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Mitch Creek, Joey Wright and Training

I have to say I am a huge fan of Mitch and he is absolutely one of our most exciting players.


He has a huge hole in his game while he still visibly lacks confidence to take and make shots from range. He even hesitates at mid range shots and passes rather than taking the responsibility of shooting when he is open. He is often open because defenders know that he wont shoot so they give themselves space to close out his predictable drive.

We have all seen during the course of Mitch's development that at times he has shot sweetly and has a beautiful action and with proper attention from a good coach and a little extra work he could be our best and most pure shooter from range.

So why isn't he?

Does he put enough time into shooting at training.

Does Joey have no interest in pushing his development.

Does he lack passion to do the extra work.

He could be so much more if he was always a threat from range.

Darryl "Iceman" Pearce was asked how became so good a shooter and he basically said he did a lot of extra training and when he thought he was ready he did even more in his own time. He had the will and passion.

I believe Mitch has all he needs in talent so how could Joey help him regain his shooting confidence to the benefit of all?

Don't doubt me, I love the man he brings so many highlights to the game. I would just love to see him regain the confidence to take those outside shots!!

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Years ago

Ridiculous post.

He is more than capable of hitting the 3

2015/16 10/18 @ 55%
2016/17 11/24 @ 45%

However he is so effective in scoring inside so he should stick to his strengths. If he is open he will take it. Currently shooting at 70% this season. I'll take that over a 3.

"proper attention from a good coach" He has had plenty of good coaches helping him

"Does he put enough time into shooting at training.

Does Joey have no interest in pushing his development.

Does he lack passion to do the extra work."

stupid questions

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Years ago

Agree with Brunson... Ridiculous post.

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

You can really see his work in attacking the knees is paying dividends. Greatly improved in that area

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Years ago

Also shot over 40% at high volume (5 a game from memory) in his last Premier League season.

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Years ago

Perhaps this is actually a nice entre to a wider question: why aren't players drilled to take a good pull-up jump shot from mid range? Perhaps they are, but it doesn't show up on court.

The Sixers seem to either force the ball inside, whether or not there is potential for a good shot, settle for a 'floater' or 'runner' - invariably a low-percentage shot, since it is almost always a bail out when an inside foray fails - or retreat to outside the three-point line. Drimic will even look to see that his feet are outside the three-point line before he takes a shot, rather than taking whatever good shot is on offer.

Yet there is all that space between the keyway and the three-point line ... if only players were drilled in how to use it, with a nice little jump shot a great starting point and a pull-up off the dribble the next development stage - think Brett Maher.

I accept that this issue goes beyond the Sixers - i.e. tends to be league-wide - but for me it is a valid question for the Adelaide side. There is no doubt a well-executed mid-range jump shot can be devastating but it seems to have been all but discarded.

And no, I don't accept that the game has changed so much that a good mid-range shot no longer has a place.

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Dome Rat  
Years ago

I just love idiotic posts

go check out https://spatialjam.com/shot-machine

Creek is CAREER 47.2% from three

Next question

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Dome Rat  
Years ago

for the record Daryl Pearce was a career 41.9% 3 point shooter with a closer 3 point line

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Dome Rat  
Years ago

@Pop the answer is the midrange shot is the worst shot to take in basketball

It has statistically the least chance of being effective. Creek's drive and lay up and a high percentage and only taking good 3 shots is classic modern basketball

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Years ago

You do realize why the 36ers and Randle were so successful last year don't you?
It was because of their mid-range game...in particular Randle.
It was reported that the mid-range shot was actually the least reliable but also the most damaging in today's game.
Teams defend the perimeter and the post as a majority for this reason...this is why the 36ers were able to have success last season - because they were converting on that shot.
So, considering all the above...if you are not reliable with it not a good idea to shoot it. If you are good at it then it opens up a whole lot more opportunities offensively.

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Years ago

With the shorter 3pt line in the nbl, Im waiting for a few teams to latch onto the Houston/GSW game style, where literally everything is in the key or from the 3pt line.
I still giggle at one of Houstons shot charts from two weeks ago where the team shot 70% of their shots from the 3pt line and 30% from the paint....literally not one mid-range shot for the game. Id never looked at that type of shot chart before. Horses for courses. If the GM is bringing in shooters, the coaches game style has to play to their strengths, or vica versa.

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Years ago

@ Dome rat and others. You haven't read the question and Mitch's percentage from the arc is totally irrelevant. I am not questioning his ability to hit the three just his willingness. He has been probably been my favorite player since his debut and he has eventually become a gun, but he doesn't take the open uncontested opportunities when they are offered and quite often he moves as if he will, then hesitates and changes his mind to drive into a contest or pass off. Yes he has an excellent 3 point percentage so why doesn't he use it more. It looks like he recognizes the opportunity but doesn't have the confidence to shoot without hesitating and losing the moment.

I think I am asking a reasonable question and was hoping for a constructive discussion.

It is not my intention to disrespect Mitch. He is my favorite player, a super athlete, a gun when he takes it to the hoop and I don't think I've missed being at more than one of his home games since his debut.

Just imagine if he was hitting three or four three pointers each game on top of his super inside game. Who could guard him? He would be totally unpredictable.

His offensive work in close is excellent (20 pts) and defensive work on Ware Saturday was also outstanding. Mitch and Drmic were the ones that kept us in the game with some chance. His work rate and effort was outstanding.

Saturday sixers 3pt shots 4/17 26%. (Mitch 0/0.)
United 12/26.
We need someone to fill that hole and I believe Mitch capable and a good option to do just that.

PS Darryl Pearce's reputation stands despite his lesser percentage because he took the shots!

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Years ago

... if only players were drilled in how to use it, with a nice little jump shot a great starting point and a pull-up off the dribble the next development stage - think Brett Maher.

I accept that this issue goes beyond the Sixers - i.e. tends to be league-wide

This reply sums it up well. Not being to hit jumpers or not willing to is a league-wide problem. Always has been.

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Years ago

I read it as does he put in enough time after training ala Darryl and it made me think of what I've heard about Rotnei and how much extra work he gets through after training.... can't see that you hear the same about Creek but agree with what's being said, if he threw up more shots and got a reputation as an outside shooter then he'd be MVP calibre for sure and he'd be back training with an NBA side in preseason.

Good luck to him and I hope he gets back what he puts in

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He's definitely not taking as many outside shots early this season as he has in the past. His 3 ball is more than solid, so he should probably take a percentage of those open looks rather than driving into a clogged keyway. He's a threat inside and outside, by all means use it!

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