(And I say this as someone with shares in various mining companies that have been impacted by all this.)

Have you read this? - it's not a site I have read before or since, but a friend passed it on and I thought it was worth a skim at least.

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Years ago

By the way Kevin is quite honest. Most of his promises, he applied: give kids nettops,maternity, National broadband,The only thing he fails to aplly is ETS, but he signed Kyoto. Why he should hurry to apply ETS while other industrial countries still not apply, we go ahead for crazy?
One of independent said about Super Profit Tax:"He does not know how to sell his cake!" This Tax benefit majority Australians but they hate him because of misleading media (received money from Libs ?) The miority Aussie may agiasnt this tax because they are rich, they have shares in Mine Indust.

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Years ago

Why he should hurry to apply ETS while other industrial countries still not apply, we go ahead for crazy?
If every country applied that thinking, it would never happen.

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Years ago

It's worth pointing out too that the reason the mainstream media (see News Ltd) have been so hysterical about the Resources Super Profits Tax is because they desperately need the revenue from advertising. If a small percentage of the big foreign owned mining companies profits are hit it means less money for advertising thus less money for the mainstream media.

Newspapers for example get around 80% of their money from advertising (which is why they often give their papers away for free to spike supposed readership numbers). The Australian newspaper loses money hand over fist.

The Libs being the Libs attach themselves to what ever Big Business wants as that is who they always govern for (WorkChoices for example) and it too must be noted they don't have much money (unlike Labor) which is another reason they're keen to try and portray this tax which most reputable economists support (the signed statement of support by 22 of Australia's leading economists, which can be viewed on Professor Quiggin's website) as the end of the world because they desperately need the big mining companies donations.

The Liberal Party's dire financial position is why they accept donations from the tobacco industry (which leads to shills like Nick Minchin trying to say there is no link between smoking and cancer). Something the Labor Party refuses to do.

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Years ago

Krudd was the best leader of the labor party we have seen!
It's not hard to imagine him beating Abbott even with
the super tax all over the media! Gillard is a good 2nd in charge
but that is it. Ask any economist, best way out of a recession, or to avoid
one is to print money(increase public spending). Low and
behold we didn't go into recession! They thought it through
with No one else in mind but the Australian people!
I'm in the building trade and can see first hand how much the labor
party has moved Australia forward, consumer confidence!
Anyway, too late now, put up with gillard but she will lose it for labor
if Abbott wasn't in!!!

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Years ago

polls show the snake in front but the polls dont show that about 80% of voters are women l bet .how is the pm going to have enough room in her bed for her man when she will have the whole union movement in it to this will ad a new meaning to move over thing for sure the labor party will have the best hair cuts in the house

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Who would have thought that a political thread would create so much debate?

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The Judge  
Years ago

Wow give a redneck a computer and a white hood and watch him go.

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Years ago

you mean give a redhead a knife and a heap of union thugs and see how much more she stuff up this great the way more labor supporters are on route to australia thanks to labor

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Years ago


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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I have just picked myself up off the floor.

I have just heard that Julia has brokered a master deal between the mining companies and the government over the proposed tax. I wondered where all those "keep mining strong" ads had gone last week.

Wow, who would have seen that one coming?

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Years ago

(Mod: Get lost, racist. Banned.)

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Lloyd R  
Years ago

When I think of Pixie it conjures a particular image.
A subservient jester wearing only a pink ribbon and a g-string while mopping the floors of the whitehouse.
You want my stock exchange. Yes master.
You want my media outlets. Yes master.
You want my telecommunications network. Yes master. Let's call it NBN.
You want my military. Yes master.
Yes master.
Yes master.
Yes master.
May I have my bananas now?
Get rid of this abomination and shoot his horse to ensure he doesn’t ride back into town.

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