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Years ago

What's Hot/What's Not

The original and the best What's Hot/Not list by Double Clutch. Accept no cheap imitations.

ABL Birthdays

  • Only 1 birthday this week, with the last surviving member of the Boer War Mike "cheapshot" Mckay turning 124 years of age this week. Happy birthday Cheapshot!

What's Hot:
  • Jason Dix yo, 33 points, 16 rebounds and 8 assists at 12/22 with HAS rating of 72.0! May just well be the best performance this year!
  • Brad Sullivan going for 21 on 8/17 shooting with 4/8 from downtown.
  • Matt Gange not getting screwed by Cheapshot for once.
  • Scott Thur 21 points on 5/12 shooting.
  • Jye Watson 29 points on 10/22 shooting but with 9 turnovers.
  • Paul Vandenbergh 18 rebounds from the point guard postion.
  • Justin Wilkey 20 points on 6/14 shooting.
  • Damien Scanlon 22 points on 6/15 shooting.
  • Andrew Webber 15 points on 6/12 shooting with 7 assists. Great academy member.
  • Ben Madgen 21 points but on 4/15 shooting.
  • Derryn Hinch acknowledging the reason Shappelle Corby is so popular (and it isn't her personality).
  • Ali Trewartha, 15 points, 8 boards on 7/11 FG that helped North to a 31-12 4th quarter, in order to get the split over Forestville in points differential.
  • Vikki Kelson Triple Double! 10 steals, 12 Boards and 23 points
  • Dave Chappelle not being in a South African mental hospital.
  • Jason farman blocking Hambour and Kent on consecutive possessions.
  • Nick "eyebrows" Hambour. 14 points and 13 rebounds on only 5/15 shooting but more importantly provided leadership despite his youth while Hawkes dropped his head and argued with the refs. Played hard all night long and looked pretty disappointed to be subbed off in the 3rd.
  • Muph + Plutonic, the album is "Heaps good".
  • North and Forestville playing full court D.
  • Cheapshot standing right next to me at state champs without trying to attack me.
  • Paul Rees.,
  • 524 people to the Forestville v North game. Wine tasting, raffles, excellent work.
  • Kit Kat bars. That's right I've been bought-out by the man with a price of seven Kit-Kats and a can of Milo.

What's Not:
  • The great man himself DC not having the guts to yell "Club 33 biatch" out of my car window when I spotted Mark Davis walking down Jetty road. If you're reading this MD, don't get angry, because man screw Iraq, your arms are weapons of mass destruction.
  • Sturt coaches talking themselves up on this forum, we all know who the best junior basketball coach on the forum is (his initials are "DC").
  • People parking at the Wayville basketball car park then not going to the basketball.
  • Indian dancing and "in the huddle" scouting. The state champs are going south quickly.
  • North Adelaide's first half. The game was at 44 to 23 with 5:20 to go in the second, sub off Kent, Cheapshot and Hawkes and the game was 56 to 35. After a number of people left at the half the game was at 75 to 71 off a Hawkes jumper at the start of the 4th. Maybe Loveday should just go with a youth movement for the remainder of the season?
  • The women reading a novel in front of the subway sign, you know who you are.
  • Norwood women responding to last weeks comment in brilliant fashion 101 - 81 win over eastern
  • Was that only 74 people at Sturt v Central ABL game? That's Hillcreast at about 40% capcity.
  • Johnny Walker Red: once you go black you never go back.
  • The fact that certain players won't pass to certain other players when they are open for North Adeaide except when the shot clock is about to expire forcing them into bad shots. On that note, Erik Burdon shot 3/10. He also had 4 assists.
  • ESPN losing transimission during the Suns v Mavs game. I would not have minded if it was for the Choo-Choo shot but for PTI Aus? Come on!
  • Brad "touchy feely" Bungey fouling out in 19 minutes.
  • The Jamster mobile club, in fact any damn mobile club.
  • Mavericks losing 3 games in a row. And they allowed Norwood to score over 100 points!
  • Jay Leno, still not as vomit inducing as Rove is but.
  • Forestville playing Good Charlotte. Can it get anyworse? Also I get the pun, but eagle house rock?
  • Hawkes with 3 fouls with 6:28 left in the first.
  • Scott Ninnis leaving.

Find of the week:
  • Michael Zorich. Number nine is still the one with 29 points on 10/24 shooting with 7 rebounds and 5 assists in leading an awesome North comeback. Not sure if anyone else has noticed his improved form week in week out as a gem has been found in North's disappointing season.

Flop of the week:
  • Simon "no game" Kent. Maybe he doesn't have game? 17 rebounds were huge. But 3/14 shooting? Does he need to place the ball on the floor in the lane after every rebound as well? Flop!

Hot/Not old school moment:
  • Who could forget the controversy from ten years ago when Robert Rose came second in the Woolacott medal voting. Was the vote rigged so that the medal didn't have to be given to a second placed vote getter? Maybe we should get the Attorney-General to look into it? Who won anyway?

DC recommends:
  • Johnny Walker black label. When in doubt, always bet on black baby.

Hot/Not trivia
  • Which South Australia club had the world's first IVF quintuplets playing for them as juniors? First person to answer wins my respect, (note if your first name is Mike and your surname Mckay the winning my respect part doesn't apply).

Hilltop Hoods lyric of the week:
  • "Like keeping a priest in the bathroom this shit is blessed." Suffa on Fulltilt Boogie

"True to the game." Smooth Butter

Props to Dr. Dunkeinstein, and Arnie for their help.

I'm out.

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Years ago



  • Ninny's t-shirt last Wednesday night.
  • Paul Bell's outside shooting.
  • Oscar's first half.
  • Darren's second half.
  • Nathan Vaughn getting court time again (during the warm-ups, the guy next to me said "Does that little guy really play for the team?" then later during the game "Oh, now I can see why.").
  • Benson had a good game.
  • Todd Gower not getting into a fight.
  • The NewYorker ripping into Revenge of the Sith ("better than the other two" doesn't make it a good film!)
  • While on movie reviews, I thought Downfall was impressive.

  • Oscar's second half.
  • No European-out clause for Brett Maher means no Brett Maher on the official roster means uncertain ticket sales for the Sixers.
  • A small part of Adelaide leaves the country for 4 months, but so much is changed. Who's going to step up and provide nicknames for any remaining Burdon brothers now??

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Wayne Beaumont  
Years ago

please coach my team DC!!! I bow to your obvious superiority.

lol - well done

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Years ago

Not hot -

South asking the crowd to stand for the national anthem, and then not playing it! We were standing for a minute in silence until the Centrals supporters started singing it (but then broke into laughter).

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Years ago

they got it 50% right.You had the anthem for the women.

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Speaking of Star Wars:

The Sith Sense

That's definetely hawt. :-*

(Mod: Very slick. Based on the old internet 20 questions site. I stumped him with "Stoat". Amateur!)

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Years ago

Hot - DC actually writing the What's Hot/What's Not, this time insteado f the fake state champs version by that other guy...

Not - The Common Cold

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Tar Heel  
Years ago

"Norwood women responding to last weeks comment in brilliant fashion 101 - 81 win over eastern"

Pick the mistake..
Or it might not be a typing error, just a pay-out to the norwood men.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

It was a mistake that wasn't deleted. I'll let it stand as an insult.

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Years ago

WHAT'S HOT: Ali Trewartha - not just cos of here basketball talents and "domination"...but also cos she is HOT!

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Celebrity Sighting:
Darnell Mee at the WOODVILLE vs SOUTHERN men's game at DHD on Sunday!

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Years ago

What's Hot
Quarter time being extended to 5 minutes so the ref can get his moon boots on (you know who you are!!)

Seeing the Warriors bench go a distinct shade of pale seeing Tigers #41 finger.

What's Not
Tigers #41 busting his finger, and showing it to all and sundry as he is being rushed to hospital. Bone sticking out the side of your finger is NOT HOT dude!

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Years ago

i gather hardiman was too interested in getting to hospital to worry if he was showing all in sundry

pain and disbelief were etched on his face

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Years ago

DC - Johnny Walker Black Label? I've just realised why you can't afford a season ticket.

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Years ago

For sure...felt sorry for the poor guy...and the incident itself seemed so innocent

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Years ago

Lovely work again. Man you crack me up!!! Keep em' coming

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Years ago

What's Not :
Brad Davis and his 3/18 FG shooting against Norwood!
Or even James Jones from Norwood and his 5 fouls in 6 minutes!!!!

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Years ago

5 fouls in 6 minutes....that's impressive!

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Years ago

NICE one Dougie !!

i am a fan of Dozer-like performers .. Jimmy is a tank !!
and at 6'8 can wreak havoc !!

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Years ago

Include an unsportmanslike and a double foul and that would have to be some sorta achievement. Per 48 minutes - 40 fouls!

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