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Gaze vs Beveridge

As a long time NBL and Kings fan I have concerns about the path for my club. I know for a fact, the revolving door of players leaving over the last 3 years at the Illawarra Hawks had less to do with the old easy target "hawks front office", and more to do Beveridge's coaching. I am worried about this happening to my club.

If only half of the stories I have heard regarding Rob Beverage (Punt intended) are true, then the highly professional organisation of the Sydney Kings need to take note.

Now it appears that Australia's favourite Basketballer has been back doored by Beveridge and it would appear that this has been on the table for some time, also pointing to a lack of consideration and respect for the current season. Lets hope he doesn't bring that type of distraction to our roster and campaign.

Have watch his press conferences and have noticed a consistent "blame game", if its not the players, its the seats in the plane, or the good old "players not following my game plan". Lets hope your game plan is tighter up here.

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Melbourne Boy  
Earlier this year

So the Kings told Gaze a few weeks ago they would be going through a process for hiring a coach next season, and that he is invited to apply and go through that process if he chooses (nice way of asking a legend to step away), then the Kings approach Bevo's agent and start asking questions about possibilities next season, is Bevo really stabbing Gaze in the back?

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Earlier this year

Nothing wrong with that the 36ers did the same thing with Smyth once his contract was up in 2008. Said he could re-apply if he wants, he did but they hired Ninnis anyway.

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Earlier this year

OP's allegations against Bevo are rather serious, you better be able to back that up.

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Earlier this year

Can we get a list of players going through the revolving door? Lisch got offered probably almost triple what he was on. Penney got offered a homecoming.

Coenraad's been there for ages. Martin and Forman played until retirement. Demos too.

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Earlier this year

Can we get a list of players going through the revolving door?
Lisch, Penney, Conger, Kay, Norton, Weeks.

That's literally the entire list.

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Earlier this year

FWIW the revolving door at Perth is worse: Jervis, Jawai, Beal, Kenny, DKD, Walker.

But that's not as bad as Melbourne: Adnam, Jackson, Majok, Kickert, Wesley, Blanchfield, Andersen. Although admittedly that goes back to Demopoulos. If we limit it to Vickerman it's only Andersen, Adnam and Wesley, which per-year is still higher than the other two.

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Earlier this year

Conger, Kay and Norton they couldn't afford to keep. Weeks I don’t think they were sold on. He hasn’t stuck anywhere yet.

Might be other issues but I can’t really see a revolving door there.

My mistake: Norton offered same but moved on regardless.

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Earlier this year

Those Perth names were probably not priorities to retain. Doesn't say much.

Anyone thinking this is Bevo’s doing is insane. You could see that Bogut wasn’t going to stand for another season of Gaze. His body language was very clear.

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Earlier this year

Sydney: Cadee, Childress, Brandt, Moller, Blanchfield.

Brisbane: Gibson, Kickert, Young, Bruce, Jervis.

NZ: Jackson, Vukona, Te Rangi, Wesley, Pledger, Webster*, Loe, Newbill.

Adelaide: Gibson, Randle, Hodgson, Walker, Moore.

Cairns: Gliddon, Bruce, Craig, Trice, McCarron, Weeks.

So over the past three seasons, the tally:

NZ 8*
Melbourne 7
Perth, Cairns 6
Illawarra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney 5

So this massive Illawarra revolving door is...the equal-lowest in the league.

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Earlier this year

Isn't an element of a Revolving door good for a club?

If there is no revolving door, how do clubs get rid of people they don't want and bring in people they do want?

I cannot imagine any more seasons of Jason Cadee @ the Sixers.

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Earlier this year

I assumed the OP was pulling the reader's leg. I seem to be in the minority. Though they had me wondering right up to the 'highly professional' line.

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Earlier this year

If the OP is actually serious, he needs to change his meds, but the "highly professional" line is obviously a pisstake, so unless they start making up some of the actual rumours to keep us entertained, I think we can happily move on...

Looks like the offseason silly season has started early...

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Earlier this year

Bogut would enjoy Bevo's zone defence.

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Earlier this year

I hate it when Lyndsey starts rumours like this. If Andrew had been at Illawarra and coached the same it wouldn't have been a revolving door, it would have been a trap door!

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Earlier this year

I can't help but think that Kings' coach will be Bogut. Not yet. At the end of his playing contract ... and the beginning of his part-ownership deal.

My point is that Gaze's replacement will likely be short term. That doesn't sound like a Bevo move unless ...

Bevo wants a couple of years with a Boomers' strength team, show what he is capable of, and then replace Lemanis as coach and Kings for BA as employer.

My nominees to replace Gaze are Hanare & Goorjian.

Hanare is now an AC who absolutely deserves to be HC again. Is in (obviousle) a temporary position as an AC. Would not necessarily care that the Kngs' job will be temp also, but it is a step in the right direction. After Kings job and Bogut steps in, Hanare will have his next (permanent) gig in the bag.

Also consider that a Boomers' coach isn't one that needs to be able to develop players, he's going to be given the best avail already. What a national coach needs (in the simplest terms, not trying to belittle the role) is the ability to use the resources to get the best possible result. Wins.

He already has international credibilty, is a Boomers' assistant, and surely ambitious enough to want to be at the (very) top (so close already).

Mabe future thread could be "Lemanis v Beveridge".

Goorjian is just a wild guess that I hope will one day come to be. But like the Southern Dragons did, the Kings do have a top-quality roster that costs the earth. They have the funds to continue to get the best players avail. Does it not make sense to get the very best mentor/coach as well? Surprised that Goorjian was not offered/did not take(???) the Phoenix gig. Would have done wonders for the LK promo machine, too! But, he didn't then. What about now?

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Two months ago

I just the article in the Telegraph about Goorjian being interested in the Kings job. How good would that be!! I don't even like Sydney but that would be great for them and the league.

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Two months ago

Lets hire a no one coach Vs Goorjian said Phoenix and they go with the nobody coach and a 20th century coach and a modern coach Vs NO Goorjian.
Tell them they are fooling themselves.
Simon whoever will be the new Frank Green.

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Two months ago

SEM Phoenix are another outlet for the NBL's jobs for mates initiative. Solid comparison to Frank Green.

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