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Last year

NBL Off-season player movements thread

I noticed in the Andrew Gaze leaving Sydney thread had some people who had started speculating on possible movements of players and coaches between clubs. I thought I would start a separate thread on the topic.

From the Gaze thread it has been suggested:

Joey Wright - US
Sobey - Phoenix
Gaze - Commentary
Fearne - Sydney
Newley - 36ers or best offer
Bevo - Sydney
Randle- Europe or China
Wear - NBA G League
Pineau - Mel Phoenix
Bowan - NBA
Kickert - ? will Weigh up options
Goulding - Kings, Mel Phoenix or Europe
Ware - Europe
Lemanis - Will decide after playoffs
Hodgson - Mel Phoenix

I doubt both Goulding or Sobey will end up at South-East Melbourne, especially with Ben Madgen signed. It will be one or the other. I don't expect Goulding to go to Sydney either while Lisch is still there. I believe it will be hard to tear him away from Melbourne United but.....

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Last year

Goulding is signed until the end of next season.

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Last year

Apparently the Hawks Fanpage has just posted that there is to be an announcement that Shane Heal is to be the new coach. Any truth in that?

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Air Delay  
Last year

At least if we sign the Hammer to coach I won't be as morally crushed at losing Bevo.

Where did the Fearne to Sydney mail come from?

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Last year


If Beveridge exits Illawarra, then one name that's arisen as a potential replacement is current Fox Sports commentator, Shane Heal.

Multiple team sources in Adelaide have also told that it’s likely Joey Wright has coached his final game with the 36ers, though an official decision been made by either the club or the American.

I think Sobey will stay in Adelaide.

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Last year

AHAHA... Surely Olgun is having a laugh with the Hammer to Hawks comment... I'd love to see that happen though, watch some Hawks fans heads explode...

Not sure who the "obvious" choice is for the Kings job, but you'd think Bevo would be the best option... Would love to see what he could do with a proper budget and roster... Bring in some quality young talent like he did with Naar and Grida for the Hawks and build toward the future, which would be a different approach for the Kings...

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Last year

Fine, I'll give you another clue:

Any Sydney (State League) Netball teams looking for a new coach?

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Last year

@Isaac, Out of curiosity, do you think Sobey and Joey didn't get along? They've been a very hard pair to gauge, on the one hand Wright rides Sobey hard and Sobey gets sooky.

On the other hand, Joey is known to be a players' coach and gets along very well with his players.

It's so hard to gauge - I'm not really sure whether Joey leaving means Sobey more likely to stay or Joey leaving means Sobey is less likely to stay. Or maybe that doesn't even rate into any decision he makes?

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Last year

Pinaeu is signing with Comedy Central

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Last year

Will the Phoenix look at players Mitchell knows, Adnam, Barlow, Moller, Boone, Trist. With Creek and Madgen plus gun import five and one.

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Last year

The Heal to Hawks rumour keeps being mentioned. Surely not, does LK not know what transpired at the Dragons? It seems like Heal is a golden child a la Homicide - providing jobs to ex-players he likes that aren't qualified for them (Homicide commentary, Heal coaching). This is becoming a joke.

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Last year

Or more recently the WNBL SE Qld Stars debacle with Heal. LK/JL whoever are really blinded.

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Last year

IF Shane Heal becomes a coach again can he still be a player agent?
Shane works for OUR TEAM Management. There client list has NBL players and ex NBL players,
Harry Froling
Jarrod Weeks
Mathiang muo
James Hunter
BJ Anthony
Loannis Georgallis Aussie born plays in Greece

IF Shane Heal coaches the hawks the Bottom 5 on the list wouldn't be bad to go after as senior players

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Last year

Shawn Long to Wildcats

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Last year

could we see
Jawai go to the hawks cairns spending the money on Trimble
AJ Ogilvy to the kings with Beveridge as a backup big

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Last year

With the NBL getting bigger do players still need to go to Europe

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Last year

I would say
Fearne to kings maybe assistant coach
Lemanis might come down to the New owners , but I could see him at the Hawks

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Last year

Goulding signed a 2 year deal with United last offseason.

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Last year

Next year with the romours 36ers will be hard hit with Sobey Deng and Wright leaving

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Last year

Derek Rucker to the gutter.

Oops my bad - that was last off-season.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Taipans should throw a bit of cash at Majok Deng imo. You need to play the high-risk, high-reward game if you're a club like Cairns

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Also, Breakers really should have tried to develop Ngatai instead of getting in Richard. I dare say Ngatai would've had just as much impact on the season. Wasted year in that regard, and wasted money

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Last year

Sobey is the key signing for Adelaide now that they have hamstrung themselves with the import signings of Moore & Wiley.

Deng is expendable.

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Last year

To be honest, I think Adelaide's talent has real potential, I wouldn't want to really be losing players.

C Johnson/Deng
F Wiley/Froling
F Drmic/SF Free Agent
G Sobey/Moore
G Import/PG Free Agent

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Captain Jack  
Last year

I think Conger, Sobey, Deng are likely gone

I hope they basically combine Sobey and Conger salary and get a stud import PG

Sign a couple of young guys to fill out the roster

I hope we go with something like

Stud import/Bruce

Thats a nice 8 man rotation, especially if McVeigh and Froling continue to improve.

I like the path we have followed lately with getting the best young guys out of college to complete the roster.

With the right stud import I think we could do better than we did this season.

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Last year

Pineau to WNBL.

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