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Boomers crowds lacking a bit of spice

I notice it seems to be a pattern in OZ sport,when we play Asian teams, it feels like an away game. I see it in cricket to when the aussie team plays Asian sides eg India or Pakistan or Sri Lanka, or in soccer as well and rugby league(when we played Lebanon at the league world cup which is in Asia to) the Asian ex-pat fans based here seem to make more noise or passion in the crowd just larger or larger numbers full stop. Wheneever I go to a one day cricket match vs India at the MCG it feels like way more Indian fans and they bring there flags and show passion. Same thing happened tonight in Basketball vs the Phillipines. The Phillipino fans were far louder and passionate, and the socceroos vs Syria and even Honduras. Why aren't Aussie fans cheering louder and more wild, they are far to polite and quiet and dare don't speak out of turn unlike Asian or South American or pacific islander fans. The Phillipino fans were way more loud and forceful than the Boomers fans last night and this was a home for the Boomers, a bit dissapointing is an understatment. Start making some noise aussie fans and get in your face...Far to nice are aussie sports fans often when we play asian and south american sides and we don't turn up often it feels like an away game as using the cricket example when we play one day cricket vs India in OZ. Indian fans get so passionate when cheering there one day side on and turn up here and in India unlike most aussies.

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Wot did I just read, m8?

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Duke Fan  
Years ago

Basically correct. The crowd last night in the "sporting capital of Australia" was shit and Melbourne should be embarrassed

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Well, to be fair, this is our C team at best and we're playing against a team that isn't particularly good. NBL teams would beat both of those teams, and yes even this Boomers team just on the team chemistry factor alone, so it doesn't surprise me that they weren't packed.

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Years ago

B team

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Years ago

Agree with the sentiments of ME.

Our B team against against a Filo team that's much poorer.

Difficult to get excited about it, would've been far more appealing to the Filos living locally in Melbourne. I love basketball and I didn't even bother watching the game on tv, meh.

Crowd/atmosphere/general interest would change dramatically if our BEST squad was taking on a top 10 country. I'd fly down to watch it for sure.

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Years ago

Contrary to what you said. It's also there b team. And to be honest they played really good with an out of shaped blatch and rookie point guard and 6'3 forwards. Lol. Brandt got out played by a flat footed center. But the crowd is our main concern. It just sucks big time.

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Years ago

I'd say it's out B-/C+ team given some of the (non)selections.

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I wouldn't say the crowd was lacking spice, i would say the crowd was lacking Australian supporters. I'm not sure if this happens in other countries, but I have seen it in the cricket here also against teams like India.

You cant blame the so called away teams for showing up in numbers but it must of been a kick in the guts for the Boomers hearing them get booed and hearing the defence chant against them. Does this happen in other countries?

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Spot Up  
Years ago

Sorry about the blank one first!

I went last night, and I really think it was just one of those nights where the local supporters were just a bit quieter in comparison. The Filipino fans in Melbourne don't exactly get too many opportunities to see their players in their national team, so no surprise they bought tickets early and there were a lot at the game.

It was a good stadium for that game, nearly full and good experience for the NBL players to beat a team that played above themselves.

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Years ago

Doesn't matter what team was out there for Australia, A team or D team...The crowd was horrible!!! It was pretty much an away game in heart of Melbourne. We got to do better come Sunday...

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Years ago

Aus will still win. PH are weak.

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Years ago

Duke Fan, why should Melbourne be embarrassed? Do you really think Adelaide, Sydney or Brisbane would have got a bigger crowd than 6.5k? Of course not.

The game was played at Margaret Court Arena, which seats seats 7k, so i think its a solid mid-week turnout.

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Years ago

Very good crowd, thanks to the Philippines supporters!

In terms of the standard of opposition, while missing Castro definitely hurt them, they probably had eight of their best team in, and here is a list of the Philippines' losses with Blatche playing.

16 v Australia (WCQ 2018)
12 v Greece (WC 2014)
11 v China (Asia Cup Final 2015)
9 v France (Olympic Q 2016)
9 v New Zealand (Olympic Q 2016)
4 v Argentina (WC 2014)
4 v Puerto Rico (WC 2014)
3 v Croatia (WC 2014)

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Years ago

It was a great crowd thanks to the local Filipinos!

Loved the atmosphere, but it felt more like an away game as a result.

Paul is on the money again.

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Duke Fan  
Years ago

Tribe if I had a dollar for every time I've read or heard how Melbourne supports everything and turns up for everything and how much better Melbourne is at supporting their teams, I'd have about 5 thousand times as many dollars as there were Aussie supporters there last night. It was an away crowd for our (current) national team and I don't care if it was "decent.

Let me change my original statement. Melbourne should be embarrassed except for the Filo population

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Years ago

I don't blame Melb fans for largely ignoring what was like a one-sided NBL game except without any Melb players in it.

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Years ago

What do you expect? The game was as boring as bat shit, most the crowd (except the flips) were probably watching other things on their phones.

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Duke Fan  
Years ago

I expected Melbourne folk to back up their over inflated,oft made claims. I'm sure BA did too which is why the game was scheduled in Melbourne

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Years ago

You do realise most of those Philippines supporters are "Melbourne people"? Which was higher, the 6500 in Melbourne or the Adelaide crowd in November?

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Years ago

Maybe Boomers games vs some Asian sides eg chinese tapai should be held in country and regional australia eg Ballarat/Wodonga/Geelong etc

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Years ago

Yes because FIBA will agree to that for their show piece qualifiers..go home your drunk!

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Years ago

How does it impact FIBA where there world cup qualifiers are hosted within the host nation?
It has no impact on FIBA if Australia hosts lowly world cup qualifers vs the likes of Chinese Tapei in Wodonga and not in Melbourne etc..

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