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Team Ratings Part 3 - Perth Wildcats

Backcourt - Mitch Norton, Bryce Cotton, Damien Martin, Terrico White, Greg Hire

Backcourt Rating: A

The Cats knew Martin needed better support than Kenny and getting Mitch Norton; what more could Damo ask for? Whether or not Norton steals Martins starting spot is irrelevant, you're certainly in a good position in the NBL if you have Norton and Martin at the point, the leagues best defensive guard and a damn good defensive guard in Norton. Bryce Cotton should deliver another dominant year at his natural SG position. Terrico White seems like a budget signing for Perth, despite this he should fit well into this side, expect to see many highlight dunks from him on the break or on someones head... Hire is your Brendan Teys like bloke, not an import player, but a glue guy and a handy person to have on the bench, his most valuabke asset being his shooting ability. I can't find too much to criticize here, It would would help to have another shooter in this backcourt, the team itself this year seems to be missing a consistent 3pt shooter which we saw cost them last year...

Frontcourt - Angus Brandt, Tom Jervis, Clint Steindl, Nick Kay, Jesse Wagstaff, Rhys Vague

Frontcourt Rating: B

Cats were in deperate need for Aussie talent and they went out and got it, adding Nick Kay and Jervis. While Jervis will serve as a backup, he'll still give shotblocking and rebounding with every minute he gets. A starting duo of Brandt and Kay are going to punish teams in the paint. Cats will be hopeful Steindl returns to form and begins to hit his shots at a higher clip...because in all honesty, this team isn't going to punish you from outside and it could cost them. However they have left an import spot open for a reason...no doubt in my mind they'll add an import 3pt shooter later in the year.

A small ball lineup of Norton, Cotton, White, Wagstaff and Kay would be, IMO the most effective use of this list.

Don't expect the streak of consecutive playoffs to end this year, unless a catastrophic injury wave hits Perth.

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Last year

sorry about the grammatical errors... jeez I should proof read more often.

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Last year

like the rating. Disagree that 3pt shooting is a problem. Youve got the highest scoring 3pt shooter from last season in Bryce Cotton, and in the best % in the league too at 45%. That is deadly. Then they go and add a wing 3pt shooter in White, who im told shot 3pters at 40% last season, and I bet he didnt have a Bryce Cotton on his side to spread the floor for him- he is going to enjoy the extra space. In a TBT game a few weeks back he dropped 6-11 3pters... Adding Stendl, Wagstaff and Martin as 3rd, 4th and 5th options for outside shooting when wide open and id say this team will be one of the better outside shooting teams this season. Time will tell!

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Last year

I also watched White picking up Hakeem Warrick in man to man defence at times in their final game in TBT. I think this showed he wont have too many worries defending SFs in the nbl.

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Last year

I think you will find White will start at the 3 (he's 6'5" - same as Mitch Creek) and will surprise a lot of people this season. He will also drop down to the 2 when Cotton is resting.

The biggest X factor is which Steindl is going to turn up so we don't lose too much when White and Cotton are benched.

If Hire stays injury free you know you will get hustle and rebounds in his 10 min or so.

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Last year

Coach rating: C-

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Last year

Agree White is a SF,

If you have a few mins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUoXrxn7MdA

1:55 will show you some hops. You see he can shoot of the dribble from range early on.

I really think he will surprise people, publicly people are rating him as a budget import, i'm not so sure. He can shoot and he can actually handle the ball like a guard. His defence, I can't see it been terrible, it is Perth after all. Two 40% 3pt shooters on one team, both able to handle the ball, that is as dynamic an offence (in theory at least) that Perth has had in a long time.

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Last year

And this is the ramblings of someone who thinks Bris & Cairns are wooden spooners?
They'll both finish ahead of Hawks & Adelaide!

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Last year

coach rating: F (log)

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Last year

I just checked the stats of Seoul SK Knights from last season and not sure where the 40% 3 point shooting comes from?
Unless it's a misprint he shot 31.9%, not 40, what is respectable on paper, but i'd say that the NBL is a better league, so...
White's strength it's his jump and drive, 55.9% from 2 point range, but playing as a 2 guard, going up to SF he might have problems in the NBL with that clip.
For the record, going by the stats, there were quite a few players with the same or better 3pts percentage, that shoots down the theory of "having Cotton will spread the court".
At the same time those are only numbers, from what i've seen from the clips he won't have trouble transitioning to the NBL.
Also people tend to forget that Kay has a very nice range for a big man, Perth will have lots of options they can use: you can have a Norton,Cotton, Wagstaff, Kay, Brandt lineup, that would very mobile both ends of the court with plenty of good outside shooters, personally i'd give an A rating to that frontcourt

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Last year

A flog coach with 3 titles in 5 years.

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Last year

Thanks for keeping count. You should change your username to FlogWatch

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Last year

^ Adelaide fan

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Last year

Yes White will start in the 3 spot, but he's still part of the backcourt. It's wait & see for him. Could be awesome, could be trash. His credentials are ok, so fingers crossed.
Steindl also part of the backcourt. Need to see something from him this season, and its possible. He won the leagues most improved with the Crocs, and his early reports from Europe were good. DOn't know what happened, but if he recaptures some of that we'll have a very competent back court.

Hire's really part of the front court. I expect there will be times when Perth revert to the wall, and run 3 bigs, but the flexibility is a bonus.
Hire needs to get his finger out. Wagstaff a year older, but still good, adding Kay should be a huge boost.
Great to see Tommy back, gives us a genuine big center to counter some of the others in the league, and gives us a lot of depth up forward.

When you factor in the possibility of injury, foul problems, etc, that depth gives us one of the most solid front-courts in the league.

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Last year

White shot 40% from three in the G-League two years ago I think.

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Anon Blaster  
Last year

Lol at the troll, prob a Cairns fan. Brisbane and Cairns will be fighting for the spoon, so suck it and get used of it. Lemanis is a shit coach and the Brisbane roster garbage, Cairns have the worst list in the league.

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Last year

no way Gleeson is an F.
he's at least a G#.

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Last year

Gleeson won COTY with Townsville, and has won 3 rings with Perth. That makes him one of the League's elite.

The haters simply display their own stupidity with their repeated attacks.

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Last year

Gleeson is a certified master coach

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Last year

AD it's called Bendat money.

Also his poor man management skills at the Tigers saw him booted via player revolt.

But keep cherry picking.

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Last year

@Anon Blaster

Cairns and Illawarra will be fighting for the spoon (by a fair margin). Brisbane will finish 5th or 6th.

So you can take that spoon and shove it.

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Last year

Again, the Wildcats going for two creators and a bunch of role players.

Not sure it will get done. We need another creator.

Great defense and rebounding but the offense is very underwhelming.

Melbourne, Adelaide, New Zealand, and Sydney will beat them badly.

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Last year

Depth chart
Martin, Norton,Cotton
Cotton, White, Steindl
White, Steindl, Hire
Kay,Wagstaff, Vague
Brandt, Jervis, Kay

White should see enough minutes at 2 spot to strengthen backcourt and Kay can play some 5 when the Cats go smallball lineup.

That third import is the X factor who knows when or if it will be used.

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Last year

When the inevitable 3rd import is bought in, who gets the boot? Hire or Vague?

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Last year

I don't see them having too many issues with this line up. good mix of players

3rd import will be up the sleeve for any season ending injury (or lengthy injury). Highly doubt they replace Hire or Vague mid season.

They are trying to stick to the 5 under 490k rule or whatever it is, so replacing with an import inst going to help that

I guess if things go really bad for them they may change their mind on that, then have a larger bag of cash for less games than signing a 3rd import up front, but I'd guess they are more protecting against long term injury as imports are easier to find.

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Last year

Kay, Wagstaff, Brandt and Jervis is an upgrade on their frontcourt last year but ultimately is one of the weaker frontcourts signed, relying on imports to get it done

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Last year

Bendat never funded the Crocs.
He got the axe at Melbourne because Anstey was better at sucking up to LK, and see how that turned out for them.
Demopodopolis failed with a bigger budget.
Let's watch how Gaze fails again despite outspending the rest of the league 2:1.

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Last year

"White should see enough minutes at 2 spot to strengthen backcourt and Kay can play some 5 when the Cats go smallball lineup."

Not sure about that.
The closest they get to smallball is basically running 3 guards (or 2 plus a swingman) as their starting line-up and if anything that relies on having two bigs in the post.

If anything Gleeson's 2nd unit tends to be oversized. In the past we've seen Hire on court in the 2 spot.

Of course injury and fouls are a different matter. I recall one game last season when Vague was the biggest Cat on court. If they lose Brandt or Jervis to injury, then Kay may spend minutes as the notional 5.

Vague is an interesting one, if he really comes on. He's played as a centre at lower levels, is a really a PF at NBL level, but has a decent 3-point shot.

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Last year

So your argument is Gleeson is better than master coaches Anstey, Demopolous and Gaze. Weak.

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Last year

So your argument is Gleeson is a good coach because he's better than master coaches Anstey, Demopolous and Gaze. Weak bar level you've set there.

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Last year

Umm no. One of Perth's more effective final quarter line ups was with walker at the 4 and wagstaff at the 5.

One of the things I'm really liking is the possibility of 15 fouls at the 5 between Brandt, Kay and Jervis.

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