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Bogut's enormous call

Can anyone provide insight into what this article says?

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Last year

Part of me wishes that Bogut didn't win MVP so that he would be over there playing well and people could say even Bogut didn't win MVP so the league must be strong.

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Perth Wilburs  
Last year

ANDREW Bogut remembers when the American press didn't know much about the Australian league, let alone show enough interest to ask questions about it.

Bogut isn’t talking about years ago, either.

Even as recently as his last stint in the NBA in 2018, the US scribes had little interest in talking about hoops Down Under.

But in the wake of Bogut’s successful return to Golden State via an MVP season with the Sydney Kings, the veteran big man says the NBL is firmly on America’s basketball map.

"People are now genuinely intrigued," Bogut told News Corp. “I think this is a perfect storm for the NBL, especially for myself to come over here and play valuable minutes for a championship-contending team.

“People over here are now thinking, 'what is going on down there in Australia?’

“That league must be pretty good if I can come back in this shape and this form.

“It’s great for our league in Australia and it is great to get some more exposure.

“Even asking questions about it. They would have never have thought to bother with that in the past.”

Now a day rarely goes by when Bogut isn’t asked a question about the resurgent Australian domestic league.

He says the NBA fraternity has enormous respect for the Australian system.

Bogut believes the NBL is on track to become the most sought-after league outside of America.

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Last year

It's no wonder he has problems with his knees
carrying around that ego must be hard work.

The job of the media is to ask questions about things their average viewer cares about. That's got nothing to do with whether or not coaches and teams are aware of the league.

Coaches will and have recruited players from the arsend of nowhere if it helps them.

If you want an actual evaluation of how Australian Basketball is regarded, have a look at College ball. St Mary's have built a dynasty around Australian players (they even celebrate Australia Day with Meat Pies) and other colleges have followed their league.

What we keep deluding ourselves with is that this is somehow going to result in an explosion for the NBL.

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Last year

Saint Mary's, lol they hardly ever play March madness, yes a few good Australian players have come out of the college system but after Bogut, Simmons, Deladova who had a bit luck, a few good nbl players but saying college system put Australian basketball on the map lmao. Bogut lead the charge with Lauren Jackson.

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Food for thought  
Last year

Bogut isn't the only thing bringing the league credibility. Mitch Creek, Torrey Craig, Joe Ingles and Terrance Ferguson also do. Teams are starting to play our teams in the pre-season. I think there is a growing realization now that there is a semi-adequate league happening down in Australia, and I don't think that was even a consideration just a few years ago.

"What we keep deluding ourselves with is that this is somehow going to result in an explosion for the NBL."

It may not cause an "explosion" but you'd be crazy to think that a player wouldn't rather play in a league that he has at least heard of as opposed to one he hasn't. Australia used to be the basketball backwater. I remember even American commentators saying that if a player went to Australia they were never heard from again. Now that is not the case. Making the NBA directly (or even slightly indirectly) from the NBL is now a viable option.

"Coaches will and have recruited players from the arsend of nowhere if it helps them.

Andrew Bogut is going from being the NBL MVP (and sure, there are some questions as to whether he deserved it), to being a starter in an NBA Championship favorite team. That is not "nothing". That does speak volumes for the league. He's hardly some obscure player from "arsend of nowhere". And how many of those players walk in and start on the Golden State Warriors.

I sense some pretty strong tall poppy syndrome here.

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Last year

I'm more intrigued if this results in more American club owners like we have with Phoenix and Breakers.

Could they inject some funding for Cairns or Illawarra?

Perhaps create their own club like what happened with Phoenix.

That alone would be exciting

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Duke Fan  
Last year

"St Mary's have built a dynasty around Australian players"

If your KPI's for a "dynasty" are being around the top 4 of the WCC and occasionally winning that conference, then barely making a whisper in the NCAA Tournament, then I guess you're right

They've been a good school for a lot of Aussie players but that's hardly made them a powerhouse

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