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Effect of 3 import rule

I'm curious to see how NBL teams are handling the new 3 import rule. Which teams have selected a 3rd import and what kind of level are the extra imports at? Are these spots being used on cheaper foreign talent? Are we seeing the spots go to imports that are significantly more talented than locals? Are we likely to see any significant increase in standard for what might be fewer opportunities for local players to get minutes and develop?

Some coaches worldwide seem to claim that the argument that more imports take away from opportunities for locals to play and develop, thereby limiting development opportunities and leading to a lower standard of local players. Then there are those that claim a higher standard local league, via more imprt talent, helps develop local talent as the level of competition increases.

This issue is especially important to young talent trying to enter the league. Are the 3rd imports taking away from young talent? Does it act as a disincentive for NBL teams to develop local talent when you can just recruit a pre-packaged post-college player from the US? Or is the 3 import rule basically a response to fewer young players intending to develop in the NBL, instead opting for NCAA college?

Whether the 3 import rule is good for Australian basketball all depends on the import options available, how NBL teams are using them, and the level of local talent. I'm just not sure where we stand in this respect. I'm curious to hear opinions on this. Is the NBL sacrificing local development at the expense of a marginally improved standard of competition in the NBL?

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I should also point out that this new rule comes in at a time when the league remains at an all-time low in number of teams. I could see a stronger argument for the introduction of 3 imports at a time when the league is expanding the number of teams.

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Really, I don't know whether we can judge the cheap/premium imports without hearing some numbers. None really out of the SEABL. Someone like Ferguson could be anywhere along the spectrum.

I'm of two minds about the rule. The timing is clearly bad for many players given the loss of Townsville, but ultimately the league needs to make money and gain stability, so if they can find an import set that helps bring in crowds, they should absolutely do it. If the league booms as a result, it could well put them in a position to add a couple of teams and create new jobs anyway - it's a risk worth taking.

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If a local player does not have the potential to be above the talent level of a 50-60K journeyman after then it is probably better for their long term security to move on to another career.

The 11th spot will give young players who aspire to a pro career at least a year or two to prove their worth.

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Sorry. Read paragraph 2 before one and my post might make more sense.

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The effect of the 3 import rule means more talented and entertaining players in the league, which is all the NBL and teams which are businesses are more concerned about and rightly so.

They did make an extra spot available on each roster too though.

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I agree the 3 import rule is about improving the standard of the league. The NBL was originally established as a means to develop local talent. Today it needs to be provide a high standard of entertainment to survive.
In summer the NBL competes with the Big Bash league. No-one cares where the players come from to make up the teams in the big bash, they just want to see big shots being played so they are entertained. Fans usually support their "local" team not because they know they guys playing but because they are represent the local community and they are the team you are most likely to see play live.
The AFL teams all over Australia are made up of a very large percentage of Victorian kids. There are not too many locals playing for Gold Coast or GWS.
The point is fans want to see the highest standard of their sport that they can.
Ideally the NBL will expand so more Aussies have an opportunity, but for the league to prosper it teams need ot be able to recruit the best possible players they can sustainably afford.

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We certainly have enough talent for another team and I'm glad that we have 3 imports but I still wish that we could have saved Townsville.

Import/Schenscher/Patton or Vandenberg
Import/Walker or Tragardh
Import/Maynard or Carter/Markovic/Faithfull

Yeah it isn't the strongest side but there is still evident talent there and that's just who I can think of immediately.

I think my point is that you add three of the lower credentialed import talent that we will see this season and that's still a team that you can't dismiss immediately.

I also recognise that I'm talking Austrakian and if we had another NZ team then that also adds to just how much talent we have to choose from

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Proud those 3 imports better be able to play D with that lineup.

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Yeah wrong time to bring it in. I would have brang it in, in sync with league expansion. That was probably the idea before Townsville left but it would be good to introduce 2 new teams with the new rule, so no player is out of a job.

Once we get a second Melbourne and second NZ team in, those players will be back in the league!

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I think in regards to the 3 imports also, the third important for many teams isn't much higher quality then what's available from local talent anyway

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