Years ago

Thoughts on the 36ers Blackout game?

Thought there might have been some chatter about the blackout game in terms of presentation but since there hasnt been that I have seen I will get it started.

Thought they did a great job of picking a theme and sticking with it. The many songs through the night referencing black, the low light as you walked in, the turning off of lights for team introduction.

One question I have is before the season Boti wrote an article about the Sixers trying something new for player introductions and in that article he said they could not turn off the lights for player intros because the lights took too long to get back on. It took all of about 2 minutes for the lights to be back to full strength on Saturday night, so why is it this can't be a regular thing?

Definitely think it would have been more effective as player intros than team introduction, but loved the use of AC/DC Back in Black as the team intro music.

Overall I would say it was well done, the biggest let down I saw was the severe lack of blackout jerseys available for sale on the night. Sold out well before the game started.

Any thoughts from anyone else?

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Years ago

they should have sold more "balck-out" merchandise t-shirts saying black out with the teams playing and the date, hats, blackout balls etc

overall from all reports, i didnt go due to family commitments, it was a good night

step in the right direction!

look forward to seeing more of it in the future!

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Years ago

It will take about 15 minutes if the lights have already been on and then are switched off.

The lights were left off (other than the fluros) until the team intro.

It's not really fair on the players to have them warming up under the fluros for their entire warm up.

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El Diablo  
Years ago

Black out night? How racist is that?

It prefers to be called African American Night

Why does the colour (or lack their of) need to be mentioned, its profiling I tells ya

And, I am about done. Nothing more to see, move along please

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Years ago

I thought they did it well. Would have looked better if more of the crowd was dressed in black, like when you get the whole crowd in the one clour for college and NBA games. Admittedely the NBA teams buy the t-shirts and leave then on the seats for the crowd to wear.

Our normal colour is blue so I think the 6ers should get back to promoting wearing blue to the games.

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Years ago

Skip, perhaps they could find alternative lighting for the court pregame so the players have enough lighting to warm up properly. Just a suggestion.

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Rhea 92  
Years ago

Bit embarrassing that they sold out of black singlets?

Surely this should never have happened? Would be much better to have plenty leftover to then sell at later home games during the season - rather than running out on the night and getting people to order them online?

Having the lights turned down/off was fantastic.

Went to The Cage the other week and the pre-game stuff there was amazing - much better than here in Adelaide unfortunately.

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Years ago

If they want more people to wear blue to games, offer a discount/bonus at the bar for those in team branding or colour. Something easy to provide like free chips or free FruChocs. Or discounted car parking if everyone in the car is wearing a blue top.

Or to avoid cannibalising revenue, have a dedicated parking space (while spaces last) that is closer to the stadium and only for those in blue. I've always thought they should "version" the parking area so they have a free, new product to offer.

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Years ago

Jerseys looked good imo,

The 36ers won!

So for me it was a success!

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

would be more embarrassing if they DIDNT sell out of tops

supply and demand at work

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

The full blackout effect only works if everyone is in black. To do this they either need to give away shirts (as mentioned before what the NBA do) or offer a really cheap (ie $10 or less) shirt to buy. Nice to see them trying something but I personally think you're better off focussing on getting everyone to wear blue and selling your normal jerseys.

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+ -  
Years ago


I went up to buy a jersey: sold out by 7pm.

That's terrific. What annoyed me was the lady had said 6 week waiting list till next batch, ARE YOU SERIOUS?????then with cash at the ready I said can I pay a deposit and put my name down for order? She said "we're not taking names or orders"

Why? If I was running the show names would be taken and that way when the next crop of a Black Jerseys come in everyone who WANTS one will get one!

I can see it already, 6 weeks time they will sell out in 2 hours again because the cautious 6ers will only get 30 in like the first batch.

Also $105 for a jersey is a massive rip off. $80 for the top, $25 for numbers and names!! Not everyone has that disposable cash to throw around.


You want as many people as possible advertising your product. I'm not spending $105 on a jersey for my 4 yr old son, work it out 6ers management these kids are your NEXT season ticket holders!!!!!!!

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

^ Merchandise is the life blood of almost every single pro sports team in the world. That is exactly wear money is made.

agree that $105 for a kids top is steep though

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Years ago

As Skip stated the game lights take about 15 minutes to warm up to full strength. There are globes available that can be turned off and then turned on again without warming up (as used by NBA venues) - however - they are extremely expensive and it may not be financially viable for a stadium/venue to buy if they are only utilised on limited occassions.

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Years ago

Rhea 92 what did they do at the Cage pre-game?

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Years ago

Rhea 92, please explain what they did at the Cage, I have seen a few games at the Cage and every time I thought they were incredibly boring. I would like to know what you liked about it?

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Years ago

@A Yeah that's why I asked the question also. Strange comment indeed.

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Years ago

I felt sorry for the people at the merchandise booth that got abused when they ran out, not there fault they sold out and not there fault it was the directive not to take any names but were abused anyway

I was there at 6.30 and they were sold out but when I looked around half the stadium was already full and a good half of them were already wearing the singlets

What is more concerning is the entertainment for before the game that was cancelled because the artist was sick and nothing was put on instead surly a back up plan would've been in place

I hope they don't order in more singlets until another black out game is organised or else what's the point why are they special just order more
Or even put a number on it "only 1000 singlets available"

For the first night overall I thought a good night good game hope they do it again and I'll be there at door open to get my singlet

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Years ago

^ Merchandise is the life blood of almost every single pro sports team in the world. That is exactly wear money is made.

agree that $105 for a kids top is steep though

Muzz Buzz please answer this:

100 fans go up to the Merch stand on game night and enquire about a $105 jersey.
2 buy one, 98 thinks its too steep.
And1 sell the jerseys to the 36ers for $40
36ers profit @ $105 = $130

100 fans go up to the merch stand on game night and enquire about a $70 Jersey.
65 buy one, 35 think its still too steep.
36ers profit @ $70 = $1950

+ thats 65 people that are advertising the 36ers brand, 65 more kids at school with 5 mates each that are easily influenced = 325 more kids interested in the 36ers.

its not rocket science I know the 36ers have to make money any way they can but it should not be through charging ridiculous amounts for merch that 2% of your supporter base are willing to pay.

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Years ago

At the start of the season I asked about polo tops. The club told me coming soon. More than half way into the season and still waiting!

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Years ago

If they want people to wear blue proviode a decent members shirt or cost effective pricing for merch. If i got a decent tshirt or polo with sponsors names on it id actually wear it but not a $5 top that i wear when im painting. Realistically they are pretty lame tops.

Id be happy to go black uniforms full time, they looked great. The black looked tough and fans will actually wear it out and about. How many black brooklyn tops do you see around now and im sure half never supported them before.

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

my comment was to the claim and suggestion that Merchandise should be sold without profit. nothing more, nothing less

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

and further the 36ers sold everyone that they had available suggesting that price wasn't an issue for those lucky enough to get one.

in fact economics students could argue that they sold them cheap

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Years ago

Thought the uniforms looked great for a one off.
Was heaps of interest in the Blackout jerseys on the 36ers FB page when it was announced.
Why didnt they take pre orders ready to pick up on game night?
Supply problem perhaps?

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Years ago

I like that there were so few black out tops. Makes them unique...although I think that because I got one.

As far as merch this season, I'm always checking in for arrival dates of any new tops or whatever. Been wanting one of the team warm up tops. From what ive heard, they may have been issues with current supplier. Hopefully something that will change soon along with all other problems this league has to endure related to contracts signed by BA.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

You do realise black is the breakers colour don't you?

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Years ago

The Sixers' blackout jerseys were far better than anything the Breakers have come up with.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Should do it agen
Seems the Crows are wearing the State jumper!
and selling 250 of them !!

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Years ago

I wasn't aware the Breakers had trademarked the colour black.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Seemed pretty good out there.
Frye haters vied with each other in lugubriosity

Seems the crows won't wear the state jumper

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Years ago

the merchandise is not a big issue as far as im concerned. yes I would have liked a blackout Guernsey however I also would like to buy another original Clipsal clapper but gee whiz, they don't see them anymore. noise pollution? how bout a bugle?

team intro sucked. was broken up. perhaps could have thought about it better however, it was what it was.

the game itself, had it all. no qualms about that.

having limited tops wasn't a bad idea. its a novelty. either its gonna be a hit or miss. if it misses the mark, who pays for it?

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