Years ago

NBL All-Star Five plus Second and Third teams

Cedric Jackson
Kevin Lisch
Ben Madgen
Matt Knight
Seth Scott

Didn't expect Scott in the first five!

Other teams still to be announced.

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Carcus Mamby  
Years ago

Didnt expect scott and lisch hasnt really had a stella season

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Years ago

Lisch wasn't even a top 2 wildcat this season. Redhage had a better season. Scott had a good first half but struggled in the second half.

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Years ago

Lisch didn't make top three in MVP voting FWIW.

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Years ago

but think about how much of a clutch player lisch is, his form at the beginning of the season was great and he's won multiple games for us by hitting
clutch three pointers

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Bill Russell  
Years ago

No love for Vukona? He gets W's just by being on the court

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Years ago

What the hell is with the "three guards, two forwards" all star five?

Ervin deserves a nod over Lisch, winning program or none.

Scott is not even in the discussion of the top two bigs in the league either.

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Years ago

Vukona all-second team. Lisch definitely a better year than Redhage, but I would have had Redhage ahead of Scott.

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Years ago


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Years ago

That's what I would have gone with too Mo. Last year somehow Worthington got in, this year Scott. Not to worry.

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Years ago

No wing players. Weird.

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Years ago

Maybe the people making choices felt having 3 Perth players in the first 5 was at odds with Perth having finished 2 wins behind NZ? Or maybe they just thought Redhage, whose best was very good, simply didn't produce at that level consistently this season.

When you look across the bigs in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams, it's a bit of a struggle - the depth is not great and the consistency has been variable for all but Knight. I'd have picked Scott ahead of Johnson and Redhage. Probably ahead of Crosswhite. Not sure about Vukona, though - he's been really good and very consistent.

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Years ago

I actually think the depth is great but no one apart from Knight consistently produced at their top level.

Crosswhite, Nevill, Redhage, Pledger, Petrie, Scott, Davidson, Forman, Johnson, Nevill, Vukona, Lazare and Tragardh all produced patches of super basketball, but they also had quiet patches.

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Years ago

Here are the second and third teams too:

All-NBL First Team
Cedric Jackson (New Zealand)
Kevin Lisch (Perth)
Ben Madgen (Sydney)
Matthew Knight (Perth)
Seth Scott (Melbourne)

All-NBL Second Team
Gary Ervin (Townsville)
Jonny Flynn (Melbourne)
Damian Martin (Perth)
Mika Vukona (New Zealand)
Daniel Johnson (Adelaide)

All-NBL Third Team
Thomas Abercrombie (New Zealand)
Jamar Wilson (Cairns)
Adam Gibson (Adelaide)
Shawn Redhage (Perth)
Ian Crosswhite (Sydney)

Scott is a big surprise, especially for a first team. Ranked 19th in scoring and 11th in rebounding.

No Deleon despite top five in scoring and leading offensive player for the third-placed team. No Goulding despite being sixth in scoring.

Obviously Vukona brings those intangibles, but doesn't stay in the game long enough because of foul trouble to cover for sub-9 PPG scoring. 40th in scoring, 10th in rebounding. I would've pushed him down or swapped him, Gibson or Abercrombie out for Deleon.

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Years ago

I wouldn't have included Scott in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

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Years ago

The only elite consistent performers during the season were: C.Jackson, M.Knight and J.Flynn (plus M.Dunigan).

Redhage, Crosswhite, Johnson, Wilson, Abercrombie etc had average starts to the season but had a solid 2nd half to the season.

Madgen, Ervin, Scott, Nevill etc had great starts but have pulled up sluggish over the last few rounds.

Deleon, Goulding, Lazare, Pledger etc were all over the shot the entire season.

Lische, D.Martin, Vukona, Gibson etc were solid throughout, but didn't exactly play at an 'elite' level - minus D.Martin's defence, of course.

Tragardh was a letdown this season and didn't deserve a place, while I think Forman was SERIOUSLY overlooked.

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Years ago

I would narrow your list to Knight and Jackson. It makes their performances all the more better when you look at how all other players were shut down for stretches.

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Years ago




Lische is probably the only player on Cedrick Jackson's level, but his production just wasn't there this season.

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Years ago

Fair enough, paul. I was definitely being too generous with Flynn: he was a consistent producer, but doesn't provide the defence, intangibles or team-first mindset to warrant NBL 'elite' status.

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Years ago

Alex Pledger on Twitter

‏@Alex_Pledger Hawks finish 3rd and have no players on any all nbl teams. 36ers come 8th and have disrespect at all, but that makes no sense to me!

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Years ago

Forman had some bad games. 3 games he didn't score with over 26 minutes per game. 1 game he scored 2 points in 35 minutes. On the plus side his rebounding was much better this year. I don't think you could have put him in any of the teams over the other players.

Deleon should have been infront of Gibson and possibly in front of Wilson.

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Years ago




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Years ago

Pledger makes a lot of sense, though injuries certainly didn't help the Hawks' chances: R.Martin would've been a surefire pick, otherwise.

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Years ago

Agree 100%. Hope he bounce back strong from that knee.

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Years ago

Not that it changes his stats but Lisch definitely was more heavily guarded this year and had to work harder for his points more often than not.

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Years ago

Forman and Deleon deserved spots in there. Pledger was arguably the second most valuable breaker this season. Abercrombie had a down season and didn't deserve a third team IMO.

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Years ago

Deleon obviously should've been in there but Vukona 2nd Team, WTF?

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Years ago

For some clarity, Johnson was second and crosswhite 3rd this season in dream team points. I knows it's only stats but still telling. Abercrombie was like 38th in average dt ppg. He did play every game and was on the top team which definitely helps his case. Forman still should've been there. Second team for me

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Triton 95  
Years ago

Gibson over Deleon???????

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Years ago

The All-NBL teams if you went on total Dream Team points across the season are as follows. Obviously works against players who missed games like Flynn, Dunigan, even Knight, etc so not completely useful. Rankings in brackets, but players arranged to form typical teams where possible:

Jackson (1)
Ervin (4)
Redhage (5)
Johnson (2)
Crosswhite (3)

Deleon (8)
Madgen (7)
Forman (6)
Lazare (10)
Pledger (9)

D Martin (13)
Wilson (14)
Vukona (15)
Scott (11)
Knight (12)

Inclusions here who didn't make All-NBL teams: Deleon, Forman, Lazare, Pledger
Those who made the teams ahead of them: Flynn, Gibson, Abercrombie, Lisch

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Years ago

I know some would disagree with me here but honestly, I would have had DJ in the First team instead of Seth Scott. He was 5th in the league in scoring (Scott was 19th) and led the league in rebounding (Scott was 9th). Scott was 6th in blocked shots, DJ 9th. But, I guess there is more to it than just stats.

No Scott Christopherson in any of the three teams? Surely the NBL's "greatest" ever import deserves a mention.....LOL

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