Years ago

36ers and nbl is boring

Is it just me or does anyone else think the NBL and in particular the 36ers have been really boring to watch this season!
I just don't get excited watching any of the players we have got this season. Even when we win games it's boring. I think the only way the sixers are really going to generate some excitement is to get two or at least one nba level import who has the same type of game and on court personality of a wilie Farley!
I don't care if Brock motom just got cut from the nba, you can't tell me he's going to bring excitement from what he does on the court!
Perth have had the best import combinations of the past two years and theres no surprise that they have the biggest crowds at the same time.
It's because they have two American imports who are awesome atheltes/players who bring people to the games!
imagine the excitement if the sixers had two nba level imports who could play/ dunk and get the crowd involved!

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Years ago

I disagree, and after reading your post, find this to be the most boing thing associated with the NBL so far.

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mr ginger  
Years ago

I just read your heading didn't read the post, because

all nbl teams and the nbl game is boring.

only clowns that watch it are family members of the league and kids of parents that can't afford fox or nba pass.

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Years ago

So you 2 are one and the same id take it. If you don't like the league, piss off then... negative threads get no one anywhere. Tall poppy syndrome alive and well.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

I understand where you're coming from Baller, but I see a different reason for it . I've been a season ticket holder since 1985, and have seen many different things over time; for me the thing that's missing now is SA born and bred players. We've gone from having a team full of SA players in the mid to late eighties(plus imports) to having only 1 or 2 now, and they're not frontline players like Pearce,Ali,Mc kay, Maher etc.
I'm not involved at local level anymore, so I can't say wether the players are going OSeas or to different comps

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Years ago

I think overall the league has a tendency to be a bit boring (especially the games broadcasted on ONE I mean what the hell is going on!!) but it's not that bad. And I actually think that Adelaide play one of the best brands of basketball to watch in the league. Did you watch the game on Sunday? You seem like one of those people that just like to watch dunks.

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Years ago

agreed with your last comment anon

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Years ago

Perhaps they need to cover the floor with trampoline's..... that slamball concept was fun and had lots of dunks.

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Years ago

i disagree after watching some Eurocup games the past few days, i reckon the NBL is really lively. Its amazing what a good crowd can do

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Years ago

try going to the games and see if you enjoy it. the atmosphere at the last 2 games was great.
Definitely things could be better but its still pretty good entertainment for 25 bucks.

I have league pass and love the NBA but there is also something about watching the Aussie style of play. Basketball is not all about dunks and 1 on 1 isolation plays, its a team sport. Try sitting 5 rows back at a NBA game for 25 bucks. The NBA have more money to put into players, stadiums and the extra entertainment.

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Years ago

If you are bored with it don't watch it.
Watch soccer instead. Or cricket. it doesn't matter what sport you watch these days, most of them have become so professional that there is very little flair or personality shown by players. Every player has a role to play and every team and sport needs to keep a clean image to keep the sponsors dollars coming in.

Even Aussie Rules, once a fiece combat sport now has developed styles of play which are boring, lots of short sideways or backwards kicks to avoid any chance of a contested play.

Soccer and any variation of rugby all have long periods of play where nothing happens.

I think the interest is in appreciating the various skills on display. The excitement comes from caring about the result.

I'm loving the up tempo 36ers game at the moment!

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Years ago

Amazing to see that some people that consider the game and the Sixers to be boring posting on a basketball forum expressing their dis interest. I would say F&C* off. The NBL and the Sixers don't need token fans like you both.

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Years ago

"imagine the excitement if the sixers had two nba level imports who could play/ dunk and get the crowd involved!"

- this comment makes me laugh. its like this; if you attend a wedding and don't get involved and then claim you didn't enjoy it, whos fault is that?

I had 3 guys sit next to me last year, they moved to the south side cos they thought the group we are in, were weird. difference was, they sat there and criticized every play, every move and every substitution. we feel that making some noise, cheering even when not playing well has its benefits.

im not sure why you don't find it like last year, however like others have dually said; if u don't like it, find another sport. 36ers have 24000 likes, 24000 people don't attend matches! add yourself to the list perhaps

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Years ago

GWB/Baller how many games have you been to this season? Watching it on the TV is not the same as being there!

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Years ago

Really enjoy watching Adelaide. They play at the fastest pace in the league which is entertaining

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Years ago

swish +1

As a reflection of this view, several years ago a visitor from the USA was telling me about his experience of his first Aussie Rules footy game. In his view, the tactics used by the winning team (the Crows, as it happened) were the same as used by Spain in winning the soccer World Cup a year previously.

You commonly hear commentators lamenting that their sport has been spoiled by teams adopting tactics from other sports. All those Aussie Rules commentators complaining about too much handball and the game looking like basketball! That's been the impact of professionalising sports. Analysis to understand what works and what doesn't, then the coaches coach to the formula and the player have to play to it.

The interesting thing has been the different custodians of professional games now always looking for rule and other changes to make the games more attractive and entertaining for customers, to compensate for the perceived problems some of the tactics create. e.g., the NBL's changes in refereeing last year; the AFL's banning of the intentional running of the ball through for a behind; soccer's penalising of dives.

So I'm with swish. The entertainment comes from enjoying the quality of the skills on offer or having an emotional stake in seeing who wins.

That's also why people pay to watch professional poker and darts, by the way. So if you find something boring and thousands of other people don't, then it's probably more about you than the sport. Go 36ers!

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Years ago

The OP may be missing something which has been changing the sporting landscape in basketball and other sports that rely on closing down an opposing team with clinical and team defence.

While we have acknowledged the facts that coaches are adapting and scouting better than ever and the rules or the officials are trying to adapt to this and make the game (and other sports) more attractive for the viewer; there is something people are forgetting and that something is unavoidable...


The amount of video and the ease with which sports coaches and scouts are able to analyse information on other teams, their players and the way they play is astounding and it is only getting bigger.

My point it simply this, we are in an age of technology that is taking over faster than we can comprehend ( me anyways ) and sport in some ways benefits from this, but in other ways it may not be what we were used to...

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Years ago

Woot, is this the thread when we are allowed to stick the boot into Adelaide?

*Hits Adelaide down a bit

Damn boring city. Churches, parks... fun times

Anyway, I dont think the NBL boring at all. When you have a Monster version overseas of course you are going to find the local scaled down version a bit.. well.. boring at times.

Like Ive said in other posts, I just became a Wildcats members for the first time ever. I go to games not just for the baskeball experience but because of the atmosphere and the game day experience I get. I know next to nothing about the rules of the game. I just enjoy the spectacle.

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Years ago

I find NBA boring for the most part. I sometimes wish that they would just play basketball. The uncontested dunks from constant iso plays with no real defence doesn't excite me. Plus, they play way too many games which lessens their importance, with teams often posting their performances in.

I follow NBA results and watch game highlights occasionally, but rarely watch games until the playoffs.

Give me the NBL, which I can support closely, locally and in person, any day.

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Years ago

The NBL and the NBA don't use the same ball do they? I'm pretty sure Spalding is the official supplier of the game balls in both leagues, but I don't think it's the same ball. I only ask because that can have an effect (however small) on how the game looks. To my untrained eye the NBL ball seems heavier as players often seem to have a higher dribble. Obviously that could just be because the level of ball handling is higher in the NBA, but that's something I've noticed. Can anyone comfirm/deny this observation?

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Years ago

I agree with XY we all know the NBA has better talent but NBA basketball is so boring, I watched a game last week (Lakers/Clippers) and was constantly fidgeting and trying to find other things to do. NBA games just drag on and on and on and that's before getting to the ordinary defence.

Granted NBA regular season games aren't as excruciating as all-star games but they're heading that way. IMO, the only NBA games I can handle watching are playoff games.

I certainly can understand some not loving watching the NBL as it's inferior talent to the NBA but for mine the team basketball aspect, actually trying on defence and games that don't drag on make it a more enjoyable viewing experience.

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Years ago

+1 XY

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The Situation  
Years ago

I hate to say this being from Perth but todays Wildcats game was boring.

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