Two years ago

Where does the future (viewership) of the NBL lie?

I know I've asked this before, but please bear with me.

The NBL was moved to avoid competition with the AFL & NRL.
Personally, for me, it works well, as I am also an AFL fan. Back when they competed, I prioritised NBL, but now I don't have to.
(Mind you, I still pretty much ignore the AFL pre-season.)

Clearly, if they see the future in those terms, then it needs to stay where it is.

But I keep hearing talk about increasing O/S interest, and selling our viewing product.
Regardless of how much "interest" there is, its not going anywhere when we compete directly with all the other major leagues.

There is a huge, ready-made market, right there in the USA, if the timing was right. During the season, between all the viewing options, there is a saturation of games available to the fan. Americans are sports mad, following not only major leagues, but collegiate, and even high-school sport. Now obviously once the BBL season ends, there is an abundance of other sport, but maybe for the BBL diehard we could be an option.
Furthermore the same holds true if we're chasing viewers in China or elsewhere. We need to be able to offer a continuance of BBL coverage, rather than trying to compete with the NBA and other premier leagues.

The other issue of course, is that for Australian diehards, it currently offers the opportunity to follow State Leagues during the off-season.

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Two years ago

"I still pretty much ignore the AFL pre-season."

As do most AFL fans. The NBL probably competes more with AFLW than AFL pre-season.

Future lies in appealing to more mainstream sports fans in Australia, and turning casual viewers into fans. I happen to think NBL is heading in the right direction for this. Others here disagree, but tv ratings and ticket sales are trending upwards.

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Two years ago

the future lies in St Elmo's fire

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Food for thought  
Two years ago

"but tv ratings and ticket sales are trending upwards"

Ticket sales are doing pretty well, but if we see it in context, the average crowd is still just over 6'000 people. If we compare that to other major sports it's pretty small scale. Pretty sure SANFL teams get comparable crowds. Sure, different sized venues, but still.

As for TV ratings, a 10 percent increase going from SBS to Channel Nine isn't much to write home about. The ratings are still meager.

The NBL seems to be improving its stock in public perception, and it is drawing more eyeballs, but it is still a long way from where it needs to be to be sustainable without cashed up entrepreneurs like Larry Kestleman throwing their money at it. I'm not sure that there is this huge well from which we can draw fans and revenue.

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Two years ago

I'm not certain the sanfl does average 6000 but the afl media coverage generally in main stream media and even locally is far greater than the nbl. It’s just good to see the nbl getting stronger and hopefully continues in strength.

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Two years ago

Best case scenario imo is every game live on Fox Sports again, a live Saturday and Sunday afternoon game on FTA and hopeful 1 prime time live game on a Friday or Saturday evening (on FTA) And hopefully move these games from 9Gem to Channel 9

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Two years ago

* hopefully

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Food for thought  
Two years ago

Aussie, I am not sure what the NBL has to really barter those terms, other than maybe the rights to the Boomers v USA games. Pretty sure getting NBL on a main channel at prime time is still a massive pipe dream.

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Two years ago

Not sure how relevant it is but Super Netball is on channel 9 proper this season.

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Two years ago

SANFL average crowd per game in 2018 was ~2,300.

Finals crowds were larger, with over 40,000 at the grand final. The GF didn't have to compete with AFL, which directly affects SANFL regular season crowds.

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Wendy Byrd  
Two years ago

I think it's time to get away from the commercial network dream and start streaming on platforms like Twitch. That's the future.

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Two years ago

the future is in getting all those kids who go to games now with mum and dad to keep going to nbl when they grow up. the future is in building stronger ties with grassroots clubs, local teams and casual players and getting them excited about nbl. the future is offering a decent night out for a family at a competitive price to going for a meal or the movies that the kids will rave about on class with their friends the next day. that's where you build the viewers for the long-term; you make it part of people's lives.

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Two years ago

But I guess the question is, does the future lie in chasing;
(i) 10% of the Australian TV Audience,
(ii) 1% of the American TV Audience, or
(iii) 0.1% of the Chinese TV Audience?

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