Years ago

Operation "Rub them in the Dirt"

We all hate them because we are jealous of their success. They are the best club in the state and are winning most games they play. We all know coaches have lost hair over them, so let's all brainstorm together.

How can clubs become more competitive against Sturt? What tricks do other coaches use to beat Sturt?

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Years ago

sturt are the most successful in div 1 boys. forestville and norwood tend to be right up there across the board.

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Years ago

Playing them tonight?

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Ex JDO  
Years ago

Sounds like it!

I have found that they are heavy foulers in the key. Get penetration in the key and they will foul every time. Brings you to the line and you'll get a few players out of the game.

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Years ago

All in brawl

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Years ago

Are we forgetting about Forestville and Norwood anonymous? Even in the junior levels i've seen those clubs be more successful than Sturt at various times.

Sturt probably are the most successful overall, maybe that comes with the prestige as players try out for Sturt first?

Development wise, we've seen Southern Tigers (Schensch), Forestville (Newley), South (Maher), Mavericks (Hill, Holmes?), Woodville (Ng) all develop and produce quality players, so i don't believe Sturt or any one club is the best at development either. I'm sure the list goes on as well.

PS. Maher played for South prior to the AIS, not Sturt.

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Pug 56  
Years ago

882, Maher played Under 12's for South and moved to Sturt to start Under 14's. He played at Sturt until he went to the AIS, and also when he came back, so you are just making things up.

And Hill and Holmes played all their junior basketball at Sturt, so wrong again. You forgot Oscar Forman as well by the way.

Unlike you the numbers don't lie, Sturt puts more players into professional ranks than anyone else. That is undisputed.

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Years ago

haha anonymous you just got owned! Hope your team does better against Sturt than you just did!

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Years ago

Other clubs need to get the board, coaches and parents working together. Also bottom age top age teams works well.It's not about beating Sturt, improve your own club. How many board members are there to improve their club. How many are there to push their own agenda (kids).

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Years ago

I started late in juniors, under 16's div 4 ( same team as Schenshers ) for the tigers in the 90's and the word was "all the good players played for Sturt". If you thought you were any good, get to Sturt and get some real coaching. 2 of my mates at the time left Noarlunga to go play for div 2 sturt and loved it. A good friend of mine played div 1 for Sturt all through juniors and stories he's told about the "unbeatables" are brought up every time we party.
What I experienced in district was our u 16 div 4 team easily beat Sturt, however my u 18's and 20's div 2 team had troubles with the Sabres. South were also strong and Norwood.
All clubs have great players in the top end but Sturt has a stigma about them. It's just my opinion and people won't agree but when my 2 yr old son is old enough ( and if he wants to play ) I'll take him to Sturt cause I believe he will get the best development there.

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Years ago

So a call for a Delian style league against Sturt is being proposed her,with Sturt being the new Persian empire.Be careful in what you wish for.

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Years ago

I'm a strong believer of 'if you can't beat 'em, join em!'

With that saying in mind, I think other clubs should not rubbish the club but follow in their footsteps. Two simple measures that i can think of of turning other clubs into the so called powerhouse that Sturt is, are:

a) have a club member burn your stadium down - this will provide the funding to build a multi-court stadium fully decked out with bar and grandstand facilities


b) run a 4wd club


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Years ago

what is a 4wd club?

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Years ago

How to beat sturt... What tricks do coaches use against sturt ?

1. Saw this one recently in a game against Norwood....Push the Sturt player in the back. Most refs are not able to pick that one up.

2. In a game against Forrestville.... Hit the Sturt player or grab his thumb of his dominant hand. Yes the refs didn't pick that one up either.

3. Travel, carry and double dribble as much as you like on the court. Yes refs don't seem to be able to spot that either.

Actually, when Sturt get beaten it is because they have to play the refs as well and the opposition coaches know that.

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Years ago

Oh please Rabbit are you for real!

every team visiting Pasadena get treated worse and nothing gets called on Sturt.
You guys play a very physical style (nothing wrong with that) but a renown for taking it to far. At Pasadena they get free reign.

Every one reading this not associated with Sturt will have their examples of dirty play employed the Sabres.

Don't you dare start crying foul about stuff not being called.

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Years ago

Forgot to mention that black eyes from coathangers seem to be effective against sturt...

My daughter always seems to come up with scatches down her arms when we play Forrestville.

I am sure other parents know and are happy for their children to engage in "thuggery" and "tricks" against Sturt but it is not basketball.

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Hanging Round  
Years ago

Poor Rabbit30, you sound just like Eddie Maguire when Collingwood has to travel to a game- it's not fair because we aren't "protected" and this is when we are vulnerable.
OR are you just a great stirrer seeking responses?

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Years ago

This is an interesting thread- What "tricks" can we use to beat Sturt....

From observation most opposition coaches use dirty tricks and rely on the refs not being bright enough to pick them up.

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Years ago

Rabbit30, yes we heard you the first time, and the second time, and the third time. You're not making sense. If anything Sturt are the masters of the dirty tactic. There would be a lot of people pretty happy to see their 18 Boys not in the grand final, given some of their unsportsmanlike play. Likewise the 16 girls. Their coach apparently encourages some pretty dirty acts on the court.

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Wabbit Wules  
Years ago

Sturt rely on fast breaks to score points, but if your team gets a fast break, I have found Sturt foul a lot from behind to slow the game down. It's a good strategic tactic and a lot of refs seem oblivious to the foul. If Sturt teams start fouling us, I call the play "mirror". (you can work out why, and what we do until they stop)

The hardest play to overcome is the back court traps, but we have a stretch play which works very well when a team over commits itself in the back court. Turns a 3 on 2 into a 1 on 3. When they don't get the 10-0 run, their defence changes.

Any team is able to be beaten, a good coach just works out the opposition's strengths and weaknesses are and adjusts their game plan accordingly.

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Years ago

coaches dont get blinded by the fog of results and move to sturt

i know for a fact they are offering southern coaches positions at sturt at the moment!!

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Years ago

Is it Southern coaches? Or just the 1 good coach Southern have?

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Years ago

I still think burning your stadium down is the best ploy for club improvement!

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Years ago


you tool, i can not believe you have written that crap about sturt being the victim of thuggery, obviously you do not watch both sides playing the game , only the double blue team, grow up idiot

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Years ago

It seems Rabbit, that Sturt should change their names to the saints.
They love to give it but not so good with the receiving.

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Years ago

Aren't we all south Australians? we should be pleased for any club developing great players for our state.
ps can someone please burn down the Hillcrest stadium, much appreciated.

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