Deryn Hunch
Years ago

Shame BSA Shame

Seems that the state of appathy has hit an all time low at BSA.

By all accounts the commission has not been able to conduct its last two meetings because half or more of the members have not been in attendence.

Without these meeting no decisions are able to be implemented as they will not have been given the go ahead.

But more importantly, what does it say about those people who have accepted these roles only to fail to fulfill them?

Thoughts people???

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Years ago

lol deryn

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Nike Will I See  
Years ago

Shows the disregard that people have for the game.

Why bother taking the role and not doing it.

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here we go again  
Years ago

shame,shame,shame BSA. yet another example of how this organisation is holding our sport to ransom.
is it time for a vote of no confidence?

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Derryn Hinch  
Years ago

Obviously too scared to all turn up and talk about Carla and any other tough decission they have to make!


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Years ago

Is this for real?

Very dissapointing if it is.

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BSA Commission has nothing to decide on Carla. It's the Competition Committee that needs to make the direction/decision.

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The Commissioners are volunteers. Maybe you should establish the reason for meeting postponements. Maybe their real jobs or families have to come first.

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Years ago

So by that thinking, they never need meet and nothing need be done?

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Years ago

Interested Observer

People make a choice to take roles such as this. At the time they make this decision they are told of the regularity of meetings and time required. If they still choose to sit on such important Committees then time and availablity are no excuse.

With all the issues currently in basketball in this state you would think the Commission would be actively finding solutions. Unfortunately the BSA Commission, like the BSA admin seem too caught up in internal bickering and powerplays on top of the everything is alright attitude.

End result the sport continues to shrink and BSA keep their head in the sand.

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Years ago

Meetings get postponed all the time in all organisations for a variety of reason. I cant help but feel that this is some BSA hater agenda pushing person who has highlighted that a meeting was cancelled........SO WHAT....... Was there some major things before the commision that needed addressing and decisions made like a life or death decision...... Outside of coming up with a trillon dolllars for new stadia nothing else is really that important. Rules get made and broken on a daily basis, by all including the holier than thou and really do not need the time of a commision to sort out .......good grief it is just a board that overseas a sport not run a nation and their number one charter is to make sure it is profitable, and I believe it currently does.

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Years ago

There's a fine line between critiquing faults of an organisation and perseverance of negativity regardless of the situation. The latter doesn't help basketball much at all.

Taking a shot at BSA for postponing two meetings (presumably this year) because of lack of attendance is probably a fair call, at least it isn't unreasonable with the information we've been given.

But "holding our sport to ransom"? Come on. Really?

Obviously too scared to all turn up and talk about Carla and any other tough decision they have to make!

I feel this is a pretty irrelevant shot to make, and we've already had a big thread about this as well.

I'm also pre-empting the inevitable "Forestville runs BSA" and "BSA is incompetent" tag (which we all already know from when they ran the 36ers those late years anyway)

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Going nowhere  
Years ago

The hate adgenda is coming from one person from one club. It is getting predictable and boring

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boy blue  
Years ago

133 - thats very unfair

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Deryn Hunch  
Years ago

I'm not sure that there are even any 'need to do today' items at BSA right now. But rather if there are any, that they would be unnessisarily held up.

But, I'm am just as concerned that the perceived lack of urgency that covers the basketball progression model is a reflection of the very group that runs the structure. And the lack of progress is a reflection of their indeavors, or lack therefore off.

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Years ago

If they volunteered, the meetings should be mandatory. "Postponing" is indeed very different to "cancelling". Then again, accountability appears to be non-existant at Basketball SA, so why should the commission be any different?

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Years ago

A lot of hot air from armchair critics not prepared to put their hand's a hint , if you don't like it get off your arse and get involved. If you're not prepared to put in then you have NO RIGHT to criticise individuals just like you who are prepared to sacrifice their time for the betterment of the sport. Sick of little bitches on here who need to grow a pair and get involved. If not, shut up and moan on another blog.

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Years ago

I love how :

1. Hinch cannot spell.
2. He posts an article on the poor running of basketball in sa and yet his very post causes more damage to the sport than the fact the group may or may not have met. Got to love the irony!

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The Medic  
Years ago

"If they volunteered the meetings sould be mandatory"

Too bad if one of their kids had a parent/teacher night, a performance or something. Or a family event of another kind. Or employment demands for the evening the meeting was scheduled. Or a million and one other things that take priority over some basketball meeting.

There is enough problem attracting and retaining volunteers in basketball (I should know, I volunteered in the sport for 10 years and have just given it all away), the level of criticism (unfounded) in this thread does NOTHING to help that.

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Years ago

First thing they should do is have this site shutdown

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Being on a Committee is a commitment and anyone who does this voluntarily should be congratulated.

Can anyone confirm that the last two meetings were actually postponed due to a lack of a quorum or are people stirring the pot?

Being on a Committee also provides a lot of give and take with negotiation the key to making it successful. Participants may have been away, had work commitments, or family commitments that cropped up. There are also video conferencing options too.

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Years ago

i might be wrong but are people getting confused as to the roles of the Commission and the Competitions Committee??

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Years ago

I think so too anon. The roles of the compettion committee would be for things like "eligibility of certain players for finals" etc, while the Commission would be more for planning/budgets/direction.

That said, if 2 meetings have failed to produce a quorum that is a little disappointing consdering the time of year (i would assume financial planning would be the main agenda item).

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boy blue  
Years ago

get off these good peoples back who give their time and energy for nil thanks - sport needs moe not les of their ilk who take up these roles - and who knows for fact if meeting was cancelled.
Moving forward i reckon

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