Jack Toft
Two years ago

NBL Grand Final Game 3&4 Pre-game fan banter

OK Poindexters. Series tied up at 1-1 after week 1. The series will go at least 4 games and deserves a full 5 game series. Injuries suffered this weekend may help decide next weekends games with Ware and Boone the main concerns for Melbourne and Childress's shoulder for Adelaide.

I thought that games 1 and 2 results went as per planned. They also showed the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Melbourne with the strongest starting 5 in the league are really only 7 men deep. Rely on the 3 with a bit of argy bargy from their bigs to get the OR's. Adelaide are much deeper, but rely on the fast break and quick movement to the key to get the 2 with the +1.

So this time next week, will it be 2-2 or will have someone cut some basket strings?

We know there are lots of Sixers fans here, but how many United fans are here, or are they all just salty Pussycat fans who have jumped on the Melbourne bandwagon?

I guess one way of seeing how many pussycat fans are watching:

"Damien Martin wouldn't even get of the bench if he was on the United team. Kyle Adnam would get his minutes"

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Two years ago

I know that success is new thing for Adelaide fans but you'd think the pre-game banter would be about your own team...

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Two years ago

Yep, this series has gone as I expected so far.

And I think the injuries are indeed crucial.

Before game 1 I said Casper was Melbourne's main man and the number one advantage against Adelaide.

His 7 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists in 6 minutes before his injury, and then his game breaking second half would seem to back me up here.

Boone is the other major piece for United- and yesterday we saw Adelaide dominate the boards as Boone was hampered, in foul trouble and sat most of the game.

This is an epic battle of two franchises trying to come of age- a United group with plenty of experience, but as a franchise United has always underachieved- until now. 36ers are still a relatively young group who have promised much over the past 18 months, and it's finally coming together on the biggest of stages.

Game 3 should be a cracker. United to win in the first single digit margin of the series.

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Two years ago

How bad is Childress's shoulder, few guys came over towards end of game and looked like they were asking about it and Josh was just shaking his head. Probably will get the magic needle but will that hamper him.

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Two years ago

Refs aside, one thing I'm enjoying in this finals series is the level of confidence displayed by so many individual players. I've alluded to the fact that this series is completely unlike the Perth vs NZ of old, where the focus was more on team execution and perhaps a bit of that was to disguise some individual deficiencies. Now, you have players like Creek looking like Universal soldier out there, Boone being a constant OR threat, Ware capable of going off any minute, Goulding trying take his game to another level (whether or not he's good enough is another question). Heck, even Hodgson and Deng think they're #1 on the court at times. The top 6-7 players for each team all think they are top dog and it makes for some pretty entertaining trash talking and basketball plays.

Not saying the current style is necessarily better, just that it's different and and fun to watch.

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Two years ago

anon - I agree. The starting fives for both teams are all aggressive, confident players capable of scoring 20-30 in a game. And then a couple of bench players from each side who can put up 15-20 points comfortably.

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Two years ago

When Boone got hurt Majoc had a very good few minutes getting O boards and tap outs but then sat and was hardly seen till the end. Playing Adnam and Hooley together was also strange especially defence wise. Adelaide went on a 11 nil run at the start of the third and no subs made till towards the end quarter in which Melbourne then won 8 to 4 till 3/4 time and at start fourth quarter he went back to his starters, should have kept who he had on at 3/4 time for the start of the fourth because defence looked a lot better, not who was on at the finish of the third quarter.
Coaching battle one all. Teams one all look forward to Friday night.

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Two years ago

Seeing Childress go down grabbing his shoulder instantly brought back images of Mark Davis way back in 1994. Possibly the only good thing is that it was Childress's left shoulder, not his right which is his shooting side. His shooting action is more in front than overhead so perhaps may not be effected as much if he recovers enough to play. Will restrict his rebounding though. I imagine he will spend a lot of time in the physio this week. Hopefully it is not as bad as first thought and he will be ok, but restricted.

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Two years ago

Predict a tear, cortisone and a load of tape and pain killers to get him through then surgery. Wear and tear proba finally have way with the knock and Chill probs knows he'as close to wnd of his yeara playing so will want to play and resign with them for his remaining game days.. just my thoughts

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Two years ago

I just cant see how he tore or popped anything in that incident. It is hopefully just a insanely deep bruise. Yes being on his left side is a mini bonus, but United will attack that shoulder with relentless savage approach.

IF he is fit, Adelaide will win this series in 4 from here though, so in my eyes this injury is the key for Adelaide. Childress has become the X factor of all X factors.

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Two years ago

FWIW...from a distance I saw DJ ask Chill after the game presumably how his shoulder was and Chill (his back facing me) said something back to him. If my lip reading is correct DJ's response was..."That's F'd".

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Two years ago

Game 1, Ware came back to bench and when teammates asked him how he was, was clearly shaking his head as though to say he is a no go.... then started 3rd quarter. Hard to analyse this stuff.

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Two years ago

You can hurt lots of different bits from shoulder inpact like that. Especially as you get older. AC joint, SC joint, supraspinatus, fractures, bone bruising. The list goes on. Fingers crossed it's not major.

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Two years ago

Childress cleared of structural damage

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Two years ago

Hope you're right Snooch! What's your source!

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Two years ago

Just posted to their website.

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Two years ago

Thanks Snooch, I see it now! I'm glad there's no structural damage, but it seems like we are still in the dark as to whether Childress will even play, let alone have an impact.

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Two years ago

If there's no structural damage I would imagine he will suit up. If he has soreness maybe he'll play less minutes.

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Chairman Of The Bored  
Two years ago

If Childress is on reduced minutes or sitting out then Adelaide will probably miss his rebounding more than anything. There are probably people who can fill the void on offence.

If Boone is still hampered by a back niggle then it's Advantage Adelaide. He's a rebounding machine and Adelaide looked way more comfortable when he was warming the bench.

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Two years ago

Game 3 not a sell out. Probably the last time you will see Melb play this season but their fans are non existent.

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Two years ago

AFL season starts this week - so this will affect crowd in Melbourne I would think

I'll be there though - Go United!!!

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Two years ago

Any reason why Ticketmaster refuses to take my money? Won't let me pay for the tickets.

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