Years ago

if nba playoffs started tomorrow


Golden State v Oklahoma
Memphis v San Antonio
Houston v Dallas
Portland v Clippers

If u put a healthy Durant back into OKC all 4 of these series could be upsets! Westbrook is unstoppable right now.
Pop would pull something out for Spurs.
Clipps playing well & Portland falling.
No way Harden can carry Houston without Howard in best of 7.

Gotta love how tight the west is!!

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Years ago

Even when they do start, the west are going to have some great playoff matches and I'm expecting plenty of upsets!

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Years ago

Mavs have beaten Rockets all 4 times they have played this season already, they'd very likely upset them!

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Years ago

I'm probably going to get grilled for this, but for me Russell Westbrook is the best player in the league. Hands down.

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Years ago

p.s. Has an NBA team ever had two former league MVP's on the same team? (let alone at the peak of their careers)

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Years ago

Right now, GSW to win it all, they only have to be at their best at the end of the season and no one will get over them!

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Years ago

Bear I'd agree as long as they can avoid Memphis.

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Years ago

'p.s. Has an NBA team ever had two former league MVP's on the same team? (let alone at the peak of their careers)'

Probably, but I'd guess they weren't sitting 8th in their conference if they did. :p

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Years ago

Houston had Olajuwon and Barkley, LA had Malone and Kobe, Cleveland had Shaq and LeBron

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Years ago

Cousy and Russell (5 MVPs between them) - 1950s Celtics

Johnson & Abdul-Jabbar (9 MVPS between them) - 1980s Lakers

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Years ago

It's pretty hard to argue against that right now MACDUB, although I would still take the field over any particular player at the moment.

I've always said, "imagine if Durant and Westbrook switched brains". Durant would average 40+, Westbrook would defer to him and they'd be a better team. As it stands, Wesbtrook has become the alpha dog. It's his team.

And yes there have been teams with multiple MVPs, although the only one where they won them each back to back and were both in their prime was Cousy and Russell on the Celtics in the 50s.

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@the doctor
LA had 3 then, Kobe (who is hard to count as he hadn't earned his yet at the time), Malone and Shaq. Hell, as it stands now, Lakers have 2 with Kobe and Nash.

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Years ago

Robinson and Duncan on the Spurs.

Garnett and Shaq on the Celtics.

Nash and Shaq on the Suns.

Erving and Moses Malone on the 76ers.

Kareem and Oscar on the Bucks.

Bird and Walton one the Celtics.

Mills and Baynes on the Spurs.

There are a few more examples but think of them off the top of my head.

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Years ago

Mills and Baynes LMFAO...

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Years ago

but they don't

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Years ago

Agree Macdub - westbrook is totally awesome right now. He could have scored 80 in the ASG if he'd played the 48. Unstoppable!!

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