Last year

White singlets

I thought the league got rid of the white away singlets a few years ago following complaints that they all look the same. Why are they back?

Maybe they're waiting for enough complaints to bring out the 'Alternate’ singlets to sell more merch?

I understand the need to have differing colours (Perth red v Cairns Orange?) but I know that watching my home team play what seems to be the same opposition every week gets old real quick.

Bring back the colour!

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Last year

It's for round doubles. Teams wear white so their primary colour doesn't need to be washed before the next (home) game of their double.

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Last year

Nba does it, it's a basketball thing in almost every league in the world. Usually white is home though. I'd say put your big boy pants on, check the schedule and look at the players.

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Last year

Singlet. Very cute.

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Last year

I liked the look of Cairns uniforms today

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Last year

I liked the look of a couple of those ripped athletic men in the Cairns uniforms

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Last year

It's for round doubles. Teams wear white so their primary colour doesn't need to be washed before the next (home) game of their double.
When is Cairns's second game this round?

Additionally, Perth and Cairns have had non-white alternates in previous seasons, which is no longer the case.

Perth also refuse to acknowledge the existence of colours other than red, but wore white in Adelaide. They've never worn their alternates except when playing Cairns or Illawarra in past years, back to the BA era, double-game round or not.

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Last year

They are horrible, and completely unnecessary.
In a huge league, yes you need a white strip, so that if all else fails, one team plays in their white strip to eliminate a clash.
But we have a grand total of 8 teams, that's 7 other teams that you need to talk to and figure out colours. Plus there's such variety, that actual clashes are rare. It's not like the AFL where half the teams wear some combination of Red, White, and Blue/Black.

Perth is Red. Only team that clashes with is Illawarra (if they want to wear their red strip) and maybe Cairns Orange. So we can wear Black.

If you have a cross-town Derby between MU and SEM, whatever colour they may be, I want to see the crowd divided half'n'half in strong vibrant colours. Not wearing whatever because their team might be in white.

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Last year

It's about time we dedicated more conversation to fashion in here. Good stuff.
AD is 100% right. And on the rare occasions that there is a genuine colour clash, it should be shirts & skins (skins for the away team)

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Last year

Numbers and sponsors tattooed on?

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Last year

Ok kr so NBL changed policy yet again. FFS sick of the inconsistency!

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John Fairs  
Last year

The Bullets white singlets were the worst, looked terrible on TV very hard to pick out anything on the strip.

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Last year

They are First Ever....

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Last year

The Breakers still have their blue away uniforms, don't know about Sydney yet (probably gold or black going from previous years).

Still, 6 teams with white away uniforms? Boring!

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Melbourne Boy  
Last year

White should always be the home team, the fans know who they are and the visiting team should be in the alternate colours to build brand recognition for the league. The NBA realized this a long time ago, I'm not sure why we haven't followed.

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Last year

Have to disagree re NBA style - white is far too generic, it's less marketable to fans and not a distinct colour that fans can relate to.

See Perth with the Red Army.

I would have thought the solution is obvious: Home Jersey, Away Jersey, Clash White Jersey. Surely teams can afford three types.

Further to that, I think a "Lights Out" Black Jersey for home-team round would look good, we know it works with the 36ers, Perth look at their back in the day singlets, Brisbane/Sydney/Melbs/NZ/Illawarra/Cairns have all been or are black at some point in time and looked decent.

Adelaide: Home Blue; Away Red or Gold
Brisbane: Home Blue; Away Yellow;
Cairns: Home Orange/Navy; Orange
Perth: Home Red; Away: Red
Illawarra: Home Black; Away Red
NZ: Home Black; Away: Light Blue
Melbourne: Home Navy; Away White
Sydney: Home: Purple; Away: Gold (yellow)

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Last year

The Breakers jerseys aren't blue, they're cyan.

They've made some errors in the past regarding whether or not things were going to clash on TV, but then you also had people complaining that NZ were wearing blue (which they weren't) and Adelaide were wearing blue, and how could the NBL allow this despite both teams very clearly wearing different colours even on TV.

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Last year

"White should always be the home team"

You do realise NBL used to do this but changed. Not sure exactly when though and why.

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Last year

1994, from memory.

Having the Perth wear white against Illawarra, who would be wearing red, in Perth in front of 13,000 fans also wearing red, would be absurd.

There was nothing wrong with the old system, except people who don't know what cyan is and a lack of consideration for TV's limited colour gamut.

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Last year

Loved the old colour system, Cats at home in white, gold away. Swan Gold baby!

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Last year

@koberulez: see #2;

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Last year

I'd like to see 36ers in a gold away jersey, I like their colour scheme already but I think that the gold wouldn't clash so why not try it out and sell some merchandise.

Hate all the whites but most disappointing was seeing Cairns in white, I absolutely loved their navy jersey that they wore in Perth last season, just an absolutely beautiful looking jersey, the white was better than everyone else's white jersey but nowhere near what they had.

Refs don't look too bad in their green

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Last year

The one that always throws me out is Perth v Illawarra games where one is wearing red with black and the other black with red.

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Last year

Perth should revert to black and gold.

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