Jack Toft
Last year

NBL Grand Final Game 5, Pre-game fan banter

Series all tied up 2-2 and heading for the final arm wrestle.

There's been a lot of discussions on refs, bias, conspiracies, injuries, but now the season will be settled Saturday night.

It's time for fans to bring out the yellow sand paper and rub the ball in this thread before the official game thread.

Let's face it, there's lots of anon Melbourne supporters and defacto supporters ready to slag off Adelaide. It would be nice if they had the courage to put their name to their profile, but I understand how embarrassing it is for them to identify as a United fan. It's OK this day and age, just don't do it with a goat.

So, here we are going to game 5. Some say because a flaccid Melbourne couldn't finish of Adelaide, but I think Adelaide have been planning this all along. I am reminded of this classic Paul Keating quote:

We like our hunted game well done.

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Last year

> There's been a lot of discussions on refs, bias, conspiracies*

*coming from Adelaide

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Last year

Actually mostly from interstate (going by the regular IPs I recognise).

I wonder if Childress will make a surprise return?

Adelaide have had leads in both Melbourne games so far, which shows anything's possible. But I do wonder if we'll get a United blow-out to finish what has otherwise been a close series.

Melbourne fans, why doesn't Majok Majok get played? Smith-Milner was -15 in 5 minutes yesterday though he was handy in his previous outing. The last time Majok got time, he had five boards including 3 critical offensive boards in 5 minutes. Obviously they've got solid options in front of him (Boone, Wesley and Andersen), but if you're playing Smith-Milner, why not Majok?

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I'm tipping this will go right down to the end. If Adelaide are to win, i think they'd ideally be down by 4 or 5 at three quarter time. For mine, the look better with a challenge in the last quarter than they do trying to maintain a lead against a desperate opposition.

My biggest hope is that we don't end up with an umpire's whistle or some other point of conjecture deciding the champion.

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David Ware  
Last year

Gonna be a cracker of a game and a tough week to get through!

I reckon* Chill will be back!


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Camel 31  
Last year

We gonna do the best we can.

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Last year

I didn't think Joey and Boti were interstate...

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Last year

I think the air of invincibility and confidence has evaporated for NBL United.

Sixers looked a lot better when they focused on their game and not the oft indecipherable refs. As soon as Drmic got tangled up with Ware on the floor, Joey sat him down.

No idea what happens in Game 5. I just want to see a full 40 minutes of basketball from the Sixers without the prolonged lulls / lapses.

I guess we just go out there and do the best we can.

The best we can

Do the best we can.

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Last year

Adelaide had no need to focus on the refs on Sunday - they were on the free throw line most of the game with more than a third of their points coming from there. Given the criticism of the league gifting United the championship, it's funny how both games in Adelaide have advantaged the Home team. I think game 1 was the best refereed game - since then, the home teams have been strongly advantaged.

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Last year

Which team has changed there team game plan is the difference in this series.

I think Adelaide hasn't changed much of what it does in any game since January. Just go go go.

Melbourne has changed nearly their whole game plan just for Adelaide.

Is Joey trying to be the next Pop?

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Last year

Keys for Melbourne:

- Casper.
- Hit a reasonable percentage of threes.
- Boone controls the glass.
- Avoid foul trouble (easier at Hisense!)

Keys for Adelaide:

- Get an early lead.
- Shut down Casper.
- Hit a reasonable percentage of threes.
- Exceed United's energy.

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Last year

Agreed Joey def is trying to be the next pop. It's a bit painful not the slightest bit professional at this stage.

But as a 36er fan I can see how game 4 finished as a huge series breaker. They were tested they could’ve crumbled but they dig deep and United finished horribly. Adelaide will win this series, it’ll be third time lucky at Hisense.

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Last year

It's funny how a win can change your perspective. I did expect to win last night, but after having been there and seen the improvement, I have a whole new level of hope for this team and its ability to win in Melbourne. For me it's a coin toss. It could go either way. I feel like Adelaide have more of a chance of beating Melbourne at Hisense than Melbourne would have beating Adelaide in Adelaide.

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Last year

Still hoping for a Melbourne win but Adelaide are slowly growing on me.
I am impressed with Adelaides Aussie contingent they are easily superior to Uniteds.

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Last year

In my opinion and yes i am a sixers fan, Adelaide has been closer to pipping melbourne each time. The last game at Hisense, under enormous duress, saw Adelaide get within one play of forcing the game into OT. If Sobey wasn't ejected, it highly likely would have swung Adelaide's way.

Those comparing joey to Pop, go ahead - i am sure he would be flattered.

Forcing your opposition to change their game style and plan to suit yours and them following suit, is also a positive sign.

If the game was best of 3, Adelaide wouldn't get it done (obviously, they didn't) but giving us a best of 5 chance will be difference - i think Joey and the team have figured it out.

On a side note, i respect Bubbles as a national player and a player who put the hard yards in to develop his game but the way in which he has conducted himself in this series is frustrating to watch. Our mate Drmic also bothers me, even as a fan - get on with it mate, throwing your arms around and wobbling about on your feet sooking after a bump makes me irate.

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Big Ads  
Last year

This Finals series has been engrossing with all the back and forth. Both teams are worthy of being champions with their own unique strengths and weakness but neither being able to get an advantage long enough to take down their opponent.

I have concluded the only difference between Adelaide and Melbourne is a bit of luck and the occasional split second error of judgement.

Unfortunately, come Game 5, the spotlight will also be on the third team in this series, the match officials. The fact the public perception of their performance has been so diverse suggests their performances have been greatly inconsistent. Well, that is my perception.

For the sake of Game 5 and the series, it is my hope the referee performance pendulum, which appears to have swung greatly between home courts, settles on a neutral position. Hopefully the fans can focus on the performance of the two basketball teams instead of bringing the performance of the referees into the conversation. One can only hope....

I aim to witness game 5 in person, and will do so with no real confidence of either team winning. I will also be saddened to see season 17/18 come to a close and hope the competition is better come season 18/19.

C'mon Sixers!

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Jack Toft  
Last year

Melbourne is weaker than Adelaide, not just the bench:
So far in the series:

Starting 5's:
Melbourne: 265, -50 on +/-
Adelaide: 298, + 58 on +/1

Melbourne Bench: 120 index points, -15 on +/-
Adelaide Bench: 129 index points, -8 on +/-

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Last year

There's no reason Adelaide can't win in Melbourne.

They've won in every other stadium in the NBL this season, and got tantalizingly close on Friday.

That said, the momentum is back in United's favour after the second half on Sunday. The 36ers scoring dried up, and X factor Childress wasn't there to create something special and get them going again.

Game 4 was the lowest scoring of the series and I'll back game 5 to be similar, with neither team to crack 100.

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Last year

Looked like the momentum had swung back to Adelaide in the last 3 minutes of that game. United made a good run on the back of Prather midway through the 3rd into 4th quarter.

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Last year

"For the sake of Game 5 and the series, it is my hope the referee performance pendulum, which appears to have swung greatly between home courts, settles on a neutral position."

This, please.

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Last year

Adelaide 0-8 vs. Melbourne this season. How sweet if they made it a 1-8 record and on the other side of the coin how bitter would Utd be.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Guaranteed fans will get too caught up in emotion regardless of the refs whistle.

If the refs call the game as they have all series, we will get whingers.

If the refs call the game properly, we will get whingers saying there's a lack of consistency

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Jack Toft  
Last year

There's only one game that matters in the season, and that is the final GF game.

The pressure is on the flaccid United to prove they're up to their marketing. They finished Minor Premiers and so all the pressure of expectation is on them to deliver. After getting a good break, they have been unable to put their cue in the rack after sinking the 8 ball.

Have they the stamina and mental capacity to finish off, or will they yield to the weight of expectations?

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Last year

Ref's are always 50% wrong depending on which side of the fence you sit on. But if you actually sit down objectively (with exception of a couple of calls across 4 games), it hasn’t been as bad as the hysteria suggests. Most people don’t understand legal guarding position, lateral movement, the cylinder principle, the 5 USF criteria. The limitations of fox reviews don’t help either. Enjoy the basketball, the hysteria when you look at play by play is misplaced.

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Last year

On a side note, i respect Bubbles as a national player and a player who put the hard yards in to develop his game but the way in which he has conducted himself in this series is frustrating to watch.
I don't think Goulding is unbearable at all. I actually think he's quite professional - gives a decent interview, doesn't drop his head on court, doesn't just jack shots and avoid contributing in other ways.

Almost every player plays for fouls. Maybe he's good at it, but it's not as though it's the biggest part of his game.

In the incidents I can recall from this series, it's not like there's been no contact at all. When grappling with Drmic, Goulding was lifted clear off the ground - not blameless IMO, but hard to act that. When bumped by Drmic, there was at least a bump - it wasn't like Patty Mills' flop when he suited for Melbourne.

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Last year

Ware is worse in terms of playing for fouls. If any defence is remotely near him when shooting a three, he'll stick the leg out and hit the deck. Then do that 'point to my temple like I'm a rocket surgeon' thing. Shades of Harden. Infuriating, but it's on the refs to stamp it out.

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Last year

Hats off to 36ers for pushing it to a G5.
They may have struck on Melbourne's kryptonite. "THEY HAVE NO ANSWER TO 36ERS TAKING THGE BALL TO THE HOOP". Casper aside they all REACH....and REACH...... and REACH. The refs were wired for tacky tack fouls after G3 so they benefited there.

48-11 FTA is too stark to ignore.
Sobey I have to give credit to here. He and Creek lead the way.

Outcome still in Melbourne's hands but if they don't match 36ers desperation they could trip up again. Just because you are the best team does not automatically mean the other team rolls over for you.

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Last year

Roy Ward:

Dean Vickerman says Tai Wesley has an AC joint issue, did some light shooting today and was icing it after. Should be right to play but will be put through some contact work later in week.

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Last year

AC joint. Really?

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Last year

Shouldn't Tai be tweeting about dirty Sixers players now?

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Last year

beefing it up to try rattle joey but he doesn't know so whatever

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Last year

Nice story about Ferguson supporting his former Sixers teammates.


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