Dome Rat
Two years ago

Should Adelaide 36ers change their name?

In light of all the discussion around change the date for January 26 would the 36ers name be considered insulting to the original land holders?

Considering the 36ers name refers to colonisation of South Australia is it appropriate to consider a new name.

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Two years ago

they should go back to the Eagles

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Two years ago


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Two years ago


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Two years ago

PC Warriors

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Two years ago

Thought this was interesting:

"In contrast to the rest of Australia, terra nullius did not apply to the new province. The Letters of Patent, which used the enabling provisions of the South Australia Act 1834 to fix the boundaries of the Province of South Australia, provided that 'nothing in those our Letters Patent shall affect or be construed to affect the rights of any Aboriginal Natives of the said Province to the actual occupation and enjoyment in their own Persons or in the Persons of their Descendants of any Lands therein now actually occupied or enjoyed by such Natives'. Although the patent guaranteed land rights under force of law for the indigenous inhabitants it was ignored by the South Australian Company authorities and squatters."

Probably a bit useless in practice.

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Two years ago

How about no?

I don't think too many people even realize that the 6ers are named after the establishment of SA. And regardless of Aboriginal inhabitance, Adelaide as a city was established then. There was no concept of Adelaide before then. Adelaide, in as much as everyone understands it, and for everyone, was established then.

Furthermore, the name has so much history. It's not exactly like calling a team "the redskins" or something. There is nothing exclusionary about the 36ers brand. It should never be changed. Only an extremely picky person with not a whole lot going on in their lives would suggest such a thing.

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Two years ago

Piping Shrikes

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Two years ago

I thought the Sixers were named after 1936, the year that Adelaide is stuck in.

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Two years ago


I'm serial....

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Two years ago

As an act of respect I believe they should.

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Two years ago

yes to the arrogant pricks

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Two years ago

and so it begins

the thin edge of the wedge

cave in to a minority view or acknowledge the outraged Left

and EVERY date or celebration of WHITE culture, yes WHITE culture is thrown under the bus and change demanded

the white settlers before us deserve as much respect as those that were here before us

the silent majority loses again

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Two years ago

What, Melbourne 36ers, Perth 36ers??

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Two years ago

Silent majority? Yeah thats one issue white people have, is not being able to be heard enough...

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Two years ago

No I don't think it should be changed, it starts to get a bit ridiculous when people are outraged by a basketball team's name.

Whats next....declare James Cook a terrorist and a post-humous enemy of the state?

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Dome Rat  
Two years ago

Washington changes form the Bullets to the Wizards because of the negative association

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Two years ago

'Adelaide Wizards' doesn't have the same ring to it.

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Two years ago

Brisbane Wizards

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Two years ago

Melbourne United could change their name too so they sound like they play basketball instead of soccer.

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non-SA Resident  
Two years ago

I assumed it was the latitude of Adelaide but I guess the 35ers doesn't sound as good, let alone the 34.9285ers lol

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Two years ago

36ers refers to the year in which the Buffalo arrived with the first settlers (not convicts like other states).

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A Pimp Named Slickback  
Two years ago

Adelaide Dirty Floppers

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Two years ago

They Can't pinch your boyfriends nickname

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Camel 31  
Two years ago

Adelaide Topqual.

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Two years ago

Of course they should change as 36ers is an awful name and the Adelaide Dirty Snitches is much better and we play those bastards this weekend. Bring me on!

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Two years ago

Adelaide was founded as a free colony. Yes, bad things may have happened but not even close to what happened in other states. As a state we should be proud that we colonised without convicts.

The real question that we should be asking ourselves after heritage month is why does our current uniform completely suck compared to our uniform 20 years ago. Please go back to the old uniform

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Two years ago

Pretenders would be appropriate

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Two years ago

Keep their name until they win a title.

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Two years ago

"Keep their name until they win a title."

Okay, lock the thread. They are not changing their name.

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Two years ago

They should change it because it's a ridiculous name for a sporting team.

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Two years ago

76ers 36ers 49ers 69ers I don't have a problem with any of these.

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