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Mitch Creeks best position?

Just throwing it out there, what do people think Mitchs best position is?

I have seen him used at sf/sg/pf, where would you want him to be played in the long run,

Personally with his skill set, strength, athleticism, and the fact he had great success in junior world champs playing there i reckon its PF, think Mackinnon/Vukona type, a little undersized height wise, but very athletic and has a good nose for the ball. I reckon you could get a solid 15pts 8 rebounds out of him at an efficient rate at the PF spot in the next few years if you give him around 25 mins court time. I have seen Joey use him there at times and liked it. Also it helps cover his not overly strong, but improving, perimiter game, especially offensively.

Also this year, given we have gone with a import sf and then started Teys over him at sf, i also half expect them to find a import sf again, it doesnt look like Joey is thinking he is the long term answer at sf, and if we wanna keep him, which i do, i reckon we need to start him next season and play him some good minutes, i also reckon he is ready for it and would do well with extra responsibility.

Also take into account Petrie is in his early 30s and Johnson looks a good chance to be elsewhere, I wouldnt mind seeing Creek and Schenscher start at pf/c backed up by Petrie and Anthony (still 20+ mins for Petrie, im a big fan) and grab a import sf who can shoot the ball from range, KB mould would be perfect, possibly use the marquee player on this spot if the club is planning to use it.

Anyway thats my theory more for next season onwards than tonight, but where do others think Creeks best position is and future role in the team (hoping he stays long term) should be?

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I agree.

Need to keep core group together even if we lose dj. You dont win titles changing the team every year. Go as:

Schench peach
Creeky bj
Import seabl young gun
Gibbo teysy
Ervin cadee

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Years ago

No way Creek is a great SF and I think he would be suited to a point forward role.

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Perhaps dump bj or seabl young gun for another solid big man if anything. In the jervis / tragardh mold.

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BJ is under contract for next season.

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I'm a huge Mitch Creek fan but he will not reach his potential on this 36ers roster. Wollongong would be ideal for his development IMO.

I disagree about him playing PF. He needs to play that slashing SF role where he will have more freedom. And sorry but I'm not benching Petrie for Creek at this stage.

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Years ago

I like your projected line up Mick, i would try and keep Carter though.

Id try and go with

Creek/BJ Anthony
Import (KB 2.0)/Teys
Ervin/Cadee (or Daly if Cadee leaves)

Obviously keep Johnson if he wants to stay, he has had a great season, but am assuming he will be overseas.

I'd go after Cam Bairstow pretty hard aswell to replace Johnson, may mean we get a cheaper import sf, but would be well worth it imo as i am a fan of what ive seen, and we may be able to out bid/be competitive with teams like the Crocs (offer him a fair chunk of DJ's cash) whilst being able to offer a more winning environment.

I sort of half expect Cadee to leave for a bigger role and am not wanting to put him in the starting group ahead of Ervin (import pg), so in that instance would just bring Daly into the 10, which would help a little with any potential points cap/salary cap squeeze.

I'm putting Creek into a bigger role to try and keep him, as i doubt he will stick around to come off the bench next year either, and i reckon we can less afford to lose Creek and i reckon he could be as good as a Mackinnon/Abercrombie type so is a real nice Aussie player to build around, whilst i dont mind Cadee im not sure if he will get to that level and if i had to lose one id lose Cadee, but ideally both will stay.

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Years ago

Mitch is talented enough to fill many holes for a coach; although I always feel his handles and game IQ have been left behind due to his remarkable athleticism.

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Carcus Mamby  
Years ago

I haven't seen creek defend the low post well, I think he will just always get posted up and scored on by bigger and stronger PFs.
And I want Petrie starting 4 next season again, he has done nothing wrong to be demoted to a backup 5
Saying that schensher has been a boss off the bench the last half of the season I think should stay there

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

On the bench. I agree with anon, i can't deny his athleticism but his basketball IQ seems low.

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Totally agree, being a bench warmer is where he is best suited

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Ok cool, the concensious seems that he is pretty much suited to the role he is now, off the bench as a back up forward and keep Petrie starting, i am also a fan of Petrie and still would have had plenty of minutes for him, even if he was off the bench.

My next question is, does Creek stay if thats his role here, or will he take a offer from another team to get more minutes/bigger role/more money?? He is young with heaps of potential im sure he will get some offers.

I personally dont want to lose him, and would love to see how he goes in a bigger role here, but will be interesting to see what happens.

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Years ago

NBA 2-3. NBL 3-4. Internationally 3 (maybe 4 later in career when stronger). He should start next year, will make another big step up methinks.

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No way do i see him as a 4. Its a 3 with some 2. He needs to be running the lanes and pressing on D.

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Years ago

On essendons list

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Years ago

I still can't believe he was at the AIS! He is no good!

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