Years ago

miami must be dirty with refferees

Lebron was shafted on 2 calls today. It's almost cheating!!

Dwayne Wade needs to keep his feet & stop looking 4 the foul!

Miami must be spewing with that. I like the underdog but those calls were disgraceful!!!!

Can anyone show the footage of that last foul from Lebron?

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Years ago

I didn't watch this game but how many ticky tack fouls do Lebron's defenders pick up in any other game?

He's the closest thing the game has to a protected species, and it's doubly hard because he is so tough going to the rim and picks up legitimate fouls constantly as well. It must be deflating to guard someone like him, he's better than you, you do your best and you end up fouling him trying to stop him, but then when you play him well and do the right thing you also get the foul call. Can't win.

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Carcus Mamby  
Years ago

Lebron stepped on his foot, he's feet where not set and legs where outside he's frame, illegal screen any day of the week.

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Years ago

Went both ways. Terrible missed shot clock call when the ball clearly hit the rim. Cost Indiana two points because they scored as the clock went off incorrectly, and then Miami started their run. Also a dubious out of bounds call when the ball seemed to be off Ray Allen (IMO) but they gave it back to Miami.

I think the last two calls against Miami were technically correct but tough calls in those situations. Wade did travel, but it's the same NBA travel every player gets away with all the time. And LeBron did seem to stick his leg out just a bit on the screen against Stevenson (I think it was him?), but again it happens all the time.

I'm not going for either team, just want to see a good series - which it is! – but I think the dodgy calls went both ways. Pretty average job by the refs in this one.

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Years ago

You clearly missed the comically egregious 24 sec. shot clock reset on Hibbert's shot which led to Hansbrough's legit putback being deemed a shot clock violation. The moment where Indy's wheels started to fall off. Thankfully they recovered. For mine it's karma.

It was poorly reffed no doubt - but it cut both ways... and indy deserved a hell of a make-up call for what happened.

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Years ago

Any Miami fan complaining about calls going against them needs to take a hike. Their roster is like a roll-call for the best floppers in the modern game.

That double flop between West and Lebron was also hilarious.

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Years ago

here is the last call

Lebron's moving screen

It was the correct call Lebron was still moving so not sure why you think it was cheating......

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Years ago

I'm a neutral fan. Miami flopped there way to calls all of game 3. And in this game, you could argue even worse, game changing calls went against Indy. Sorry.

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Years ago

That 24 second violation was the worst call of the game ... and it benefitted Miami. It was an absolute momentum shifter.

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Years ago

We should change the topic to "Indiana must be dirty with the referees"

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The Situation  
Years ago

Good to see that the dodgy 24 second call didn't effect the result. Yes, it started a 14-2 run for the Heat but the Pacers held strong and didn't lose focus.

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Years ago

Not sure if you can call Miami a team of floppers. Battier is pretty bad these days but Stephenson was a disgrace in game 4.

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Years ago

Indiana should really be 3-1 up in this series.

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Years ago

Stephenson is isn't great. West flops a bit too.

Lebron is pretty bad, and Ray Allen isn't great either. Wade and Battier are entirely insufferable.

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Years ago

LeBron's illegal screen for his 6th foul was correct, but the referees had barely called moving screens all game - even in the 1st half when there were ~30 combined free throw attempts!

Did anyone notice that on the very next play Hibbert set an identical moving screen? No call.

The refereeing wasn't biased, but was shocking to say the least and made the game much less entertaining IMO.

Lance Stephenson should be fined for all the flailing he did in game 4 as well. What a joke.

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Years ago

Flopping and double technicals are ruining the NBA for me. The double Ts are worse.

Guys get tech'd for just standing there while someone else comes at them. It's just a bullshit easy way out for referees. And all it says to a player is that if you instigate you will end up no worse off than the other guy, even if the other guy doesn't retaliate, he still gets a tech now. I thought it was bullshit when guys got treated just as bad for retaliating to something but now even if you don't retaliate you wear the T.

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Years ago

Mick, if that's the case then why doesn't every team sacrifice their worst bench player to get LBJ tech'd out of every game?

I agree that refs are taking the easy way out after not taking control early enough. They've just got to be consistent, and make their interpretations clear from the start of each game.

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The Situation  
Years ago

The play towards the end of the game, where George pushed Battier away after being fouled by him, has been called a tech at other times. They didn't yesterday yet they handled the incident well.

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Years ago

Why not? Could work. Wade's already been playing dirty against the Pacers. Maybe he can charge a ref, give a glancing blow to their head and get them fined for flopping!

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Years ago

Indiana must be dirty with the referees more like it

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Years ago

Because they won't eject someone for something like that but you can be damned sure they will give them their first T.

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