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Advice on being reported

Need Information !!
Can a referee report you if they are not working, uniform is not visible, words that are spoken are not basketball related and they are the aggressor?

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Two years ago

Sounds like you deserve it

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Two years ago

"Sounds like you deserve it"


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Two years ago

Was it in a stadium? If so both people would be looked at. If you are the only person getting reported I would be asking for clarification as to why they were not also prosecuted. Maybe check if there is video footage? If not in a stadium shouldn't be reported I would think.

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Two years ago

yes it was on the way out of a stadium

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Two years ago

@Annon - my response was just a joke, so I hope it didn't offend. In all seriousness, the ref sounds like a bit of a dick.

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Two years ago

"Can a referee report you if they are not working"

That might be your first indication.

Refereeing isn't a “job”, so referees could never be described as “working”.

Unless it’s semi-pro level or above (state league, NBL, SEABL) the refs are there because they love the game, want to give back etc, and maybe earn a bit of pocket money to help pay their canteen and fuel bills at the end of the night.

If you’re playing social ball, remember that’s what it is. Social. Fun. Have a laugh after the game, with opponents and refs.

Everyone involved in social ball should finish the night feeling better after the game than before it (bruises and aches aside if you’re no longer young).

This post seems to be describing people (player and ref) taking things too seriously and not leaving it behind after the game.

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Two years ago

It would depend.

Are we talking physical threats? If so - yes, in fact anyone could report you and it would come down to evidence (i.e. other witnesses, wilful damage etc).

For example if you threatened to punch someone or used audible obscenities then I'd say get ready to apologise and cop it.

If you have just got into an argument and you didn't know he/she was a ref - then unless you've transgressed any rules then the association would not look to kindly on that individual.

For example if you've been in a conversation and the plain clothes ref has baited you or acted as the aggressor and you have reacted to that - then you both might have a case to answer for.

Having sat on tribunals we always looked for both sides of the story and any mitigating factors.

However normally most people have a case to answer for, if you're in that boat I'd suggest taking ownership of the act, apologising and to be honest have a long hard look at any behaviour that got you there....don't let a single act define who you are.

At the end of the day it's a game and it's meant to be fun.

If I was approached aggressively by anyone after/during a game and verballed - I just wouldn't entertain it. I'd basically say back off and who cares what you think - neither of these is getting me thrown.

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Two years ago

Reff'd a long time ago and the rules were then any player could be reported up to 24 hrs after their game. True nowadays I don't know. I would certainly stop the after games sledging and abuse. If this what's occurred. Unlucky you deserve it.
Clearly you don't know the rules otherwise you wouldn't be asking here.

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James Harvey fan  
Two years ago

Great post UseTaHoop

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Two years ago

Australia REFS ARE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Two years ago

Thanks everyone for your information and opinions, it is a hypothetical question though.
I'm doing a thesis on Rules and Regulations in Sport, finding information about all sports and codes.
I was not reported nor have I ever been or even played the game of basketball and in my question I state "not basketball related", so the argument/conversation wasn't to do with a game that had just been played or player who had just played.
Very interesting how broad all the rules and regulations are in this game.

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Thunder Jam  
Two years ago

Why not just start with that explanation?

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