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Years ago

Making a Starting Five

I see I have made the forum's Starting Five....im thinking that means I have too much time on my hands....but got me wondering....

Some players, especially juniors (maybe their parents actually) seem to be totally focused on making the "starting five" on court.....I guess it must be important but was thinking the team make up as a whole might be more important....what ya think?

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Peter Maravich  
Years ago

although the starting five is important, i think the sixth man is even more important. If one of the starting five isn't focused, or has a terrible match-up, the sixth man is often looked to, to fill any number of roles.

The problem you highlight tho probably stems from the parents tunnel vision on their child, rather than their childs team. But, how can you tell a parent not to love their child as much, after all, that is why they are concerned.

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Years ago

While the starting five is important I believe that it is teh finishing five that is even more so. Who cares whether or not you were in the game at the very start or on teh bench. When the game is down to the wire the best players should be on teh court

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Years ago

This is nearly the same argument as:

Is it better to be the 8th/9th player in Div 1 or the 1st or 2nd player in div 2?

I guess the answer is, does it really matter if you are having a good time? If it does really matter then you probably have larger issues.

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Years ago

They are nothing alike.

Being a starter or coming off the bench is a lot of the time about ego. A parent's own opinion and the players ego. Just because a player starts it doesn't mean that player will get more court time then a player who doesn't.

The issue of benching in Div 1 or getting big minutes in Div 2 will often be ignored by players and parents. All they see is Div 1 and Div 2. All they want is the best for their child or the 'glory' of playing at Division One level. Is this healthy? Of course not but it's pretty normal behaviour from a youngster or a parent.

In my opinion the issue should become a development issue; after all isn't that what Junior basketball is really about?

How many Div 1 coaches have a bottom age as an 8th or 9th player in Div 1 for the experience but they rarely get any decent minutes. They go 12 months without the ball in their hand. Is that really helpful to a player in the long run?

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Wayne Beaumont  
Years ago

i agree with statman about starting five

the 8th 9th player is a difficult one and in the case of a bottom age kid i would need a very convincing argument to keep them out of Div 2. I have generally found players in that situation develop more if they have to do a great deal of work in Div 2 rather than benchwarm in Div 1.

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undersized pf  
Years ago

in a lot of cases the 6 man is sometimes better than someone on the 5, this is the case as to create a spark when the enter the game. and also have another main option if the team is struggling

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what the  
Years ago

i usually keep my form players in the starting 5

not the name players

but it is an ego thing - frnakly coming off the bench can be better than the starters as the opposition may be a little more tired

what i feel important is the balance and team combination and the length of playing minutes once on the court

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I wish some coaches would just pick a starting five and stick with it, many coaches I have/had change the roster around every week, the players cannot settle.

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Years ago

Personally I pick the starting 5 dependant on what sort of game I want to play. If i want a fast transitional game I put more forwards or my faster forwards. If I need to control the key I used my slower but stronger forwards. So when I have an option I choose the players to fit the game plan, not the other way around.

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Years ago

i dont mean to gloat, but back in my day, my coach had me starting on the bench, when i would have thought i was definrtly in the top three players in the team. so i approached my coach behind closed doors and asked wot the deal was. he explained to me that he also thought i was in the top three or four players on the team, but due to the fact that we had no depth, and by that i mean the skill level from our 5th to our sixth man declined dramatically, he thort it would be a much better move to have a decent player comin off the bench for a "lesser" player who started. so all in all, starting 5 means jack. everyone has a roll to play.

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Curious Monkey  
Years ago

of course thats what a coach will tell you, but in saying that a coach will not put a liability in to start, if a player is clearly a better player, they will start, ceteris paribus, otherwise, he is just being a diplomat.

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Years ago

point taken about thats what a coach will say. but seriously, it would have only taken a couple minutes of watching a game to see the difference in skill level.

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B'Ball Fan  
Years ago

I play starting 5 and trust me it means nothing. Just because your starting 5 dosen't mean your one of the best, all it means that in the play that your coach wants to run at the start of the game you will fit best to start.

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The Accountant  
Years ago

some players play better off the bench

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