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Personal Basketball Coaching in Adelaide

Is there anyone in Adelaide that does personalized basketball coaching sessions? I am wanting to help my son who plays in U14 and is 6' who needs help with big man positions/skills and also shooting.

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I pretty sure Nathan Sobey does. Message his FB account

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Very few good coaches in Adelaide.
One of the better ones is Luke Schenscher.

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What's Schenscher going to teach him, how to be 7 2??? Had no other discernible skills!!!

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Personal Coaching  
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Hi Michelle,

Let me know what email I can reach you on and I can arrange a free first session. I work via word of mouth, no website etc to direct you to. My focus is on skill development for players of all ages and abilities. Over twenty years coaching experience. If your child does not improve within the first session then you don't pay.


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Robbie Linton (Green Light Basketball)

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Teach the kid guard skills. Don't let him get stuck as a 6-foot post player. My kid has just turned 14 and hasn't grown much for the past year and he is now nudging 6'0. He's the fifth tallest on his team and plays on the wing - he get's monstered in the paint because he's not strong enough yet. In U16 rep, we routinely play against kids 6'4 and we even played a kid 6'8 in U14 domestic.

At 13, 6'0 is tall, but not basketball tall. Physicality comes with strength. When that comes in, he better have basketball skills too. If he grows as well, then that's a bonus.

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speak with your club coaching director - most clubs should offer / know of something / someone, ask around, depends how much you want to pay for individual training 20-100$ PH and where. Most junior clubs should offer something - suggest find out from your child who they would like to work with and go from there.

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Whatever you do, don't be tempted to sign him up to some 2 day "camp" worth $200 run by a company. (They are good fun but won't help much)

If your son plays for a club, speak to the junior development officer, if not, approach your local district/rep team and see who they recommend to work with him.

Also agree with above, have him work hard on ball handling skills and outside shooting as the worst thing for kids is to be pigeon holed a Centre at 13.

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Agree with a lot of points above. There is a lot of coaches out there who do individual skill development, here's a few I can think of the top of my head and what clubs they are connected with.

Southern - Robert Linton
Sturt - Scott Butler
Forestville - Adam Doyle (during NBL off-season)
- Richard Dickel
Norwood - Scott Freer
- Tom McDonald
North - Alex Starling
- Jo Hill (Not sure if still active)
South - Caleb Davis
- I presume Jason Balfour might do some individual work there too.

There's plenty more than that. Prices vary, experience and what they specialize in vary. As stated by others speak to your local club's coaching director and they can recommend someone to get in touch with.

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Thank you to everyone for the responses we are pretty sure we have found a good coach for our son.

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Earlier this year

Did you find someone? Mind sharing if you did?

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