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BA names Opals 2016 squad

The Jayco Opals 2016 squad:

First Name Surname Club
1 Rebecca Allen SEQ Stars
2 Suzy Batkovic Townsville Fire
3 Sara Blicavs Dandenong Rangers
4 Abby Bishop University of Canberra Capitals
5 Natalie Burton Perth Lynx
6 Elizabeth Cambage Shanghai
7 Stephanie Cumming Dandenong Rangers
8 Katie-Rae Ebzery Sydney Uni Flames
9 Cayla George Townsville Fire
10 Madeleine Garrick Melbourne Boomers
11 Kelsey Griffin Bendigo Spirit
12 Laura Hodges Bourges (France)
13 Lauren Jackson University of Canberra Capitals
14 Rachel Jarry SEQ Stars
15 Alice Kunek Melbourne Boomers
16 Tessa Lavey Perth Lynx
17 Tess Madgen Melbourne Boomers
18 Lauren Mansfield SEQ Stars
19 Carley Mijovic Perth Lynx
20 Leilani Mitchell Adelaide Lightning
21 Erin Phillips LA Sparks
22 Elyse Penaluna Melbourne Boomers
23 Belinda Snell Bendigo Spirit
24 Stephanie Talbot University of Canberra Capitals
25 Penny Taylor Phoenix Mercury
26 Marianna Tolo
27 Kelly Wilson Bendigo Spirit

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Years ago

Fingers crossed...
I believe we can only take 1 naturalised player out of Mitchell and griffin.

Most likely...

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Years ago

I Don't think Jackson will be fit and ready and if she is, will probably be a better fit at the centre position instead of pf.
Batkovic having such a stellar season makes it hard for her to make the team Imo.
Add Francis and tolo which makes it that much more unlikely.

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Years ago

You don't think Jackson will be fit? What could possibly make you think that?

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Years ago

She has a problem with her knee Currently I believe.

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Years ago

Kunek and Liz in the mix, that would be some interesting training drills to watch.

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Years ago

Couple of matters?

1. No Jenna O'Hea?

2. Why does Joyce have so many at camp? Surely time better spent working with a more select crew in the final months before Olympics? Why waste time and money.

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Years ago

The 2014 worlds squad in which we got the bronze was..
A 6'3 starting pf and a 6'2 backup centre is quite small.

Cambage at 6'8, Jackson or batkovic at 6'5 and moving George 6'4 and possibly tolo 6'5 over to pf will definitely improve the front line.
Very necessary since we be will probably be going up against a bunch of larger teams than previously encountered.

Possible front lines...
6'8 Griner, 6'6 Fowles, 6'4 Charles, 6'5 della Donne, 6'4 Parker, 6'4 ogwumike, 6'4 Stewart etc

6'6 Ndour, 6'5 lyttle, 6'3 Gil, 6'3 Nicholls, 6'3 Torrens etc

6'6 Hamblin, 6'6 potter, 6'5 Boogard, 6'4 Alexander, 6'4 bulgak, 6'3 achonwa, 6'3 ayim etc

6'5 Souza, 6'4 dantas, 6'4 colhado etc

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Years ago

This is the squad for camps ahead of any games I think. The release said something about it quickly being dropped to 20?

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Years ago

27 really seems quite excessive to me considering the games are now only months away.

And yeah I too am curious to know what the real deal is with Jenna O'Hea. On playing ability there's no way she's not in our best 27. Ditto when it comes to experience with and against elite players.

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Years ago

Ohea is our best sf.

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Years ago

Didn't O'Hea make herself unavailable internationally or something, or am I making that up (and no, I'm not confusing her with Bishop)?

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Years ago

Lucky they have a sports psych helping them as there is every chance Cambage and Kunek will be in training camp 1!

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Years ago

O'hea has made it clear she doesn't want to play for Opals and wants to play internationally. IMO we don't need anyone who doesn't want to be there.

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Years ago

I thought it was that she an issue with the team or they had an issue with her.

I've met her before, she seemed much more genuine and down to earth compared to some of the others I've met.

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Years ago

I know that in 2014 she chose her WNBA team over the Opals qualifying commitments and it cost her a spot. I remember at the time thinking there was something a bit shady about the way it all went down, but I don't recall the details.
It seems that there is more compromise being made by the Opals so I would have thought Jenna might have been considered again, but on the other hand I also get the distinct impression that Jenna isn't on Joyce's favourite players list.

As I said above, my curiosity is about what the real deal is, as opposed to the official statements from both parties, and I know I'm unlikely to ever find that out.
And yes, in my limited interactions with her she has always come across as pretty down to earth and amiable.

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Years ago

O'hea chose WNBL none of the girls chosen wil be going to the US. They had to choose

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Years ago

Sorry chose WNBA

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Years ago

Ha? Didn't Taylor just resign to Mercury...

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Years ago

Taylor and Phillips are playing WNBA this season with Joyce's blessing

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Years ago

USA maybe?

Della Donne/Parker/Charles

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Years ago

Unfortunately we are in a holding pattern until the next generation comes through. Penny and LJ etc are going to their last Olympics.

In 8 years we will be back in town. This and the next Olympic campaigns will be hard to watch.

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Years ago

for anyone who had a bad day and needs a good laugh before bed

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Years ago

Gone beyond rio? Phillips, Mitchell, snell, Taylor, ohea, hodges, Jackson, batkovic.
Opals future... U30y.o?
5'10 Cole/5'7 lavey
6'1 Allen/6'1 jarry/5'10 ebzery
6'2 Talbot/6'2 Blicavs
6'4 George/6'4 penaluna/6'2 griffin
6'8 cambage/6'5 tolo

Next in line potentially....
Pg 5'7 Mansfield/5'10 Garrick
Sg 5'10 madgen/5'10 cumming
Sf 6'2 kunek/6'1 Murray
Pf 6'4 burton/6'5 mijovic
C 6'5 bunton/6'5 scherf

College seniors a possibility?

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hanging Round  
Years ago

Are you permitted to take dummy's to training camps in case you can't see the funny side of a joke? (& need to have a spit)
"Hey Erin, your Dad wore footy boots!"

Looks like a great group to choose from and let's hope they bring home the Gold after being so close.

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Years ago

Wow, FIBA be trollin'

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Years ago

Ohea may not be on Joyce's fav player list but I'm sure the feeling would be mutual

Or maybe she's msking a living for herself while she can .... You don't get paid to be an opal , unlike every other country who actually pay their players.

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Years ago

Is getting paid 50,000 or so in the wnba worth giving up an Olympic spot?
Imo it's not.

Getting paid 500,000 to 1 mill in China or Russia definitely is.
But ohea is obviously not on that level. Cambage, taurasi, Moore and Parker are though...

Anyone know how much she might get for playing in France?

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Years ago

It makes no sense they would say O'Hea gets dropped from consideration for that reason but not Taylor or Phillips. Happy to read Phillips is back in form. What is Taylor up to anyway? She didn't go to Jan's Rio Test Event but she was replaced by Moore in China in early Dec.

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Years ago

I know for certain O'Hea has made herself available for selection but isn't a favorite of Joyce.

Bishop is going to WNBA as well so O'Hea playing over there isn't the issue.

The issue is Joyce. How he continues to pick Burton is laughable.

If the Opals medal in Rio it will have nothing to do with Joyce as the majority of the team can't stand him!

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Years ago

It is a common double standard. Rules made some player that don't apply to others.

At the end of the day Joyce did not want Jenna in his squad. Regardless of her talent he did not want her to be an Opal.

A player of Jenna's calibre is well inside the top 12 top Australia women's players.

Basketball Australia should really be thinking what the hell is going on. WNBA don't sign people year after year for not meeting the standard.

Good luck to Jenna for the 2016 season of WNBA. Your hard work and dedication has been noticed and rewarded.

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Just Very Old  
Years ago

Most of the underperforming opals coaches had their "captain's (non)Picks"

Cadee = x Sporn
Graf = x Philips
Joyce = x O'Hea ( but in compensation +++ Burton)

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Years ago

Seriously though ... What is the deal with Joyce picking burton?
She hasnt proved herself in any game I've ever seen. She can run and is quite athletic but has a very poor feel for the game resulting in almost no points and a few rebounds every time she plays.

joyce would put her ahead of cambage, batkovic, Jackson, tolo, Francis, hodges, griffin, penaluna? Umm hell no!

Something definitely going on...

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Caps Fan  
Years ago

ADoJ ?

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Years ago

Do you people not read the propaganda oops I mean articles on the FIBA website? She's one of the most important Opals so of course he is going to pick her. He'd be mad not to!

Being real for a moment .. I have nothing at all against Nat. She started with the Waves, and is now an integral player in the Lynx post rotation. She's a crucial part of our title aspirations, and I'm looking forward to tuning in to support her and the team tomorrow.
So I don't mean anything negative towards her personally when I post criticisms of her selection in the Opals team. But from a purely playing perspective I just don't see how she gets a spot. And that's as a Perth fan who would love to see a Perth girl there if it is justified.

Tomorrow will be a great test for her actually. Last round she was soundly beaten in the paint against Townsville, but only the people in the stadium were there to observe it, and there was also very little at stake in the game so I don't read too much into how the game went.
This time there is a lot on the line, and it's also on YouTube for everyone to view, analyse, and make their own assessments from. If Nat can break even with Suzy/Cayla it will go a long way towards winning the game for the Lynx. In her battle of contrasting styles, if Nat can demonstrate that she's able to exploit her advantages while limiting her opponent's then I'm quite happy for my opinion to be shifted when it comes to Opals selections.
She's going up against 2 players who are very strong candidates for Opals spots themselves, so you couldn't ask for a better test than this.

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Years ago

If I was netball Australia... I'd want her to switch codes. More money in it for burton, long term stability. ( not many players with her size and quickness). Would Make a great Gk with her height, length, speed and footwork. Imagine her beside 1 of geitz or layton. I'm very serious... Would be awesome for the diamonds. She would be the best gk in the world in the space of one season and guarantee gold at the commonwealth games.

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Years ago

Blicavs ahead of Talbot for opals?

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Years ago

Squad for the March 29 camp:

Rebecca Allen
Suzy Batkovic
Sara Blicavs
Abby Bishop
Natalie Burton
Elizabeth Cambage
Stephanie Cumming
Katie Rae Ebzery
Cayla George
Rachel Jarry
Alice Kunek
Tessa Lavey
Tess Madgen
Carley Mijovic
Leilani Mitchell
Erin Phillips
Stephanie Talbot
Penny Taylor

Injured/unavailable List:
•Laura Hodges
•Marianna Tolo
•Lauren Jackson
•Kelsey Griffin
•Lauren Mansfield
•Elyse Penaluna

Therefore it looks like the following have been dropped from the original list:
- Madeleine Garrick
- Belinda Snell
- Kelly Wilson

Must say I am particularly surprised about Snell. I thought that due to her experience she's be right in the mix down to the final handful of cuts.

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Years ago

Snell shouldn't have even made the world's last time.
No longer can you be a specialist. Like burton...
Garrick is a potential opal of the future and I think this was Wilsons last chance.
Imo i would also take out kunek, madgen, cumming, bishop and mijovic. No way are they making the squad.

Which leaves..
Pg/Sg 3 out of Phillips, Mitchell, lavey, Mansfield.
Sg/sf 4 out of Taylor, Allen, ebzery, jarry, Talbot, blicavs.
Pf/c 5 out of George, tolo, Hodges, griffin, penaluna, cambage, batkovic, Jackson.

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Years ago

Personally I probably wouldn't have picked Snell in my final 12, but she's had an excellent WNBL season and her experience would likely have kept her in my mix down to the last few cuts.
I agree with most of your other cuts too.
Your final list of "which leaves..." is virtually identical to the one I've been contemplating.

PG I would take Mansfield but her health is obviously a big concern at this point.

Wings & forwards are tough. Complicated a little by Tolo. Tolo of 12 months ago would be in. Unknown Tolo coming off an ACL? That's risky.
I think in the last month Suzy has played her way into my 12 probably at Cayla's expense, but then again if Tolo doesn't play we could really use Cayla's rebounding.
I'd love a healthy Penaluna in my Opals 12, but again the fact that she can't participate in camp works against her.

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Years ago

5'8 Phillips/5'7 Mansfield/5'7 lavey
6'1 Taylor/6'1 allen
6'1 Jarry/6'2 Blicavs or 6'2 talbot(tough call)
6'2 griffin/6'4 George/6'5 tolo
6'8 Cambage/6'5 batkovic

If Mitchell gets the nod and griffin booted, I'd take penaluna as a pf.

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Years ago

I'd actually scrap lavey also and add ebzery as a combo guard.

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Years ago

I would too, but I'd also still have Mitchell in my team. If I decided that we had sufficient ball-handling capability in the event of an injury then Mansfield would be the unlucky one to miss out.
I'll add that although Penny is capable of advancing the ball, we need to avoid her needing to do that. She'll need all the energy she's got at the offensive end without wearing her out with ball carrying duties. (I'll also add that Allen should not be listed as a guard even for those who want to pick a team of giants. Jarry is more a guard than Allen.)

With Erin's fairly injury-plagued last few years I'd be very tempted to take 2 genuine PGs alongside her, or at very least a combo like Ebzery as insurance. With a squad of 12 you get 2 bonus players in addition to a backup for every position. In the past we've always used one of those bonus spots for a ball handler (2014: Lavey, 2012: MacLeod, 2010: Bevilaqua, etc.) and I think that is wise.
It would not surprise me if Ebzery got in as a SG and we had 3 other PG options. The SG spot is our clear weakness IMO. And I'll bet Joyce was thankful he had Ebzery for that Rio test event when Lavey was unable to play, and that was only 3 games.

I'm thinking something like:
Mitchell, Phillips, Mansfield
Taylor, Ebzery
Jarry, Allen, Talbot?
Batkovic, Penaluna?
Cambage, Tolo

Those ? spots ... could easily be Hodges, George, Blicavs, or even Griffin/Bishop.
In all honestly I doubt Joyce will omit Hodges, and I couldn't blame him. She's a proven international performer. And I'm guessing that means Penaluna, Bishop & Griffin will miss out.
If any doubt about Tolo's ability to survive the tournament then George is an automatic in.

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Years ago

Doesn't make sense to me..
You put tolo at centre.. and batkovic at pf.
It's definitely the other way round.
Tolo has mobility, consistent mid range shot, but a poor rebounder and a smaller body. Batkovic is the opposite.

Starting 5.
Pg/sg Phillips 5'8
Sg/sf Taylor 6'1
Sf/sg Talbot 6'2
Pf/sf Griffin 6'2
C Cambage 6'8

2nd unit.
Pg/sg Mansfield 5'7
Sg/sf Jarry 6'1
Sf/sg Allen 6'1
Pf/c George 6'4
C Batkovic 6'5

Sg/pg Ebzery 5'10
C/pf Tolo 6'5

Reserves(next in line)
Pg/sg Lavey 5'7
Sf/sg Blicavs 6'2
Pf/c penaluna 6'4

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Years ago

They're both 5's to me. I listed them that way because I could see a lineup of Cambage + Batkovic working, since Suzy can step out and score away from the basket, whereas Tolo can't.
Defensively I don't particularly like the idea of either of them guarding PF's.

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Years ago

That's a handy 12 you listed btw.

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Years ago

I agree. I wouldn't put her up against della Donne or Parker as a pf. Other teams I would.
Brazil, France, Serbia, turkey, China, Belarus yes.. I would
USA, Spain, Canada, Japan no... I wouldn't.

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Years ago

After rio.. I see us falling back a few spots. The following tournament in 2019 will be a rebuilding phase I think.

Phillips, Mitchell, Wilson, Taylor, ohea, snell, griffin, hodges, Jackson, batkovic pretty much all guaranteed to not be there and not a whole lot of experienced talent to replace them.

The next crop.. Leading up to 2019...?
5'7 Mansfield/5'7 lavey
6'1 jarry/6'1 Allen/5'10 ebzery
6'2 Talbot/6'2 Blicavs
6'4 George/6'4 penaluna/6'3 bishop
6'8 cambage/6'5 tolo
On the cusp...
Cole, Garrick, seekamp, madgen, cumming, kunek.

Bright future...? U22 2020 and beyond...
5'10 wehrung/5'9 Molloy
5'11 Wallace/6'1 horvat/5'9 yaegar
6'1 sharp/6'1 bibby
6'4 smith/6'3 froling/6'5 mijovic
6'5 scherf/6'5 bunton
Many others in contention...

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Years ago

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Years ago

Article didn't make sense to me.
It says Griffin to be the replacement option to Taylor after rio...
Lol, their game is nothing alike and they play different positions.

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Years ago

Ohea has not met selection criteria.. What does that mean exactly?

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Years ago

It means she chose WNBA over the Opals this year

Boti's 12:

Phillips, Mitchell, Lavey
Jarry, Taylor
Allen, Talbot
Hodges, George
Cambage, Tolo, Batkovic

Looks around the mark to me. My only criticism is that it's a bit top-heavy I reckon, considering Joyce wants to run & press.
I had a similar selection issue ... the last 4 names listed are all worthy but I reckon we only need 3 big bigs.

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Years ago

No surprise Snell didn't make the camp, the writing was on the wall when she didn't make the Rio test squad.

O'hea not invited to camp for not making selection criteria? Taylor hasn't attended anything since Worlds '14 - make your requirements standards for everyone.

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Years ago

I think hodges is done, a 6'3 pf (almost undersized now) without a solid permiter game seems poor in today's international game.

I think George and batkovic is a nice combination upfront. Familiarity... fire teammates.

I also think Penaluna and cambage would work well together(like when they played at bulleen)

So you have 2 mobile 6'4 pfs (George, penaluna) is who can shoot from distance who are mobile, can also defend, rebound and block shots.

2 solid bodied centres, 1 6'8, 1 6'5, (ca,babe, batkovic) both who of whom can step away from the basket and post up, bang bodies whilst also providing rim protection and cleaning the glass.

Leaves 1 spot left for Jackson, tolo or griffin.
Basically a centre, a c/pf or a combo forward. Tough choice...

George being a capable centre also, I would lean towards tolo or griffin.
The international game seems to focus on transition, not sure..
Mitchell and tolo or Mansfield and griffin.

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Years ago

"I think hodges is done, a 6'3 pf (almost undersized now) without a solid permiter game seems poor in today's international game."

After Rio, for sure. But I'm not so sure she's out of the equation right now.

6 months ago she top scored for us in one of the Oceania qualifiers.
At the last worlds she started for the Opals, averaged 18 minutes and matched up pretty well against most 4's. If the USA puts Tina Charles at the 4 then she'll struggle, but against Dupree she's not a bad matchup, and against Parker or Delle Donne I give her a better chance of slowing them down than a "twin towers" type 4 like Francis. (This is where Joyce chimes in with "Burton would shut the lot of them down!!)

Purely speculation on my part, but based on recent history... I reckon Joyce may have Hodges in his default 12, and would need to see someone at the camps / friendlies step up and prove they're more deserving of the spot. If it comes down to a tight call it may be a case of going with the proven option.

Personally I'd love to see Penaluna in that spot, but she has really never been given much of a go for some reason, and time is running out, so I think her chances are slim. To me she'd make an excellent international 4. Same height as Burton and similar build, but a far better rebounder and also a solid jump shooter right out to 3 point range.

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Years ago

The front courts of other teams have completely changed since the 2014 worlds.
Hodges will have to come further away from the basket and guard much longer, taller stronger opponents.

japan, Canada, USA, Spain, Serbia, Brazil etc..

To use Canada as an example...
At the 2014 worlds they had ayim at centre(starting), the plouffe sisters at 6'3 and boogaard at 6'5 in the front court. No one else..

Now, they have 6'4 achonwa and 6'4 Alexander, both wnba.
6'4 superstar senior bulgak who can play 4 or 5
2 quality young 6'6 centres in hamblin and Potter.
Add 6'3 ayim who's a fantastic 4.
Potentially Add some young Canadian guards... Nurse, fields, Weisner, crozon.

USA go from 6'2 Dupree, 6'2 ogwumike who both can't shoot from the 3... an inexperienced 6'4 Stewart.
Now they have 6'5 della Donne, 6'4 Parker(who can play 3),a much more rounded Stewart..
Potentially Charles over to the 4 with 6'8 Griner and 6'6 Fowles at centre.
A plethora of others not to count out..

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Years ago

Absolutely. But as opponents get harder to guard, that's not just a problem for Hodges. That's a problem for anyone we put out there. Cayla George can probably hang with Charles and compete with her inside, but do we really want her getting drawn out to the perimeter to guard a Delle Donne or a Parker? Yikes.
There's no complete answer, which is why we need some flexibility in our lineup. That's why I think we can probably only afford to take 3 of the 4 big bigs mentioned earlier. Not because all 4 aren't good enough to be there, but because we should leave a spot for a more mobile option.

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Years ago

I agree, Charles doesn't offer much from distance but she's great on the boards.
i would put penaluna, George, griffin and even tolo out there on della Donne. away from the basket she's a spot up shooter or has the 1 dribble pull up.
Parker is harder to guard because she's a combo forward. Much better ball handler and has descent first step, less of a threat from long distance but gets to the hoop and stretches defences.

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Years ago

"Cayla George can probably hang with Charles and compete with her inside, but do we really want her getting drawn out to the perimeter to guard a Delle Donne or a Parker?"

She didn't prove she could effectively guard any of those players last WNBA season though.

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Years ago

Correct. She was a pretty efficient scorer for the Mercury, but her D was a glaring weakness.
It seemed to me that she had been working on that aspect of her game since returning from Phoenix, and her boxing out & rebounding has gone up a level, but the one-on-one coverage and also general awareness of who is where on the court is still a worry for me, and is the reason I didn't name her in my preliminary 12.

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Years ago

Joyce thinks he has a long run-and-gun team. Does he not realise his team has a core of Phillips, Taylor and Cambage?

Reply #583755 | Report this post

Years ago

Taurasi at 6'2? Man this guy talks some bs.

Reply #583756 | Report this post

Years ago

"Joyce thinks he has a long run-and-gun team. Does he not realise his team has a core of Phillips, Taylor and Cambage?"

He certainly didn't say that, I'd say it's more a case that he realises he needs length and speed around his stars for them to be effective and for the team to defend at a high level. It's always that balance between picking the best 12 players and the best 12 for the team. Hopefully he gets it right.

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Years ago

Its seems that are happy to put out these propaganda puff pieces for Joyce.

The last one on Burton evolving into one of the most important Opals and this most recent article on the speed needed to keep in front of a player like Lindsay Whalen (probably more justification on the upcoming selections of Burton and Lavey).

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Years ago

"When people look at the most talent, unfortunately people look at the leading scorers. But some of those players can't defend, or they don't rebound, or they don't run hard enough the whole game," he said.

Burton has already made the side; he is always talking about how she runs well.

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Years ago

Can't wait till they get rid of Joyce and lemanis...
Pisses me off.

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Years ago

Button and Lavey might well be able to run, but so can the opposition, as was proved in the WNBL season. Burton in particular still had little to no effect on the opposition, so what the hell is she going to do against even stronger international opposition...... You need to be able to do more than run for goodness sake.
Agree with above, hopefully this will be the last we see of joyce after Rio.

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Years ago

Seebohm and Goorjan please.

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