Manu Fieldel
Years ago

NBL injury replacement rules

If Casper is severely hampered and can't really play for the rest of the series, what are the options United has?

Is Felix allowed to take his place?

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

Or even if Casper needs a week to be fit, he'd miss Game 2. Can Felix come in for that one game, for example?

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Years ago

AFAIK Felix can return but Casper has to sit out 21 days or 4 games whichever earlier. The only way to avoid Casper sitting out would be to use nominated player replacement you selected from your DPs. All subject to the whims of the all-mighty, most august, Supreme Leader J-Lo ofc.

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

Is there somewhere on the website that says this?

That is a cruel blow for United because I highly doubt Casper will be his usual self this series

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Years ago

I think Felix is only able to replace Prather. (Although since United is owned by the league I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to bend the rules lol). But yeah pretty sure an injury replacement can only replace the one player. When the Wildcats had their whole point guard injury issues last year with Martin/Kenny, off the top of my head I remember they had to get a different player to fill in for each one.

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Years ago

Agreed pretty sure Felix can only replace Prather so if Ware is out would need to be replaced by a DP. Hooley did a good job last night anyway.

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Years ago

9.4. With the exception of a Player placed on injury waiver under Rule 13, a Player who
is removed from the Team Roster may not be returned to that NBL Club's Team
Roster in that NBL season, unless he is replacing a Player who has suffered a
season ending injury or illness. The Club must provide to the NBL medical
documentation in accordance with Clause 13.2, and all such replacements are to
be made subject at all times to the requirements of Rules 9.1 and 9.2.

9.5. Notwithstanding Rule 9.4, the NBL General Manager may approve a Player being
used as a replacement Player for the same NBL Club more than once during the
course of an NBL Season for reasons other than the occurrence of a season
ending injury or illness.

This is from 16/17 rules pdf Manu but someone linked a more recent one on TGsports website on this forum a while back. You might find that post if you wanna do the work.

Anyways 9.4 states that a returning player can replace 'a' player on injury waiver not 'the', so techically Felix can return to replace any United player placed on waiver as long as it doesn't exceed the 3 restricted player limit.

9.5 gives J-Lo the ability to prance around with C&C music factory's I Got The Power blaring while re-instating Felix into the lineup.

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Years ago

If they enforced that 9.5 rule i'd imagine it would cause a fair bit of outrage by non-United fans.

Melbourne being league owned really does cause a number of issues around decisions like that, and I wonder if their decision would be the same if it involved another team.

Similar to the Wesley case. Personally fine with them letting him play this year because he was on a 2 year deal before the rule changed, but I wonder if the league would have allowed it if he was on another team? They probably would, but it does all create a bit of a conflict of interest

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

Awesome, SteveK2, thanks for that. Not going to bother scouring for the latest rulebook because the league would've probably put out a statement notifying the public of the rule change. Either way, it's unlikely they wpupsve changed it recently.

That's interesting, yet another trick the league has in its bag, 9.5

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

Last night when Joey was asked whether he'd try to get any indication of how refs will whistle Game 2, he said "Who should I talk to? Talk to Melbourne about Melbourne?"

So Adelaide would flip their lid if any 9.5 shit was pulled.

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Years ago

9.5 has never been invoked. If it did prepare for a shitstorm NBL. No funny business please.

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Years ago

SteveK2 has his information all mixed up, unfortunately.
"The Power" is of course by Snap! and not C&C Music Factory.
Possibly even more appropriate though, after such a move by J-Lo, would be him prancing around to "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...."

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