Manu Fieldel
Years ago

Fighting in sport: okay or not okay?

No one person has all the answers to this, so I'm hoping this community can combine to share ideas on the topic.

As a sports league, the NBL has a social responsibility (morality tells me that, and surely it's the same for everyone), yet jumps at a chance to advertise conflict like tonight and the Joey v Wildcats thing a few years back.

Is this okay? And to what degree is fighting/conflict in sport okay? My opinion is yes, such fights that we have seen over the past few years in the NBL have been fine, and the advertisement of this is okay too. The way I see it is that unless you're striking someone violently with full force and complete intention like a thug, then it's nothing too much. Childress' hit on Wagstaff was too much. (I was outright thuggery, as much as I dislike Wagstaff.) Shoving and the shoulder charging type behaviour of earlier tonight is fine by me. I feel like people as a whole need not be so sensitive toward this kind of thing, because being affected by it is pretty weak.

Even if a kid were to see this kind of thing, it opens up the potential for adults to provide a life lesson (proactive behaviour) about conflict and how sport differs from the real world, rather than letting emotion take the wheel and covering the kid's eyes from such horrors (reactive), for example. Can society be smart enough to not let emotion drive their actions and decision making, and be level-headed about seeing a fight on a sporting field?

Maybe I'm well off the mark. I'd like to see what we all think.

*Please spare this thread from bigotry, personal attacks and off-topic crap.

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Years ago

Fighting in sport is gay.

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Years ago

... especially the holding back when you know if the player was unleashed he'd do nothing.

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Years ago

NBL promote it because they want to be seen as a league that is tough and passionate. And this sort of stuff gets them a few more seconds of coverage in the news.

Easy to buy into it if your young, but im sure most people dont look too much into it. If the NBL was a bigger mainstream league they wouldnt push this type of stuff as much as they wouldnt need to.

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Years ago

Fighting in sport is almost non existent. If it did exist itd be bad. Pushing, shoving, holding back a team mate from 'simulation' of a fight is ok, but has become a yawn fest. NBL, NBA is all about the hold me back routine. Id love a teammate to be like, shiiiit go get my man! Even at a coaching level, Kenny Atkinson recently had to be held back hahaha and when hasnt the Maximus of the NBL Joey Wright not had to be held back. Reality is they aint doing a single thing, so its ok, because its fake. Real fighting is a definite NO.

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Years ago

Manu i agree with you. There has to be a line. There is a point where an action is no longer a "teachable moment". I don't like to buy into the rolemodel argument but at some point kids will try and emulate their favourite players actions, what they have the option to emulate should never rech jchill levels. If it does the league should be acting to ensure everyone knows its not tolerable

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Years ago

NFL, a few years back when some players were involved in a melee said there is no such thing as bad publicity.
It's not a good look but it does get people watching that might never have watched. I myself believe it's rubbish but most sports seem to let it go with wrist slaps. The AFL are masters at it.

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Years ago

H-H-Hold me back!

Personally I would have liked to see Gleeson and Wright throw hands. Two absolute flogs in battle, let them go at it.

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Years ago

Change "sport" to "workplace" or "street" and ask the same question.

Personally, I watch sport for the skill, usually athleticism and the excitement of the sporting contest. I find fighting - faux or not - stupid and unnecessary in non-combative sports. It lowers my view of the character of the players concerned.

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Years ago

Given that professional sport is a workplace the answer should be not okay.

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Years ago

It's sport. These things happen. It’s not really an issue unless somebody starts King hitting people or similar.

Bring back the biff.

Kids and people in general these days are softer than butter.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

"Bring back the biff"

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Years ago

Read "The Punch" about Rudy Tomjanovich to get a feel about what drove the NBA to look at dirty play.

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Years ago

Gleeson vs. wright:

that's Gleeson on the left BTW.

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Years ago

Childress has always been dirty. Just look at him in Sydney

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