bretts the man
Two years ago

concern 36 ers future

After nearly losing our club in past and with the obvious extra cost of playing at the EC it is a concern of mine for the future of our club for following reasons.
A -- the Entertainment Centre is not really a sport friendly structure.
B -- The season ticket holders who are not only the base of financial income but heart and soul of club are expected to pay more for seats further away from action or those close to action with minimal elevation above those in front or playing surface.
C. - With losing key players and even possibility of losing some signed players and strong indication new signings of what at best called fringe players there is little reason to get anywhere excited about season ahead and commit families income to this new venture.
D -- Obvious the club has financial restrictions especially compared to big 3 which is holding back in getting big names.

In closing even if club gets 80per cent commitment from season ticket holders even the location and newness of venture won't attract great support from general public to a losing team in which is a strong competition

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Two years ago

So having no team is better?
Voicing a complaint is cool, and I agree that the move this season is strange, but if Adelaide wants a team to watch at all, people have to roll their sleeves up and support.
Look at Cairns as an example.

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Two years ago

I have no problem with the venue change. If they want to expand in the hopes of being financially viable, it needs to be done. If they're signing players and looking at the future, I'd rather it be young SA/Vic kids. Bringing in guys like Daniel Dillon doesn't make sense.

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Two years ago

Young SA kid will be signed!!!

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Two years ago

Yes!! They have to have at least one DP on the payroll.

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Two years ago

Has anyone who put in for a seat change been contacted by the club yet?

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Two years ago

Run the Women's side into near bankruptcy. Then more to a more expensive venue. Hardly good management.

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Two years ago

Difficult to comment since I'm not from Adelaide and have never been to either venue.
I do know that some posters have complained for years about the old stadium.
And one thing I can say is that a "people friendly" venue will ultimately trump a "sport friendly" venue.
It's about more than just the seats.
I had better (albeit more expensive) seats at Challenge, but I don't miss the parking fiasco nor queuing to take a leak.
And fact is you never really know what the financial details are. Could be that overall they see the AEC as being more financially viable?
I don't know where or how the public transport operates in Adelaide, but more and more that is becoming a chief consideration.

Pound for pound, the big money spinners are corporate packages and sponsorship. Like it or not, those sales make it more affordable for the rest of us. I would think that increasing those revenues would be a major consideration in moving to the AEC.

Loss of key personnel is an issue, but as you say the 6's can't match the other Capitols' spending. That said, Joey and the 6's made those players what they are, so its not unreasonable to expect them to repeat the process with the next crop.

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Two years ago

Sixers fans are amusing.

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Two years ago

6ers fans can't spell.

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Two years ago

"Pound for pound, the big money spinners are corporate packages and sponsorship"

Yeah, I've wondered what the cost and revenue from running a club like 36ers might be and so where that places ticket revenue in the scheme of things. I'd imagine 36ers to be aiming for well over over $1 million in membership sales revenue? That's an off the cuff figure without knowing membership numbers and how many of each type. But 3,000 members at an average of $350 per seat would be more than $1 million. Seat prices should average more than $350 each (?) and average crowd numbers suggest there'd be more than 3,000 members (?).

Walk-ups during the season would be more than $500,000. Maybe up to a million? Depends on freebies handed out to local clubs etc.

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Two years ago

Huge push by the club to get everyone excited about the move to AEC but nothing about what is going to end on the court. Huge marketing opportunity lost on the members days when we were invited to come and see the garbage seats we were being offered to replace our seats at TSA. The mandate was so obviously to offer us crap seats so we would have to spend more to upgrade to anything close to what we had at TSA. We were told that the club was pleased to announce that Brendon Teys had signed for 2 years. Also fed the bullshit that a big announcement was coming next week- well that a couple of months ago and the closest we have come t any announcement is that Dillon & White we're being signed. Neither Teys, Dillon or White are confirmed by the NBL but that is the closest we have come to any news. Yeah - go Sixers - fucking awesome - build on that excitement!

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Two years ago

I don't understand. For years been reading how unsatisfactory TSA has been. All the complaints and lack.of facilities no.upgrade. hassles withtransport carparking food. All the moans and groans bout sound system and no moving to clearly a huge upgrade as a venue and still.not happy. Get behind the club. Especially if you ever complained about TSA. Take hard look at yourselves. Keep complaining about move not going to support be like the lightning soon. Need bail.out. too.many fair weather. Entitled I was a member and I deserve better. Get on board and it better.

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Two years ago

Goes to show that there are a couple of sides to every story. The above complaints are more than likely the ones who DID like the old. Those that DIDN'T like the old are possibly very satisfied and no longer complaining.

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Two years ago

Might be able to make it thru a whole season with EFTPOS would be a good thing.

The issue is the lack of foresight when we moved from Apollo. We could have been at the AEC from the beginning, but basketball knew best and wanted there own place.

Now that place belongs to the Scouts, we are back to where we should have been.
The only way we are getting a large multipurpose venue in the city, is by filling this one first.

The team doesn't need to start training till late July. Any signings prior to that time just allows more time for other clubs to sign comparable match ups.

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Two years ago

Above is incorrect

Powerhouse was built before AEC and was supposed to be the main concert venue in SA which was part of the financial modelling for the building.

The AEC was built and BASA received a 200k per annum payment from government not to compete with AEC for concerts and so on.

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Two years ago

Joshua, yes club called about a week and a half ago and sorted new seats on the spot. Got the confirming email straight away as promised.

Still waiting on the follow up email with payment link but assume that will be computer generated when everyone is sorted.

Overall I'm happy with the end result and glad we went to open day to realise old seats werent for us. I expect the club will (hopefully) listen to feedback and make changes as needed. AEC seem very professional and keen to make it work.

If this is an interim step before ultimately moving to a new city based stadium as suggested, then the club need members to chip in and help get through this initial period until these (hopefully) teething issues are sorted which I would hope supporters are happy to do. There likely wont be any chance of someone building a new stadium or even a team if supporters disappear

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Two years ago

Yolo- you're mostly right.

AEC was planned after the Powerhouse was planned. They were probably opened around the same time (1991/1992).

The extra seating capacity at AEC will be around 2000. When BASA built The Powerhouse, they were owner-occupiers and it definitely made sense to use their own venue rather than hiring the AEC. With The Powerhouse now only hired from its owners, the sums may have changed to make the AEC move ahead in a purely financial sense.

I liked The a Powerhouse as a District and junior venue, and most posters here seem to think spectator viewing is superior to the AEC. It would be nice for the good folk of Adelaide to hear an explanation of why the move is being made. There are and have been other NBL teams who have played out of multiple venues, perhaps this would be another possibility.

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bretts the man  
Two years ago

Seem to be missing the point .
Yes I lose great seats at Powerhouse and get worse ones now that a 6 ft plus sits in seats in front I will see shit and pay more but will be there if we actually get a team that can win some games.
My post is about the future of club if we cant get least 90% of season holders to move and no matter how comfy or easy to get to, the general public apart from few newness attendance factor will not come in numbers unless we are competitive.
Here lies the concern for me and many I know is there is nothing to indicate that there is any chance our team will be in the Cairns category let alone be competitive against the rest.
There is no top Australian talent still available to my knowledge and we have 2 of our imports that are not really starting talent.
Talk about getting corporate and sponsors on board well nothing shown by current management indicates that will occur and hasn't in past.

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Two years ago

Brett's the man.

It looks like the club are spending money on a PG import and after Will Bynum/Nate Robinson type. Better than Randle and we seen the bums on seats he created.
Wiley with a PG who can pass will be huge. Have a look at what he’s doing in Europe.
If Dillon is still the same athlete he’ll provide highlights.

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Two years ago

Yea Wiley is a really good import

Under rated by most

You dont play NBA and euroleague like he has and is without being very good

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bretts the man  
Two years ago

Thats fine then why did Joey have him sitting on the bench so long all season.

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Two years ago

At one point in the second half of the season Joey even started bringing Wiley off the bench.

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Two years ago

Some people will just never be happy.

had they delayed actions regarding moving to the new venue (to coincide with exciting new signings) people would have complained about that.

Need to remember that signing of new imports are seldom announced early.
Wiley was a very exciting player for you last season, and they have re-signed him. Surely that's a positive?

Perth fans are still waiting on news of (presumably) two imports and two locals, but we're not bitching the house down.
Granted we're coming off a ship and we haven't lost a Sobey, but the point is that the big announcements could easily be delayed til after Summer League.
And you also have to expect, given budget constraints, that Joey probably won't go with guys you already know as super-stars.

Give him some credit. Joey has never had the budget of Perth (or NZ at that time) and hasn't been able to match Melbourne, Sydney, or even Brisbane in recent seasons, yet he has always delivered an exciting and competitive team.

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Two years ago

"Bretts the man" Joey Sat Wiley a lot because he and Conger are similar players that both need the ball in their hands to be effective. Watching games it looked difficult for them to co exist on the court together.

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Two years ago

ANON. "Get on board and it will be better"

I've been on board for over 20 years, and I am sure there are others that have been season ticket holders even longer. Yes we complained about TSA, but instead of fixing the issues of complaint, the club decides that moving away from the country’s only purpose built stadium to a venue designed for concerts was never going to be the answer. I don’t know if you were at any of the Member’s days where we could see the set up and seating, but if you did you have noted the options of sitting at court level where all you would see is the back of someone’s head, or sitting a minimum of over 100 feet from the court. The transport issue hasn’t been resolved unless you drive into the city or to Glenelg and then catch a tram to AEC. Fantastic! The only improvement is allegedly the sound system.

But even forgetting all that, the actual product, the team we are again paying to see - well it appears the club’s recruitment panel is on leave and in the absence of ANY off season announcements so far, we can only surmise we are in for a long season of being “on board”!

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Two years ago

""Bretts the man" Joey Sat Wiley a lot because he and Conger are similar players that both need the ball in their hands to be effective. Watching games it looked difficult for them to co exist on the court together."

No that is not the reason. He sat him because his defense is poor. He struggles to rotate and his transition defense is just as bad. He is young and willing to learn, so hopefully he can improve his defense.

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Two years ago


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Two years ago

Not that my first instinct is to sympathise with 36ers fans, it actually makes me feel a bit ill, but as a fan I've been in the same boat with a team trying to spin moves and expecting fan buy in without much reason to... Expecting fans to pay more for less is never a good recipe, especially when it seems the long term fans are being taken for granted and just expected to be counted as an easy re-sign...

I know it's too early to expect import signings, but when you've got Teys as your big sell on a members day, well, maybe that members day should have been postponed until there was something better to use as a selling point... Holding off announcing the move wouldn't need to be done, the more information you get sooner rather than later is always best, but don't expect people to sign up again and have early bird renewals cut off date this early (like some other teams have done in the past - at least the Kings this season have held off a bit) when there is nothing to excite the fanbase...

Wiley re-signing early was a good sign, but there's been a lot more non-positive stuff surrounding the 36ers this off-season and again it seems that their communication team is taking a long, undeserved holiday...

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The Phil Smyth Legacy  
Two years ago

The Concern here is real. Those keyboard warriors can say we are all a bunch of whingers but its our money being fleeced not yours. At the end of the day the club has been making terrible decision after terrible decision from a management level for too long now, years on end and its gotta stop. If we all blindly sign up for another year of the same crap all we do is enable these poor decisions to continue without consequence.

Yes we are all in a tough position because not renewing our membership is effectively not supporting our club we love which we all deep down want to do and have so for years. It could cost us our club because it sure as hell doesn't seem like Kestlemen gives two hoots about us. Reckon he would be pretty happy with a East Coast grand final series every year as that is what is going to make the most return.

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Two years ago

While Perth are still playing there isn't going to be to many east coast GF, it is a bit tough being an Adelaide fan but I’m certain Wright will get it right, they’ll be competitive.

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Two years ago

Hi joshuapending

Have been contacted by the club and have gotten the relocation i was after moved from Row F to the mezzanine on the 45 which is more inline to previous seating. Not as close to the action but alot better

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Two years ago

but its our money being fleeced not yours.

Isn't fleeced too strong a word?

The Club has given you not guarantees of a Championship level roster, but nor has any club in the league.

Fleeced implies fraud, deception or lying, can you point out where the club has done the above?

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The Phil Smyth Legacy  
Two years ago

Personally I don't think its too strong. They want our money again before they announce any signing. May as well be fraud lol. I'm a member, its how I feel. I'm reading other members feel similar.

Yeah yeah but you gotta wait until after Summer league for Imports I hear, well that doesn't explain not even one decent Aussie signing. There's now none even left contracted that are worth decent minutes.

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Two years ago

They hope to announce some signings this week apparently?!

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bretts the man  
Two years ago

But guess if the signings are Teys, Dillon and White that is not going to make us all feel fuzzy and rushing to buy tickets I am afraid Tornado

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Two years ago

watch overtime today on NBL website. they have all of the last news

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Two years ago

Bynum the import PG?

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