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36ers should Change Coaches if they lose next two

Sixers have next two games away in 2011,if we lose
the next two road games,i suggest change coaching staff for 2012,Mark Radford as Head Coach and Marty Clarke as Assistant Coach,just note while clarke was away for Australian team duties,Radford took over as coach and i was impressed with giving players court time in preseason.If i was one of the owners i be saying this for 2012.

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Years ago

Can't see it happening TBH.

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Years ago

Can we please set a limit on "fire marty clarke" threads at no more than five a day.



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Years ago

I agree mick lol
Seriously how can u see them flipping positions, marty would rather walk away.
Stop complaining, atleast u don't have moose lol.

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Years ago

I disagree the more its pressed the sooner the idiot is gone. And he needs to disappear. Radford doesnt seem much chop either, id go in a differen coaching culture direction all together. Would love Gordie type coach here...

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Years ago

Great idea
Did you see the rabble that Gordie put on the floor in adelaide last week

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Years ago

Geordie is a great coach who has overacheived for years now, just has a dirt cheap roster.

I agree, we need to press this fire Marty point before our crowds hit 1,000 people strong.

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Years ago

observer, already so many Marty-related threads. Can you please stick to them for a while?

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Years ago

man you guys need to just fire him already and end all these "hate threads"

what's the situation here? management just don't wanna be proven wrong or Marty's cast some love spell on the admin?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

In my own way I'm quietly confident that we can win them . With the win here on Friday , the weekend off, they looked pretty good out there. Simpson is in great shape , now for 27-28mins or so . You should've seen him getting jumpers in from a step inside the threepoint line. While he even swished freethrows , perfect. Creek's gonna shoot a whole lot better.
Weigh wouldn't make the team. If there's obligation to play him so many minutes , I don't think we'll win.

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Years ago

I do get the impression that Management are a little hesitant to pull the trigger in these situations. But I guess you need to weigh things up overall and look at where they are in the current situation, is the season over? Is there a replacement out there currently? Is there someone we could sign now to a multi year deal? I guess I look at it in the same light as Adelaide United who pulled the trigger over the weekend and brought back a well known former coach. Yes United sucked big time, is the season over though? I believe Kossie is a better coach than Rini so yes it was a smart move. But would people be happy if they sacked Marty and brought back Phil? I doubt it.

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Years ago

I can't remember the exact wording, but I believe GM Leanne Grantham alluded to the fact that the coaching staff needed to be responsible along with the players. Was Leanne just speaking as the GM or was there support from the owners? IMO the statement, at the time, indicated that the coaching position/s were vulnerable. So, if the teams performance since then has not been that good what happens with the coaching staff? Will the GM and the owners bite the bullet if they agree that the coach is not up to standard? I know that this subject has been written over and over but surely a statement from the GM/Owners either in support of the coach or otherwise should be forthcoming to satisfy the fans. The coaches perceived arrogance and lack of interest in the fans is not appreciated and needs to be addressed.

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Years ago

Clarke in a lot of ways is very like Neil Craig. Both have come from a coaching/support role which they were very good at. Both are stubborn to change, both have a very poor media relations ability and both have a game plan which they believe is right, regardless of whether or not it works with the players they have.

What it needs in Clarke's case is management/owners to sit down with him and get him media smart. Fans may be a bit more tolerant if he doesn't treat them like idiots every time his is on TV or print media.

There are some good players there and the imports this year are doing well. With a tweek or two to the playing roster, there is the basis of a good team, providing they stay.

Is Clarke the best long term solution - debatable but financially I would assume 500-1000 fewer spectators over the next x rounds would be a cheaper option than firing him now and paying out 18 months of a contract.

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Years ago

Great post anon. Media training should be given to any new hire at any sporting club at this level, and especially to someone in a head coaching role. For Clarke, it should be compulsory.

Tough time of year to judge crowds too. My group is 10+ people and for the Breakers game, I think only two were able to go - so many events on through November and December.

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Years ago

1) Coaching = stand for something or fall for anything.

2) What if you win the next two, go on a streak and win the championship? Re-appointment? Or sack Clarke? That's stupid and won't happen, you say? Why the hell not? Have some positivity.

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Years ago

Only a fool with no basketball knowledge would suggest we are on the verge of a 18 game winning streak.

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Tru Blue Emcee  
Years ago

What you've also gotta think about is if we fire Clarke what else do we lose?
I have spoken to a lot of our players and they love Clarke, i don't wanna mention any names but if we lose Clarke we could lose a few of our Future/current stars, some of their contract negotiations (maybe not so much 1 year deals but multi year deals) could be based on whether he's there or not...

Besides i truly believe this team is on the improve in a big way, we just gotta stay positive...oh hang on, this is hoops i forgot :-(

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Camel 31  
Years ago

The main thing is to get Weigh on the court , even though he hasn't trained for a coupla weeks.
He's telling us , today.
Everyone looks pretty good , other than Weigh , limping around.
Don't ya get me wrong , he can play as long as he likes if he's playen good.
I think we'll struggle with Weigh limping around at these two games.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

I agree true blue emcee about remaining positive and have seen a few small signs maybe better times ahead but dont think can rubbish Sixer fans for being a little negative as over last few years so much promised and then had your heart yanked out .
I also agree that obviously Clarke has ability as a coach but something is hampering getting results on court.
Maybe over coaching is problem but my other concern is the lack of respect shown to those like us that continue to support the club from Clarke.

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Years ago

How has Clarke shown any disrespect to fans?

I would rather have a coach tells it as it is than one that tries to BS people and spin stories in the media.

I will judge Marty by the people that want to play for him.

I have heard enough big names say they want to play for him to warrant giving the man enough time to create a successful club, not just a successful team

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