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NBL Survey: Location of Next NBL Team?

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+1 for Perth

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Last year

Voted for Tasmania1 Their bid is very well thought out and practically ready to go, just need the venue!

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Last year

I reckon Tassie, followed by a 2nd NZ team.

Then in another couple of years i think the NBL should start looking at putting 2nd teams in the same city like Melbourne, Sydney, etc.

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Last year

Yeah tas.
Change the nz breakers to Auckland and add Wellington.
Couple of years add second Melbourne at SBC and another team in Sth qld (Gold Coast) or northern nsw (Newcastle)

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Last year

So the NBL are running a comp for where an NBL licence should be next.
Please don't tell the new owner of said NBL licence this!

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Last year

Given Tas is almost up and running itself, the obvious choice is a 2nd in NZ. not sure of where as it'd be good to have a south island team, but logic tells you splitting into Auckland and Wellington.

Don;t think a 2nd in Perth would work until the population is much bigger, or the 2nd team play in a much smaller venue and charge much less than the Cats do for tickets to try an build a crowd.

As others have said, after Tas and NZ, Melbourne is most logical option. SE Melb or Geelong.

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Last year

Melbourne will be next. Before TAS.

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Last year

The votes for this very important NBL survey will be going straight to a dead email account.

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Last year

I was impressed by the NZ NBL semis the other week and I would love another NZ side, but I'm hoping for Tasmania given the lack of other codes. It's risky, but more upside than a 2nd team in a Melbourne/anywhere else.

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Last year

Honestly, this is just a chance for the NBL to grab more email addresses for their marketing.

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Big Ads  
Last year

The NBL already has my email address so ....... Public engagement is a good thing right.

I know it is only a small sample but the Tasmanian lobby group appear to be heading in the right direction. 3 months ago I would have expected Melbourne and NZ to dominate the responses in this threat.

Now just the small matter of the Huskies acquiring a suitable home venue and a sustainable income base, no biggie!

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Last year

What is the point of putting another team in a city where the current team doesn't sell out each game? Surely you are just dividing a limited fan base.
I know that Melbourne and Sydney have a large population spread but the Kings already play in the inner West so a Parramatta or Penrith Franchise is pointless and people didn’t show up when they were in the CBD either. A second Melbourne team would have to head out to Geelong. I
I wouldn’t want another Perth Franchise...keep what you have. Tasmania, Canberra or Geelong all the way.

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Thunder Jam  
Last year

Christ there's some thick people on here!
It clearly says vote for the ninth team owned by the Swansea soccer guy.
Tassie is the tenth team..Got it!!

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Last year

I voted in the knowledge that Tasmania will get a team and that my vote won't count for anything and as much as I'd love to see Geelong, Canberra or Newcastle back (they won't steal fans from other teams)... I went the other vote.

If Darwin is ever going to have a team in a national competition then it will take a white knight coming in with this kind of offer and who knows maybe he will throw a dart at an Australian map and it will hit Northern Territory.

I know that Perth played home games up there in the past and any fans that they do have won't take away from other clubs and I remember Big Joe saying a couple of years back that they were building the infrastructure to attempt to get an NBL license... then he went to Adelaide a year or so later so I don't know if that has halted what was being done up there

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Last year

People who think a second Perth team is viable need to stop this thought process. It won't happen.

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Last year

Thunder Jam it his/her salty best abusing others.
Chill pill please.

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Last year

What are you on about Thunder Jam? It just says choose one of 9 possible locations on the NBL website, not choose the 9th team.

Don't assume Tasmania is a given. Still being made to jump through hoops (pun) as they don't have the deep pockets of the 'Swansea soccer guy'.

I am expecting when the 2019/2020 NBL roster comes out next year one team will be listed as 'Romie Chaudhari's team' as they won't have a name or location by then.

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Last year

"People who think a second Perth team is viable need to stop this thought process. "


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Last year


10 court stadium. Brand new showcase stadium. Largest grass roots. Regional representative.

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The survey says nothing about where you think it's viable. It's simply, "where do you want to see a second team".

I want to see a second team in Perth. If it's viable isn't up to me.

Also, the potential licence holders probably support this initiative, especially if they aren't sure where to put the team, or undecided about their options.

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Last year

Second team in Perth = fairyland stuff.

But fair point as it's just a poll not concerned with any viability issues.

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Last year

Please don't dilute the Perth fans by adding another team...

Had a soft spot for the Cannons so Canberra it is!

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Last year

Tassie devils, Melbourne Tigers, then Newcastle Falcons.

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Last year


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Last year

of course it will be Melbourne.

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Last year

LC was spot on.

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Last year

Manilla, Philippines Islands. What say you all??

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Last year

"Second team in Perth = fairyland stuff"

Yeah, cos obviously the City with the most NBL success, the biggest crowds, the most money, and where new fans can't get a ticket, would be a poor choice.

Better to stick it in Hobart, which has what, about 5% of the population, about a 1% of the money, and no decent venue.

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Last year

I'm in Perth. It won't work.

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