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New name for the New NBL

What do people think of the Australian New Zealand Asian Conference.

ANZAC's for short

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Not much

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No thanks.

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Years ago

would not be allowed and would not be popular

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NBL has a certain ring to it.

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Years ago

NBL thanks...

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Years ago

ABL = Australasian Basketball League, or ABC = Australasian Basketball Competition, would have to be better than ANZAC.

Is there any legal reason why the NBL name can't continue to be used?

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Years ago

South East Asian Basketball League.....hang on a sec, thats SEABL!

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Years ago

Whats the difference between an association and a league?

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Years ago

ANZBL - Australia New Zealand Basketball League

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Years ago

If you went for the ANZ BL could you try and get ANZ bank on as major naming right sponsors?

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Years ago

I'm for retaining NBL

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Years ago

I'm definitely for a name change. If marketed correctly could help a lot. Also the casual fan wouldn't associate the NBLs terrible image if marketed correctly.

I would like to see something along the lines of an A/B league or something. So state comps are classed as the Bs and the new NBL the As. But obviously not named a league.

Possibly, BSL - basketball super league, ASL - Australian super league.
SBL - southern basketball league.
PAB - premier association of basketball
OBL/A - oceanic basketball league/association

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Years ago

all those names suck
just saying
nbl seems good to me
its more about promotion of the product and development of grass roots basketball IMO rather than a new name... especially the ones put forward so far

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Years ago

NBL sounds good to me

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Years ago

A little off topic but speaking of "new names", if the second Melbourne team was to get up, is there any chance they'd call it the South East Melbourne Magic? Instead of a new name could they not capitalise on a market that already exists and has lied dormant in Melbourne for years? They wouldn't have to create and promote the brand to the same extent and the Melbourne rivalry wouldn't feel as manufactured as it might if it's a new team/name. Not sure if there are naming/copyright issues or anything, but just a thought.

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Years ago

I know the person who owns the name (SEM Magic). They created a Twitter & FB account something along the lines of "bring back the Magic".

I haven't spoken to him in depth about it so I'm not sure if he owns the history as well, I'm assuming he does.

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Years ago

Keep it as 'NBL' please.

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Years ago

"Possibly, BSL - basketball super league, ASL - Australian super league. " - lost my shit.

Baller#3, you're priceless. Don't ever change.

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Years ago

"ANZAC's" - that'd go down well...

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Years ago

NBL, Havent heard anything better then that so far.

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The Situation  
Years ago

Associated National Australian League of Basketball - East Australasia Division.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Hey sit, I'm guessing you were meant to say 'than'?

I certainly hope the name stays the same, but I can see why people want it changed. The decision will obviously factor in goodwill and brand recognition. 'NBL' is already established and it kinda sounds like 'NBA'. I like it the way it is.

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Years ago

Wouldn't call it anzac because certain violent minority groups won't appreciate any form of cultural pride like that. It's a shame the a league name was taken by soccer, it's a bit catchy . I think it will stay as nbl ... if it doesn't they're going to have to change the league enough to warrant name change

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Dane Suttle  
Years ago

National Basketball League of Australasia New Zealand Oceania and South Eat Asia
NBLANZOSEA for short.
or maybe NBL

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Years ago

Brand Recognition is part the problem! Which company really wants to be associated with "NBL", hasnt exactly been the best run league in the past 15 years.

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Years ago

Haha, ANAL-BEAD!!! The Situation wins.

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Years ago

"Is there any legal reason why the NBL name can't continue to be used?"

It can be and no doubt will be. At the moment the NBL is under BA control so the group organising the de-merger have to call themselves something else, hence NBC.

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Years ago

It was the NBL when they were seperate from BA. So no reason why it can't remain exactly the same. NBL.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

Keep NBL because everyone knows what it is.
Should be marketed aggressively for the first year as the New NBL to let people know it's not more of "Same Old- Same Old".

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Years ago

ABL is the ASEAN Basketball League, the FIBA-affiliated league in South East Asia.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Off topic but just to add to what Libertine mentioned, the ABL is broadcast live friday nights on the south east Asian edition of fox sports. Nice standard and worth a watch if stuck in a hotel room. Currently about to start finals. The Slingers still compete in the league and just missed the four.

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Years ago

What better way to get rid of negative connotations of the NBL then to rename the league? To the vast majority the NBL is a laughing stock.

Instead of keeping the old name and having to "aggressively re-market" the "new" league, a name change to the casual observer accomplishes this in what I can assume would be cheaper than a huge awareness campaign.

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Years ago

I agree we need a name change but can't think of anything and don't necessarily agree with any names so far but we also need a proper tv deal ( not channel 10) they are a joke.

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Years ago

NQR - Just saying

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