Soccer player
Years ago

My first 36ers experience

After several years of playing and following football (soccer), I decided to get a 36ers membership for the season. Before todays game, I had never been to watch a 36ers game before in my life. Adelaide United FC was priority. However due to the politics/antics behind the scenes as well as poor performances on the field the club disappointed me last season. So I thought I'd try something different and jump on the 36ers bandwagon.

Today vs Tigers was my first NBL game and I absolutely loved it. Even if the 36ers lost, the atmosphere and level of entertainment was amazing in comparison to a match at Hindmarsh Stadium. I really enjoyed how the fans were passionate and the music/MC really got them involved. The players were fantastic, each with different strengths and weaknesses. The brawl which spilled out also sparked the players and crowd to a greater extent for the remainder of the game.

I admit, I don't know too much about the game just yet, but I did a little research on the rules, our players and new recruits before the season commenced. I also watched the Hawks vs Kings game on Friday night and it is safe to say we are a cut above both them teams.

After watching our first game of the season, I find Mitch Creek to be an excitement machine and his dunk was brilliant to get the crowd off their feet. I also like Gibsons work ethic around the court as well as Cadee and Weighs shooting accuracy. I was not overly impressed by CJ Massingales NBL debut as his involvement during the game was not satisfactory. Luke Schenschers height was a huge advantage particularly with rebounds, however his shooting was woeful and made me wonder whether he was worth having on the court at times. I could be wrong due to my raw knowledge of the game but it is the way I saw it.

I have fallen in love with the players, arena, fans, food, merchandise - you name it! Already, I am looking forward to our next game and I do not think I will ever go back to Hindmarsh Stadium even though I am a soccer player. I hope the hype about 36ers is right and we go all the way this season. However there is also a negative vibe that this could be our last season due to lack of funding and government support. Otherwise, I will be gutted - Does anyone know much about this?

Thank you for reading

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Years ago

Nice one, welcome on board! I'm glad you chose this year to switch because the 36ers have a very good team and the stadium will be rocking once the big crowds start coming in.

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Years ago

Long to Bball servant player and watcher. I remember years at Apollo as a kid.

But my first time to the dome since the first season we moved.

Took the kids and friends on the 10 dollar country deal.

Although shocked by the small numbers as a spectacle and for kids it was amazing.

Nev er sat so far away but I really found out how much I have missed it.

Schech was horrible and the u 10 subs worried me.

Nice to see a bit of biffo though.

All eight of us will be back possibly a country membership

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Camel 31  
Years ago

This wont be our last season . The issue is that the place you went to today is for sale. Most likely that place cain't be used for anything else.

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Years ago

thank you all for your feedback guys.

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Years ago

Agree with Camel31. The Arena really cant be used for anything other than basketball. And the council should be commended for keeping it that way with their list of restrictions even if it means the bank doesnt reap the benefit of funds

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Years ago

Wayne, a lot going on today. SANFL grand final, Bathurst (yes I know several people who stayed home just because of this). The crowds are usually slow the first couple of games and if the team continues playing like it did today then it will definitely get better.

Soccer player, glad to see you join 36ers. Everyone should take the effort to support SA in the other codes.

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Soccer player  
Years ago

Thank you guys, your feedback has been great

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Years ago

1. name is soccer player (lol soccer)
2. watches soccer (would rather watch my toenails grow)
3. doesn't stick by club through tough times
4. openly admits to bandwagoning
5. praises cadee's great shooting after he made 1 field goal

/soccer fans for you

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Years ago

piss off

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Years ago

Ingles13.. your hating on someone for giving basketball a chance? what breed of moron are you? some people would say Basketball is like plucking teeth.. But soccerplayer liked the game and is a fucken season member now! He commends cadees shooting, yet he ADMITS TO BEING NEW TO THE GAME!!! sure it may be bandwaggoning, but in times like this.. Bandwaggoning is well and truly fine by me! I dont think the NBL will complain if a few people jump on the bandwagon and maybe even fall in love with the sport!!! Soccer-player.. I commend the fact that you gave basketball a chance, if only more people would do that! tAKE NO NOTICE OF PEOPLE LIKE iNGLES13.. ACTING LIKE bASKETBALL IS AN ELITIST CLUB OR SOMETHING... Ingles13.. people like you are why many people never try anything new.. shove your ridicule up your ass..

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Years ago

Completely misread my point. I was saying this is what you can expect from a soccer fan. Wasn't hating on him personally. I've had my bad times with soccer uleh's and I have a reason for disliking them. I'm happy that the 6ers are attracting new fans for the season and for the nbl, but I was just voicing my opinion on soccer 'fans'.

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the prophet  
Years ago

You should be there when we get 7,000 and playing well...

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Years ago

Ingles 13, what you are saying can almost be translated to the 6ers fans who have jumped off the bandwagon since this team has gone downhill the last 5-6 years. Under 4k is simply not good enough at the dome regardless of circumstances.

I do have some concern with the scheduling this year as I know there are a lot of sunday arvo home games. There are also sunday late arvo/evening home games for Adelaide United at hindmarsh. I can see a lot of families who sit on the fence choosing the soccer over the basketball. Simply put, to the lay man, are they going to want to sit inside a hot box and sweat at the dome in the summer? Or would they rather be outside on a summer evening, the heat will have begun to die down etc...

The economy simply doesn't allow for middle class families to go to both games anymore which is a shame.

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Years ago

If the Sixers have an away win on Friday against New Zealand (why not?)then the following Saturday (20th) should be a full house - no excuses fans!! Enjoyed yesterday's game and it was a shame we only 3900 odd there.

Soccer Player - as mentioned above, wait until the place is full, great atmosphere.

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Years ago

My heart smiled when I saw an elderly lady with her gold members card and a members shirt. didnt thinmk I would see that at a basketball game. and yeah I probably did missread Ingles13 comment in hindsight. Apologies

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Years ago

Good stuff, good to hear you've dropped soccer and seventh light, the indoor stadium lights of the dome. Can still remember my first game there, against gold coast rollers.
Don't listen to some of the fool's above. Get out there again, more soccer fans at the game might bring a euro bball feel to game night.
And btw, that atmosphere was nothing. The semi finals and gf series in the late 90's or brett mahers last game were insane. People had to go outside cos it was so loud.

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Years ago

I went to 2 games in the great era of the 6ers (round 2002) just to a regular game, it was sold out, people were stamping on the floor the atmosphere was electric and it outclassed todays atmosphere on every level imaginable. Theres too many moaning monicas out there who get distraught if u make noise,... if they didnt want noise they shouldve looked into lawn bowls instead

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Years ago

I just hope this team racks up the wins at home. Having 6000-7000 in that stadium is something else.

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Years ago

Good to see new people coming to the games. Unfortunately I was unable to attend yesterday's game, that's eleven home games since 1985, but was perturbed to learn that we have new people sitting near our seats whose vocabulary would be halved if they took out the F's and other foul language. They also evidently took pride in slagging off our players.

Not really the supporters we wish, or need to, attract

Winning sure beats the alternative.

The worst thing is I may have to postpone plans for an overseas trip in April if there is a chance of the Sixers making the finals. But there is a long way to go.

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Soccer player  
Years ago

Thanks for making me feel welcome guys. Probably with the exception if Ingles13

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Years ago

What seats u got soccer player? nice and close ones? we got great seats. Btw Bake, thoes who swear and carry on... that might be me and my brother. Sorry mate, were passionate and love the game and will get into our own players even but with love. nothing wrong with being a larrikan

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Years ago

lol good call Ingles but you missed one:

6. Calls soccer "football" before clarifying that he means "(soccer)"

Good to have you on board though OP. Just hope we don't start losing any time soon...

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Soccer player  
Years ago

We lost xztatik. Im still here

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Years ago

fuck off

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