Last year

Stephen Weigh to retire

Announced today that he would retire at seasons end. Three games remaining.

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Last year

A bit happening up in Cairns. Yesterday they released a DP due to breach of contract and now Weigh's bailed.

Fearney loves him so maybe writing on the wall the club won't be re-signing him?

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Last year

Which DP?

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Last year

I really loved him as a player and see Steindl as being the same sort of player (albeit with less athleticism) can't help but feel that his legacy will be of a journeyman that underachieved... loved him even when he played for Adelaide.

Good luck Stevie in all future endeavours

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Look, of course I respect Weigh. But has there been a more disappointing Aussie career in the past 15 years? He came in with so much hype

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Last year

good innings but was done!

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Last year

Weigh more athletic than Steindl?

U remember Steindl put back dunk in Towsville a few years back?

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Last year

Manu is right - surprised no one else is highlighting this.

Honestly I thought Weigh had retired years ago just that he was still on the court...

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Last year

Steindl is definitely sneaky athletic. Doesn't show it often, but he's had at least a handful of ridiculous dunks I can recall - I remember a pretty awesome alley-oop in his last season with the Crocs.

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Last year

Weigh used to put me to sleep. I used to wonder if he was trying to stay off the stat sheet.

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Last year

Both Gliddon & McCarron have told cairns management it's them or Fearne!

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Last year

Finally Fearne gone? Had long enough.

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Last year

I thought Weigh had potential when he played for Perth. I thought he had a suitable combination of size, strength, athleticism, and fundamental skills to succeed in the NBL. It seems his shooting was inconsistent through his career, and probably got worse, where I thought he had potential to really develop a good J.

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Last year

But has there been a more disappointing Aussie career in the past 15 years?

Brad Hill?

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Ah yes, good one, Ben. Hill was phenomenal when on song.

Of course, both went through Cairns...

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Last year

When I think of Stephen Weigh I think of pure mediocrity. For some reason he was given free reign in Adelaide but he never did anything with it. I am not sure that he had so much potential because when the shackles were taken off him he did very little. He will be remembered (if he indeed does get remembered) as an inconsistent but "okay" journeyman who never lived up to his early hype.

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Last year

Adam Gibson and Weigh on par for under achieving imo. Both would give you 1-2 really big games a year which was enough to think they'd kick on and become something special.
Good players, nothing more.

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Last year

First time I heard his name, it was in the context of him being "the next Newley".

I wouldn't have spoken of him as athletic or similar to Steindl. Maybe a bit more like Jacob Holmes? Not especially athletic, but does his job, decent court smarts, etc.

Had a decent career and now hopefully has something interesting lined up so he survives the transition to a desk.

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Last year

He was so passive. A ho hum going through the motions type of player.

In interviews he has been quoted as not loving basketball - plays it but outsode of his job didn't watch it as he had other hobbies.

Also re: desk job his family own one of the most successful Toyota dealerships in the country.

Put these two together gives you an insight why he never pushed himself.

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Last year

Wasn't it rumoured that Weigh had some sort of minutes per game guarantee in his contract under Marty Clarke at the Sixers? Clarke used to cop a lot of shit for not only starting Weigh but giving him so many minutes.

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Camel 31  
Last year

Played the league's most minutes here , while mitch creek got splinters......
(fearne liked to give torrey craig an' weigh half a game each)
most likely creek and craig better players...

I'd guess weigh averaged about 9ppg for career in pretty big minutes.. probably insufficient..

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Last year

"Both Gliddon & McCarron have told cairns management it's them or Fearne!"

A mutiny happening??!

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Last year

Watching some junior basketball back in the day I was sure that Weigh was a better player and would likely have a better career than Ingles.

I'm no longer involved in scouting.

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Camel 31  
Last year

i don't think you are alone ... well , not quite ingles...but a lotta commentators talked about potential ... maher said he'd be a 20 and 10 nbl player....

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Last year

I remember before he came to the Wildcats (via Brisbane falling over) Utah came out for exhibition game while Luke Nevill and Weigh were on the roster and the guy I attended games with was telling me that Weigh was the more exciting prospect.*

I feel like Weigh could have had a career very similar to Jesse Wagstaff if he had been willing to accept being that role playing 6th man type but the hype machine built his ego pretty high and he never lived up to it.

*this was when Nevill was absolutely dominating in College

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Last year

I felt his development stagnated after he left Perth.

Did he leave for money or opportunity?

He to rely on his jump shot and didnt develop any further game from there. Maybe a semi low post game in the last few years?

I remember Vlahov talking him up big time, the year before he left.

I still think his best ball was in Perth...

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Last year

I felt his development stagnated when he arrived in Perth.
He landed with a reputation of having a deadly jumpshot but it was clear to me from day 1 that it was broken.
He was a very good athlete but rarely made use of it. Just didn't seem to have that competitive mentality. It's frustrating to see players with potential who don't appear to want to maximise it.

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Last year

"But has there been a more disappointing Aussie career in the past 15 years?"

My timeline may be a little off, but Aaron Trahair.
Aaron Bruce.
Likely Todd Blanchfield?
Ben Allen.
Luke Neville.

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Aaron Bruce from Boomer at a world championship to ROY to gone in 4 years was it?

Weigh has a championship so can't be considered a bust

Brad Hill was on the verge of breaking out when he had the Abney hit change his career projection

Ben Allen from most coveted college kid to out in 3 years is the big bust IMO

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Camel 31  
Last year

...seems perth was his best ...downwards onwards...

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Last year

Weigh went ROAD
Retired On Active Duty

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Last year

Bruce married an American girl he met while in college. Her family were loaded and offered him a high paying role in their business. Bruce came back to NBL requesting $$$$$ to make it worth his while to stay which he was never going to get. End of bball career.

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Last year

Weigh still achieved a lot more than Camel 31 ever did...

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Last year

Was part of the 09/10 Wildcats squad which was one of the most fun seasons I've been part of as a Wildcats fan. Thanks for the memories Steben.

I did think Stevie was going to become a premier small forward in the comp, not sure why he never fulfilled his promise.

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Last year

Unless his injury is crippling it seemed odd he wasn't subbed in at all for his last home game.

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Last year

must be. even fearne would give him a minute or two if he wasn't a risk of injuring himself further.

2.1k for his jersey though? that's just nuts.

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