Yinka Dare
Years ago

NBA Draft Predictions

Looking like a good draft. I think the following teams will draft the following players

1. Suns- Ayton
2. Kings - Doncic
3. Atlanta - Bagley
4. Memphis - Jackson
5. Dallas - bamba
6. Magic - porter
7. Chicago - miles bridges
8. Cavs - carter
9. Knicks - young
10. Phili - walker
11. Charlotte - mikael bridges

12. Clippers - sexton

I heard Boston wants bamba so could see a potential trade there.

Doncic doesn't seem to want to play for Sacramento so will be interesting to see if kings draft him.

I think magic will take a risk on porter jr. they have nothing to lose really.

Will be interesting to see who drafts Grayson Allen. Has apparently been very impressive in draft workouts.

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Years ago

Sexton at 12?

Allen will get picked mid-late 20s

Also look out for shai gilgeous alexander and malik newman

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Years ago

I think Kings pass on Doncic.

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Years ago

Gut's saying...

1. Suns - Ayton
2. Kings - Bagley (and the FO should be fired. Again)
3. Hawks - Jackson (which is mostly indefensible)
4. Grizzlies - Doncic (and Memphis will be back in the playoffs)
5. Mavs - Bamba (wingspan)
6. Magic - Trae Young (they need a PG)
7. Bulls - Porter (they need potential picks)
8. Cavs - Mikal Bridges (they need 3-and-D guys who could turn great)
9. Knicks - Carter (Porzingis' switchy partner)
10. 76ers - Sexton (Prospect of a pitbull on Sixers' bench is terrifying. And why take Miles Bridges with Saric/Simmons/Bolden?)

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Years ago

1. Suns- Ayton
2. Kings - Doncic
3. Atlanta - Bamba
4. Memphis - Bagley
5. Dallas - Miles Bridges
6. Magic - Young
7. Chicago - Kevin Knox
8. Cavs - Sexton
9. Knicks - Gilgeous-Alexander
10. Phili - Walker

my top 10

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Yinka Dare  
Years ago

Why would phili take sexton when they got Simmons and Probably going more with faulks next season at pg?

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Yinka Dare  
Years ago

Heard cavs like sexton now anyway.

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Years ago

If it is a toss up between Doncic and Ayton, I would go Doncic and sign/trade for a big. They could always use the 21 pick of someone like Spellman.

But I think they will take Ayton...with Doncic falling to a 4-8 pick.

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Yinka Dare  
Years ago

Cannot see doncic going any lower than 4.

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Years ago

If I am the Suns, I'm taking Doncic number 1 without a shred of doubt in my mind.

Give me a perimeter player in this league over a big any day. It's sad but it's a true reflection of the game and current playing style.

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Years ago

p.s Phoenix were 29th in the league last season in APG. They hardly share the ball/their ball movement is terrible. I have doubts that Ayton would be successful in terms of getting touches/getting in good spots with the likes of Payton, Ulis and Booker on the outside.

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Yinka Dare  
Years ago

I think if suns can sign Clint capella then they should take doncic without question.
Would give them a good starting line up of potentially-
Capella bender Jackson booker doncic

Ayton great post player but apparently poor on defence. Sounds like okafor in many ways, but with a better jump shot. Still think the suns will draft ayton though

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Years ago

Everyone is going on about playing style but truth is if teams are going to try to be golden state they are gonna fail, because they aren't golden state. Ie they don’t have 2/3 generational shooters.

And saying it’s not a big league, well we’ve had nothing but super athletic bigs who can’t execute basic skills for the last decade and now we are seeing what a big can do with embiid. Embiid isn’t half of what hakeem Robinson or shaq were either.

If your best players suit 3 ball then 3 ball. If you’ve got great bigs then exploit that.

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