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Is Scott Christopherson the worst 10th man?

I am not an Adelaide fan, but saw the Wildcats Vs 36ers game last night and was shocked how bad of an 'import' Christopherson was and had me thinking, is he the worst 10th man in the league compared against each of the other teams 10th players. After looking at the stats, here is what I would say the order looks like.

New Zealand: Corey Webster - 12mpg, 5.8ppg, 1.4rpg, 0.7apg, 40% FG, 29% 3PT, 77% FT
Perth: Cameron Tovey - 16mpg, 1.4ppg, 3.4rpg, 0.8apg, 28% FG, 20% 3PT, 0% FT
Cairns: Kerry Williams - 12mpg, 2.3ppg, 1.3rpg, 1.4apg, 33% FG, 29% 3PT, 50% FT
Melbourne: Nate Tomlinson - 12mpg, 1.8ppg, 0.8rpb, 1.9apg, 29% FG, 18% 3PT, 69% FT
Wollongong: Tyson Demos - 13mpg, 2.9ppg, 1.1rpg, 0.7apg, 27% FG, 33% 3PT, 75% FT
Townsville: Chris Cedar - 7mpg - 1.8ppg, 1.1rpg, 0.6apg, 28% FG, 32% 3PT, 64%, FT
Adeliade - Scott Christopherson - 18mpg, 2.4ppg, 2.4rpg, 0.7apg, 25% FG, 15% 3PT, 50%, FT
Sydney: Luke Martin - 6mpg, 0.6ppg, 0.3rpg, 0.4apg, 11% FG, 8% 3PT, 100% FT

I put Cedar ahead of Christopherson based on minutes given. If Cedar has Christopherson minutes he is likely to be more productive. Given this, it appears that the only player in the league Scott is currently out performing is Luke Martin.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I thought Pero was our 10th man?

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Years ago

Corey Webster would be the breakers 9th man. Leon Henry is the 10th man

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Years ago

I am just astonished he was signed in the first place. What were the coaches thinking?

Did they lose a bet?

He wasn't even good on paper.

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Years ago

Sadly, he's not our 10th man. More our 8th man. And he's an import. Hasn't scored or had an assist in his 3 road games..........

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Years ago

He's not doing anything on court,the team work rotates,passes ball and he goes back to defence,no role for him to shoot unless he's on fire.

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Years ago

He is a complete and utter drop kick. how you can replace cj for him is mind boggling.,

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The breakers have a great bench it would be hard to say who the 10th man is

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for starters his not even a 10th man, and yes his the worst import in the league.

Waste of money and time, give his court time to Daly

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Unbelievably bad decision, they'd have been better off elevating a young player.

Won't be long until the coaches start to be scrutinized...

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Years ago

He's worthless.

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Years ago

Saw on Facebook the guy who runs the site said statistically speaking he is the worst import in NBL history. This also included 48 minute imports with there stats adjusted to reflect 40 minute games.

Oh and how I thought Jeff Brown was bad in 97, id kill for him now Christopherson is that bad.

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Years ago

Easily the worst import in the 6ers 30 years of existence in the NBL!

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Years ago

Would struggle to dominate a local league in a regional town.

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Years ago

How has Clarke not copped more flak for this??? He chopped massingsale cos this dude could create his own shot. Bollocks. Cj score more in that Perth game than Scott has all season. Feel sorry for the guy.

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Years ago

SC is more like our 6th or 7th player actually, depending on who gets subbed on first, him or Peach.

I've been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt being the new guy trying to adjust to Clarke's overly complicated system.....until now. Last night against one of the league's better teams he was next to useless out there. I'm not the coach so its not my call, but personally I would have to agree with most people, I'd be giving Tom Daly most, if not all, of his court time. At least we know Daly will be around for a while and even at this stage he offers more out there than SC.

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Years ago

Giving SC any minutes whatsoever when he clearly isn't going to be here next season is just grossly negligent and shows a complete disregard for the 36ers.

Give his time to Daly and/or one of the development players in the hope that we might be able to fast track a local to fill a roster spot for next season.

Even if there is only a 10 percent chance Daly is in the 10 next season then that is still 10 percent more chance than SC.

Keeping SC at this stage deserves just as much criticism as the decision to sign him in the first place together with the fact it took them weeks to get the dud cleared.

Has there ever been a coaching combination as bad as Clarke and Radford.

They suck at coaching, recruiting, media and personal relations.

That is a fair effort.

I'm hearing whispers that our best player can't wait for the season to leave so he can get out of Adelaide as fast as possible.

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Years ago

I loved it how last season Kevin Ratzsch was the "worst import of all time to ever play NBL" and now we have a major contender for that title.

Wonder if Marty has started looking at the employment classifieds yet?

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Years ago

If not Daly's minutes, then an AIS kid as the Hawks have done with Mirko.

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Years ago

He would struggle to play in social grade too.back to college for this kid,with an average like this he won't get a basketball gig anywhere else for a while.

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Years ago

I really dont think SC is that bad.
So many times when he is open, guys like Crossy and Gibbo wont pass the ball. When he gets shut down, then they pass. I dont know about the Perth game cos I couldnt care less.

But he sucks on the defensive structure, but even that is complex to many of us watching the game.

I thought our 10th man was Jan Warbout. He warms the bench, and only when we are miles behind or miles in front (how many times thats happened in the last year, i dunno...pffft) does he get 1 min on court to shine.

Personally, he's better than Julius Hodge, way better

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Years ago

I agree Isaac but our AIS coach with all his connections has only signed 1 guy in 3 years out of the AIS and that was Creek.

He also hasn't signed any returning college guys either.

He has served up nothing but crap the entire three years he has been here.

Can't even say that he has left a foundation for anyone else to work with.

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Years ago

Doubt the club would let Marty change anything after Massingale. That was the last concession.

Warbout is a development player. Daly or Pero would be tenth men.

Irrelevant really - forget where he sits on the roster, even for a budget import, and under Clarke, Christopherson is sub-par. This season has been car-crash bad.

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Years ago

I think he would do well as Perth's 10th man (say as a replacement for Bartlett and got up the shots that Bartlett takes every game).

Christophersson would be punished for not shooting the ball instead of whatever treatment he gets at the 36ers that really seems to have backfired!

I hope he can fire up when they next the Breakers, I'm tired of seeing them win

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Years ago

considering how many years it has been since you got a win over the Breakers and the Sixers current form, I'd pencil in a loss Proud.

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Years ago

YES! Shittest player ever.

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Years ago

I particularly like how our joke of a coach has played this chump for double Massingale's minutes, for half the output.

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Years ago

cant we cut sc and just run a player short? or do we still have to pay out his contract??

whatever the case i want daly to have 12 ( + daly's current minutes) of sc's 18mpg

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


I would disagree that Marty has "served up nothing but crap the entire three years he has been here."

What about Simpson, Creek and Weigh?

I would also disagree that Marty has not "left a foundation for anyone else to work with."

Marty has developed DJ into a very good player. 4th scoring, 2nd rebounding.

Marty has developed Weigh into the 3pt best shooter in the league.

Marty has developed Creek into a servicable SF with more upside to come.

Marty has brought in Gibbo, the best defender in the league.

Marty has brought in Cadee, up and coming player that will form the 6'ers future.

Marty has brought in Petrie, very decent 6th man that would start on most other teams.

I would say this is a great foundation for the next coach to work with, unless the rumours are true and the players would leave if their respected Head Coach were not to be re-signed.

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Years ago

Marcus..... Where to start with you!?

Weigh is the best 3 pt shooter in the league. For
the $ he is getting and minutes he is playing. He should be
doing far more than hitting some open 3s. He shot selection is woeful.
Most people would argue with you about his play has gone backwards.

Cadee. If Gold Coast didnt fold. He would still be there. Same with Gibson
and Petrie. Nothing to do with just wanting to play for Marty.
Gold Coast folded late and a lot of the rosters were full. You don't think
being offered a bit more $ than the other clubs did was a factor?

Mitch was only doing what he would of done if he was playing the same minutes
the previous 2 Seasons. He still can't shoot at all ! And defenders almost stand in the key when he has the ball on the perimeter.

DJ gets rebounds he should get. He doesn't fight for rebounds. Imagine if he had
Damien Martians WANT for the rebound.

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Years ago

And Oscar Forman leads the league in 3pt shooting Marcus !

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Years ago

@Marcus. I'm anon464.

We have no chance of keeping our best player in Gibson if Clarke is still coach. He's not respected at all by the players. That is just propaganda that you have believed.

36ers haven't offered Clarke another contract (and won't) so what does that tell you about how highly rated Clarke is as a coach.

To make it easy for you Clarke is the Christopherson of coaching and Christopherson is the Clarke of imports...the worst in NBL history. Heck, I can't quickly name 2 ABA imports who are as bad as Christopherson.

Christopherson is so bad that if you look up "dumb c*nt" on google a picture of Clarke and Radford comes up.

Lastly, if what you say about the 'foundation' Clarke has left us with as coach is true (i.e. DJ, Weigh, Gibson, Petrie, Cadee, Creek all being gun players) then how can you possibly defend Clarke's coaching given we are coming dead last.

If it is not the players then that only leaves the coach.

As stated by Vespa, DJ came to us as a scoring big man who was soft, could not defend and was a poor rebounder. Three years later and that scouting report still sticks like glue.

Weigh has gotten progressively worse after looking a million dollars in his first pre-season with us.

Creek came to us as an athletically gifted player with poor skills and a terrible jump shot. Some including Paul said he had Sam Mackinnon like potential. In his third year he has not improved his shooting at all and his stats pre-injury are more Jason Williams than Sam Mackinnon.

Simpson is hardly a 36ers success story. Ask him what he thinks about the 36ers coaches. Clarke and Radford didn't even want to resign him and the next thing you see is he is playing for the Houston Rockets!

Like Isaac said. Car crash stuff.

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Years ago

Anon - Creek is the 36ers' best shooter this year and would have one of the highest field goal percentages in the league - 65.9%. That's way above his career average of 48.9%.

Johnson's rebounding is the 36ers' best - 8 per game and well up on his career average of 5.3.

While I don't disagree with your point of view, making blanket statements about Creek's and Johnson's lack of development that aren't borne out by these sorts of stats won't convince apostles (are there any?) of the current coaching.

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Years ago

PeterJohn, I stand by my comments that Creek has not improved his outside shooting and that DJ is not a good rebounder.

Tyson Chandler is leading the NBA in field goal percentage and he is not a good outside shooter. Just means he gets a lot of dunks and lay ups.

Good on Creek for being smart enough to play to his strengths and not shoot the outside shot but I stick by my opinion that he is a very poor outside shooter which is a major flaw when you are a SG/SF.

DJ may be averaging more rebounds than say a Paul Rees but you only have to watch a game to realise what a poor individual rebounder he is.

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