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Some great things about the Boomers and this Forum

I thought I might write some things as a long-time lurker in this forum...

First. I think this is a great site. I assume Isaac is the one who runs it though he may have help but I just wanted to start with a general thanks to those who do post and start discussions. This is my first point of contact when I feel I need a fix of basketball news or when searching for a way to view an international game. So, yes, basically, I'd pay to come on here if there was a good way to do so, the ads are not obtrusive, and I've actually visited some of the ads out of interest because they're basketball related.

Second. I think there are a lot of great people on this site. I like the excitement building up to the game, the armchair analysis that is usually better than any commentary (I thought Heal and Casey were often just awful throughout this tournament for instance: How many times at the free-throw stripe is there some sort of inane comment like "He's a 60% career f/t so you'll expect him to make at least one of these." Groan.) Really they need to go back to the basics, Casey needs to work on his play-by-play someone who could actually do analysis and someone for colour. But back to this forum, there just seem to be a lot of nice people here who share an addiction that isn't easy to feed in Australia. Like the person who put the points/minutes etc together for all of the Boomers for the warmup games. I hope that sort of thing could be picked up by another blog (like downtown for instance- and while I'm plugging things their Downtown podcast is good- Liam and Tommy have a good rapport.) Nice is important, I don't know if people will agree but Australian basketballers have always seemed like nice guys who have to do a little more media to get noticed, have to travel a little more to form a career and are grateful and gracious...I think this is why we get involved with their success and hope that they can get the pay-day that is an NBA minimum contract. And we know how difficult it would be to join that club of 500 or so NBA athletes.

Third. Sometimes when something really big happens like the Angola tank, this forum makes for compelling reading... In those 300+ comments before, during and after that game ran threads of real thought, differing opinions and some madness and some of the usual comment-hell. Those comments really shaped my opinion on the matter... I'll write more on this if this is well-received/or actually works when I push post...

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Good post, Jon.

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Ah, it worked, okay, well I'll go on...

Fourth let's get to the Boomers.

I'm often asked what it is I like about basketball and it's a question I get a lot. Especially when you say you're getting up at 4 to watch a game and in a city where the newspapers have 30 pages of AFL news at this time of year. I get labelled as an Ameriphile as I'm sure some people on this Forum do.

I think this wouldn't apply to being a young kid now, and I'll bet a young kid could still get into basketball by playing it and through YouTube, but I'll bet a lot of people on this forum have a similar history to me.

I played basketball at school, I used to be a Canberra Cannons fan (jeepers Phil Smythe was awful in those pre-game and half-time spots- and as a player he was pretty boring too...Cannons had some great teams though.) and I went to most home matches before they dissolved... I remember going to the Palace for a Russian match and maybe one against Lithuania? Also when the globetrotters came.

But I think it would be hard to be an adult and get into basketball and the nbl now if you hadn't had those touchpoints growing up: I can imagine a kind of reverse-Ludovico technique where you might lock a significant other up in a room, and you could line up some League Pass games, show them some old Jordan games, maybe hoop dreams or Hoosiers? Get them to read...(suggestions? I haven't read many good basketball books.) But at the end of it what would you kind of tell them to do next? In some cities/towns you might buy season tickets to your NBL franchise.. but maybe you'd be better to just lay down a credit card, buy league pass and follow the spurs...

Okay I'll post this and then wrap up with some thoughts on this tournament...

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Thanks anon 492754! I'll continue because I know you're reading!

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Fifth- The Boomers in this tournament

This is a tough one. I look forward to people's player grades for the comp because I think that would be an interesting read.

Here's what I wish- I wish I'd got my significant other up to watch the Lithuania match and told them to skip the Mexico and Angola.

So that Lithuania game, Joe Ingles was shooting the ball so well it probably covered a multitude of sins... but people better at me have talked about the pace and the trap/semi-press and those turnovers and it really seemed like this was the style of basketball that we were fit enough and deep enough to play. oh well. A lot of things went right that night.

But getting my SO to watch Lithuania would have made more sense when as I was saying to them througout the day in a kind of headshaking way: "I think Australia are going to throw this match to Angola...And I *think* I support it..."

It put me in a funny mood...there are some good comments in that thread that sum up the feelings (and there are ones that go into both rage-filled yelling and jingoism -read over those ones).

Let's skip to Angola. It was weird to watch, it actually made me almost queasy... but I supported this 'tournament play' and I do believe Lithuania would have done something similar...

But with the benefit of hindsight I think it was a mistake... I think it messes with confidence and with a coaches' messaging...I think the 'resting' benefit of players in this tournament is bad too- Dellavedova, Baynes and Ingles need to shoot the ball- you need to inject Ingles into that game and remind him that he can be an impact player.

That pretty chance-y baby hook of Baynes needs nightly repetition against top quality opponents, no?

You need to make people fear Dellavedova and Ingles from outside so that they get that room to move and can drive and dish...

But things can turn out to be a mistake in hindssight - I support Lemanis' roll of the dice...and the players did what they could and did what they were told...

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really enjoyed reading this

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Thanks Balla- let me just use that as a springboard to another thing- it goes back to this being a nice place- people thanking others for a bit of text or finding stats and (where necessary) politely disagreeing with each other!

There's a good example of a great discussion happening in GWB's thread at the moment (Where to now...) and a pretty troll-y comment in the middle that's just deftly skipped over- the best way a wise crowd can handle it.

Again, thanks Balla. I kind of wonder why so many people post anon? Can anyone recommend me a Basketball book for post-WC withdrawals?

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