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Kings report card

Childress (absent) - I feel for him. Best player in the NBL when he actually is fit. Good enough to transform a franchise.
Garlepp FAIL - has gone backwards since last season. Should just be a bench hustle guy, not a key player.
Khazzouh FAIL - Most disappointing player in the NBL? Way too many plays where he dithers about the 3 point line. Needs more touches in the post.
Thornton FAIL - College record is v good which makes me wonder if mid-major college ball is all that. His stats probably look OK, but don't show his complete refusal to play defence. Plus he has no instinct to involve others, just keeps jacking shots. Plays dumb. The closest he will get to the NBA is playing NBA2k16.
Cadee PASS Never rated him as high as some, good pace and can get to the hoop but a streaky shooter who can go stone cold. Would be very good as a bench heat check guy, ain't a starting PG. Gets a pass more because he has lived up to my lower expectations.

Carter FAIL Has gone into quick decline after being handy in previous years. Just can't shoot.
Brandt FAIL Couple of good games here and there, but failed to build on good rookie season. Wouldn't be surprised if he became a star under a good coach/system though.
Hill FAIL Tried out with the San Antonio Spurs FFS so I expected more. OK at rebounding, not outstanding at any one skill.
Markovic FAIL/absent. Wasn't a fan of this signing on purely basketball grounds. Just wasn't a factor for Crocs last year, can't penetrate. If Kings knew of his off-field struggles it just makes the signing even dumber.
Prewster PASS OK 10th man type. Has something to his game now but won't ever be a star.
Hodgson (incomplete) Barely seen him, apparently is ok.

Harrington DUX Even when down on conditioning and not really coming to terms with our 2nd rate refs, this guy was silk. Wish he was here full time.

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New coach made all the difference, didn't he.....?

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Years ago

I'll hold off judgement for a while, but they were flat as pancakes so it is concerning. Even mediocre coaches usually enjoy a bit of success at the start as the team is fired up by the change in personnel.

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Years ago

I have nothing against the new coach, he will do his best just like the old one, but my point was about the decision and the fact it didn't make any difference because the issues are still there and they may not have been the coach to be honest...

But yeah, I hope they can work it out and end the season on some highs, it isn't pretty at the moment.

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Years ago

Agree their problems go way beyond Cotter and the roster is full of holes. Cotter apparently wanted Lisch instead of Thornton and it is clear out of those 2 who is the better NBL player.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

I think Hill and Grant have huge potential but need to be coached or mentored properly. Brandt could learn a lot from a veteran like Tragardh - he got schooled tonight.

Kings just need someone like Lisch or Damien Martin with a cool head who can run the show. Cadee is a joke and is very lucky to be playing in the league, especially as a starter.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

Sorry meant Brandt not Grant.

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Years ago

Brandt had 16 points in 13 mins tonight. He's had much worse games though his turnovers were bad

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Years ago

Did the coaches argue with each other tonight ? At times looked like the new coach had no interest in what ever his assistants had to say but maybe he knows it all already?

Also Rucker mentioned that there are too many of the same type of guards and the big men are not athletic .... Maybe he was kind not to say that some of the bigs simply are too soft and lazy ....Carter looks to have dropped completely off this year shocking !

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Years ago

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Years ago

Yep I'd give them a big F as I had them winning the Championship this season and they have been dreadful.

Still really hate the anomaly that has had Wildcats play breakers 4 times, Crocs, 36ers and Hawks 3 times, Taipans twice, United once and Kings NOT AT ALL.

Let's look for positives:

Cadee is getting exposed to starting for an NBL team, he may not be worthy or making the most of the chance but he isn't the reason why they are losing and we are atleast seeing him exposed to the rigours of running the team instead of playing behind an American (and Gibson).

Brandt played better tonight and if the coach likes what he sees enough then maybe Khazzouh gets his minutes reduced and he has to play harder to get them back and that produces competition within the team and maybe running twin towers could be ran as well.

Um Childress' hand issue seemed to be the one he didn't break earlier in the season... We all have some love for J Chill but surely we knew he was injury prone/cursed.

I honestly can't think of many other positives other than other teams aren't exactly miles ahead of them and it still wouldn't feel like Sydney winning another game during December would be an upset, they have the talent

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Years ago

Brandt offers more offensively but defensively has very poor lateral movement and needs good help out around him but shows some promise. Kazoo shown he is soft but has touch but needs a rocket, and his D is soft as well.
Cadee has quickness and looks like he could play but as soon as behind let's chuck up threes. Needs to work on his D as well and team game.
Thornton should be let go, shown nothing and doesn't look interested. Again can't play D, be nice if Markovic could fill the whole rest of season or play there young guys.
Hill needs more time and shows promise. There is still some players on the roster to work with, should give all more time to see who can and can't play.
Sacking Cotter probably was not the smartest move but the players never seemed to dig deep for him. Kings management should let the new guy get into the rest guys and see who can stand the heat, nothing to lose now you never no what might happen.
One game at a time now for kings, season done.

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i think the effort increased from the players BUT, they fell down with basics,
giving up rebounds!
terrible choice of passes giving turnovers!
terrible execution of passes giving turnovers!
lack of awareness!
JK not leading, jumping to receive the high pass into the key!

I liked the energy of coach joe, but must of the TO were wasted talking with the assistant coaches instead of the players. No player in this team would make an all star team on current performance.

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Years ago

Yeah I was just thinking the other day I hadnt seen my Wildcats play the Kings yet. What gives?

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Years ago

Well said Anonymous #569006.

That summed up the team perfectly. You can add Childress who might be the best player in the NBL but that's meaningless when he's injured more than not.

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Years ago

Spot on Jick best report card i have read

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Years ago

The kings are doomed if you do an honest report card this is what you will see.

Cotter = equals great guy lots of basketball knowledge but not a leader of men !

Carter = time to leave has been able to help from the bench but time to go.

Cadee = would have never made NBL without the old boy network was good junior but 4 or 5 guards around that were better but did not get the help he has. Cannot and will not play defense selfish and bench player at best.

Brandt = a tough guy but is at best a bench player maybe 5 mins a game. Will try hard for the team.

Markovic = I know Cotter would never sign a guy like him who ever had the idea to sign him has no idea !

Garlepp = great guy team player is not a starter in a good team but defiantly NBL player from the bench

Khazzouh = great talent no ticker such a shame has the skills to dominate but not the heart or desire !

Prewster = has enough talent to make most rosters as a role player off the bench !

Thornton = not sure about him but should not have been signed could have got local nearly as good for less money!

Management Team = worst in the league say no more

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Years ago

Anonymous #569222

Exactly on all above.

You missed Jerome Hill , very handy should share time with Garlett.
Childress gun, always injured.

Be interesting to see if new coach can get any effort and make changes,.
Thornton pretty average would punt and try local kids. They have a few training with them.
Very hard to play team defence when some of the starters don't think it's part there job.

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Years ago

yes sorry forgot Hill handy player and i saw him 6 years ago when he was a kid and he can hit the 3 as well another good bench player at this point !

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Years ago

it's easy to write up a report card when everyone stinks and is an F apart from one or two

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